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CARE Intensive - 5 Fox Creek Rd Towanda IL 61776, IL

September 30, 2021 · Thursday



Lorrie Papach FCCI, BCRTS, LSH, NHP

Center of Aromatherapy Research and Education

NCBTMB provider #408294-00 CARE

Thursday September 30th - October 3rd 2021

5 Fox Creek Rd Towanda IL 61776

Class Limit 10 Students

25 Hours of Applied Aromatherapy Training includes 5 Certificates of Completion authorized by Natural Therapies Board (NCBTMB)

This 25 hour Intensive will provide practical applied aromatherapy skills for professionals and non professionals who choose to learn about and integrate essential oils in their practices and or empower themselves to increase the health and well beings of themselves , family and friends and clients.

Participants completing the training will

* Understand the fundamentals of Aromatherapy

*Understand the Science and Chemistry of Essential Oils 6 hrs 35 essential oils available to smell and sample.

*Learn to apply 13 Vitaflex maneuvers, learn hand, foot and spinal reflex points. 4 hrs. pre requisite to Raindrop Technique

*Learn to do Raindrop Technique , discuss Clinical Research as well as the results from 265 Facilitators and 11,256 recipients. You will give 2 Raindrop Sessions and receive 1 session. 8 hrs.

* Learn how essential oils can be used to release damaged emotions, reduce stress and past traumatic experiences. Hands on education to discover your hidden damaged emotions. 5 hours. Over 175 essential oils available to smell, and use.

*Learn what they used essential oils for in the bible, what an anointing means biblically. Discover and sample 12 of the Oils in Ancient Scripture 2 hours

*Learn how to become a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist and Licensed Spiritual Healer

*Complete with Clinical Research for each Raindrop oil used as well as Reviews from over 11,000 Raindrop participants and 256 Facilitators

Bonus upon Completion:

* Immediately apply knowledge and skills recieved

* Licensed professionals will have a variety of services to add to their service menu and begin earning more money right away.

* You will have ongoing personal support when classes are over

* Use all modalities immediately and continued support to answer your questions.

*One on one mentoring to become a Certified Practiconer

You may take the Full 25 hour Intensive all supplies, handbooks, notes and certificates included .

You may also take the classes ala carte, no certificates issued for the Bible Oils class if taken ala carte.

Bible Oils 2 hours $40

Applied Vitaflex 4 hours $140 (prerequisite to Raindrop)

Raindrop Technique 8 hours $320

Emotional Release with Essential Oils 5 hours $170

Chemistry 6 hours $220

total Ala Carte Price 25 hours $890

Package price for the whole program (25 hours) $700 US. save $190

Hardship Scholarships available contact Lorrie

Already attended a Full CARE Intensive?

With proof of participation with a CARE handbook with your completed information and Instructor Signatures you may attend for half price

Payments: Credit, Debit, Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo, Eventbrite, Contact Lorrie Papach FCCI, BCRTS, LSH 309-643-9942 Lorrie Leibig Papach on FB and messenger

Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

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