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September 16-18, 2022 · Friday-Sunday



Lora Lee Stewart FCCI
Rihab Sawah FCCI, MS, in, Physics


Sept 16 – 18, 2022 · Friday thru Sunday


Lora Lee Stewart FCCI
Rihab Sawah FCCI, MS in Physics


(Assignments & Class Schedule)


Sept 16 – 18, 2022

Friday and Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST, Sunday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CST ONLINE VIA ZOOM MEETING with Lora Lee Stewart, FCCI, and Rihab Sawah, FCCI

The next Annual Chemistry Training Workshop for CARE Instructors will be Sept 16 through 18, Friday through Sunday, ONLINE. The Online platform will be Zoom Meeting. Only those registered will be sent an invitation to the class. The workshop will be led by Lora Lee Stewart, FCCI and Rihab Sawah, FCCI

Class size is limited to 10 participants. However, at this time there is space available for those wishing to participate or repeat the class a second time at half-price. Priority will be given to instructors taking it for the first time. 

If you plan to participate, there are choices you will need to make regarding the assignments, as detailed below. Your payment must be received before or at the time you make your choices. Choices are assigned on a first-come basis and are not honored until payment is made.

Given below are the requirements for CARE Instructors to be authorized to teach Chemistry for CARE Credit. Please read through the rest of this email whether you are a CARE Instructor or not. There are pre-class assignments, a required text, and a required DVD. You must have your text available during the Zoom Meeting. The Text and DVD are available from or by calling (800) 758-8629.


The Chem Workshop Fee is $700 payable to CARE. Those who have taken the workshop before may repeat it for half price ($350). Cash, check, or credit card are okay. Payment must be made before registration will be considered completed. This means payment must be made before you can make your choices of talking topics. (If you are a Supervisor or above wishing to “sit in” on the class, please contact Lora Lee Stewart at: or (913) 620-4376)


CARE Interns (CI), CCIs, and SCCIs may take this course. Upon fulfilling all requirements to teach the CARE Chemistry Course, CIs, CCIs, and SCCIs may teach the course for CARE Credit. CIs are restricted to teaching Chemistry in conjunction with an SCCI offering a larger class with Raindrop, Vitaflex, and other classes of the CARE Curriculum.

Any CARE Student who has taken the 6-hour CARE Chemistry Class may take this workshop on a space available basis. All students in the Chem Workshop are expected to participate in the talking topics, choosing both an Easy Subject and a Not-So-Easy Subject to present. Space is limited. Priority in enrollment will be given to CARE Instructors.


This course is worth 20 CE Hours credit approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). This credit is available to both first-time students and repeat students as well as CARE Students who are simply taking the class for information only and not toward becoming chem-authorized. (NOTE: If repeat students wish to receive an additional certificate, they must pay an additional fee of $20. Certificates are provided to first-time students automatically but are not automatically provided to repeat students.)


ONLINE Via Zoom Meeting. Instructions and an invitation to the class will be emailed to you once you have paid in full and chosen your 3 easy and not-so-easy topics as described below. 


Friday – Sept 16, 2022

8:30 am . . . . . .Introductions/Registration

9:00 am . . . . . .Class

1:00 pm . . . . . Lunch (1 Hour)

2:00 pm . . . . . Class

5:00 pm . . . . . Adjourn for the evening

Saturday – Sept 17, 2022

9:00 am . . . . . .Class

1:00 pm . . . . . .Lunch (1 Hour)

2:00 pm . . . . . .Class

5:00 pm . . . . . . Adjourn for evening

Sunday – Sept 18, 2022

9:00 am . . . . . .Class

1:00 pm . . . . . .Lunch (1 Hour)

2:00 pm . . . . . .Class

4:00 pm . . . . . . Adjourn Seminar


For those taking this class with the intent of ultimately teaching Chemistry for CARE, the latest revision of the CCI Handbook (21st edition), states the following:

Chem-Authorized Instructor = A CI, CCI, or SCCI who has been officially authorized by CARE to teach Essential Oil Chemistry Classes (6 hours) for CARE Credit. To become a Chem-Authorized Instructor, one must fulfill the following two requirements:

(1) Attend a 3-4 day CARE Chemistry Instructors Workshop; and

(2) Arrange to teach a practice CARE Chemistry Class in the presence of a CARE Chem Examiner.

The Practice CARE Chemistry Class is not an official CARE class for credit and must have a minimum of three students present. Arrangements are to be made for the observing Chem-Authorized CCI to be reimbursed for all travel/lodging (if necessary) and to receive a non-refundable fee.

Chem-Authorized Status is a special appointment granted by CARE based on considerations of each individual applicant. Anyone who has taken the CARE Chemistry Class for 6 hours credit is eligible to take the 3/4-day Chemistry Workshop, but to teach chemistry for CARE, one must be at least a CARE Intern.

CARE maintains the right to revoke such authorization for cause at any time. To maintain Chem-Authorized status, the CI or CCI must teach at least two official CARE Chemistry classes per year with a minimum of 3 students each.

CARE Chem Examiner – One authorized to proctor a Chem Practice Class by having taught at least 6 official CARE Chem classes and having participated in at least one CARESS teleconference considering a pass/fail decision for a Chem Candidate’s performance.

SCHEDULING YOUR CHEM PRACTICE CLASS For those planning to go on to become a Chem-Authorized CARE Instructor, See the end of this memo for details of scheduling your Chemistry Practice Class.


The Chem Workshop costs $700 payable to CARE. Registrations are taken on a first come basis. Preregistration required. Preference is given to CIs and CCIs taking the Workshop for the first time. Credit cards are okay. Register by phone (800) 758-8629 or by check via US Mail or by email ( or

The $700 must be paid in full before one can be considered as a registered participant. Checks and/or credit cards okay. Full address, phone, and email required with registration. Make checks payable to CARE. The fee for repeat students is $350, payable in advance.

Similar professional, in-depth workshops can cost from $1000-$1500. When you begin teaching the CARE Chemistry class, the ala carte price has customarily been $220 (USD) for the 6-hour course. At this price you can earn your $700 workshop fee back with the first 4-5 students who take your chemistry class.


(1) The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart (book)

(2) Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple (DVD)

(3) The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Even Simpler by Michelle Truman (book) 99 pp.

All 3 of these are available at or by calling CARE at (800) 758-8629 or emailing Please have both books available for the class.


Before Class Preparations:

(1) Read all of Part One of the book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by Stewart (847 pp.)

(2) Browse Parts Two and Three of the book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by Stewart

(3) Watch the CARE Chemistry video/DVD completely through at least once.

(4) Choose and prepare two topics for presentation in class (one easy, one not-so-easy)

(5) Read all of the book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Even Simpler. by Truman

These presentations will begin after lunch on the first day of class. Lora Lee and Rihab will lecture during the morning part of the first day. Plenty of Valor, Cedarwood, Lemon, and Peppermint oils will be on hand as well as a variety of emotional releasing oils. (For the online class, please have these oils available for your use.)

During Class Presentations:

EASY TOPICS - Make a presentation in class (approx. 20-30 minutes) on one of the following topics to be taken from the essential oils chemistry text. Everything you need to know is in the book. NOTE: Everyone will be giving a different topic from those given below. Submit your choices via email with a first, second and third choice in each of the two categories. First come first serve as to who gets which topic. You must have sent in your payment for the Workshop to be eligible to choose. Choices are not considered until payment is made. Give your first, second, and third choices and email them to Lora Lee Stewart at She will notify you of which of your choices you have been assigned.

1. Introduction I - (Following outline on p. 741)

2. Introduction II - (pp. xxxvi - xliv plus quick review of Part II and how one might use it)

3. Review of Resources I - CH 1 (pp. 1-14)

4. Review of Resources II - CH 1 (pp. 15 - 50)

5. What Oils do in Living Plants - CH 2 (pp. 51-77)

6. Lord of the Rings I (Benzene) - CH 6 (pp. 172-177)

7. Lord of the Rings II (Frequency) - CH 6 (pp. 177-187)

8. Lord of the Rings III (Resonance/Phenols) - CH 6 (pp. 187-198)

9. Species and Chemotypes - CH 8, (pp. 234-254)

10. Review of Chem One Concepts (See outline on p. 746)

11. Conclusion (See outline on p. 748)

NOT-SO-EASY TOPICS - Make a presentation in class (approx. 30-40 minutes) on one of the following fourteen topics to be taken from the essential oils chemistry text. Give your first, second, and third choices and email them to Lora Lee Stewart at She will notify you of which of your choices you have been assigned.

1. Chem Made Easy I - CH 3 (pp. 78-101) Electrons to What is Periodic?

2. Chem Made Easy II - CH 3 (pp. 101-116) Families to Oil Blot Test

3. The Chosen Ones I - CH 4 (pp. 121-132) CHOSN to Miniature Factories

4. The Chosen Ones II - CH 4 (pp. 132-138) Appetites to Actions of CHOSN Ones

5. Organic Chem Made Easy I - CH 5 (pp. 142-155) Organic to Radical Sisters

6. Organic Chem Made Easy II - CH 5 (pp. 156-169) Alcoholics to Element of Love

7. Biochem Made Easy I - CH 7 (pp. 202-217) 100 Trillion Cells to Keys to Cells

8. Biochem Made Easy II - CH 7 (pp. 217-230) More Examples to How Enzymes Work

9. Isoprenes & PMS I - CH 9 (pp. 255-291) Isoprenes to Compound Personalities

10. Isoprenes & PMS II - CH 9 (pp. 291-304) PMS to Biblical Example

11. Common Compounds I - CH 10 (pp. 309-338) Compound Behavior, Alcohols to Ketones

12. Common Compounds II - CH 10 (pp. 338-384) pH, Acids, Esters to Furans

13. Answers to FAQ I - CH 12 (pp. 430-451 (Heat, Light, Air to Skin

14. Answers to FAQ II - CH 12 (pp. 451-488) Allergies, X-rays, Plastic to Safety

Everything you need to prepare for these presentations is in the text, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple. You need no other resource. CARE will provide handouts and the oils mentioned in the outlines to pass around for each of the sections during the Workshop. (For the online class, these handouts will be emailed to you.)

However, during your Practice Chem Class, you will need to provide any necessary oils, as well as handouts consisting of the Periodic Table and the Course Outline. In making your presentations, consult the Course Outline, pp. 740-751, to make sure you cover the points on the outline.


1. Read Part One of THE CHEMISTRY OF ESSENTIAL OILS MADE SIMPLE by Stewart including the Introduction.


3. Watch the CARE Chem Video/DVD at least once.

4. Prepare one 20-30 minute EASY Presentation for class.

5. Prepare one 30-40 minute NOT-SO-EASY Presentation for class.

6. Browse Parts Two and Three of the textbook and choose your favorite sections or topics of Part Three.


Your Chem Practice Class must be taught in the presence of a Chem-Authorized CARE Instructor who is also a CARE Chem Examiner. Details of scheduling, fees, expenses, etc., are to be worked out with the specific Observing Instructor you choose. There is a $300-$400 examiners fee payable to the Class Observer. You must also cover any travel or lodging expenses they may incur.

The Observation Class is not for CARE Credit, even though it will follow the same format as given in the Chem Class Outline, pp. 740-751. It will normally start at 8:30 am and finish at 4:30 pm with a lunch break of 1 hour, with a total of 7 hours of teaching. There must be a minimum of three people taking the class (not including the observer). There is no fee for the student participants to take the class. It is FREE. Neither do they earn any credit and no certificates are given.

The Chem-Authorized Candidate is to provide all necessary oils, Legos, and class notes, which are to include a copy of the Periodic Table and Chem Course Outline as given in the text.

Chemistry Books are to be provided to all participants. These may be copies they already own, ones they purchase from you, or your Chem Examiner at the beginning of the class, or copies loaned to them for the class. Chem-Authorized Candidates may purchase books from CARE for resale for up to 40% discount. In many cases, the Chem Examiner will provide the chem books for sale and keep the profits. Work this out in advance with your CARE Examiner as to whether you or they will provide books for sale.

The Chem Authorized Candidate is responsible for arranging a suitable place with tables, chairs, white board/flip chart, and all other necessities for teaching the Practice Chem Class.

Upon completion of the class, the Observing Chem Examiner will go over any changes or corrections that need to be made in your presentation. If this is their first observation, they will contact the CARE Support Services Committee (CARESS) and discuss your performance at which time the decision of pass/fail will be made by the Observing CCI and CARESS. Otherwise, if this is NOT their first observation, they may determine pass/fail immediately and inform you of their decision. The decision for pass or fail, and/or any conditions to be made in the decision, will be delivered to you by your Observing Chem Examiner. This process can take a couple of weeks depending on the availability of the CARESS members to confer in a teleconference, if necessary.

Do not schedule a CARE Class to teach Chemistry until you have been notified of a successful pass. Upon a positive notification for your Practice Class, you will be authorized to schedule and teach CARE Chemistry classes and be posted such on the CARE Website.



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