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Location Event Type
  Kapaa, Kauai, HI Intensive 5/25/2019
  Savannah, GA Intensive 5/29/2019
  Salem, OR Intensive 5/30/2019
  Paducah, KY Intensive 5/30/2019
  New York State, NY Intensive 6/6/2019
  Jamestown , ND Seminar 6/7/2019
  Lynchburg, VA Intensive 6/11/2019
  Clarksville, AR Intensive 6/11/2019
  Chicago/Plainfield, IL Intensive 6/11/2019
  Winnipeg, MB Intensive 6/12/2019
  Dublin, OH Intensive 6/14/2019
  Bluemont, Virgina, VA Intensive 6/20/2019
  BOWMAN, ND Intensive 6/21/2019
  Singapore, Singapore Intensive 6/21/2019
  Springboro, OH Intensive 6/21/2019
  Chico, TX Intensive 6/22/2019
  Petaling Jaya, Selangor Intensive 6/26/2019
  Mooresville, NC Intensive 6/27/2019
  Hattiesburg, MS Intensive 6/27/2019
  Iva, SC Intensive 6/27/2019
  Leabnon, PA Intensive 6/28/2019
  Jakarta, JK Intensive 6/28/2019
  Subang, Selangor Intensive 6/28/2019
  Singapore, Singapore Intensive 7/3/2019
  Jakarta Pusat, JK Intensive 7/4/2019
  Marble Hill, MO Intensive 7/4/2019
  Salt Lake City, UT Intensive 7/10/2019
  Hattiesburg, MS Intensive 7/11/2019
  Fraser/Winter Park, CO Intensive 7/11/2019
  La Grande, OR Intensive 7/24/2019
  Unity Village, MO Advanced HOB 8/1/2019
  Unity Village, MO Summit 8/2/2019
  Camanche, IA Intensive 8/7/2019
  Kirksville, MO Intensive 8/8/2019
  Traverse City, MI Intensive 8/8/2019
  Philadelphia, PA Intensive 8/9/2019
  GREENWOOD / INDIANAPOLIS, IN Intensive 8/9/2019
  Brownsburg, IN Intensive 8/15/2019
  JAMESTOWN, ND Intensive 8/15/2019
  Philadelphia, PA Intensive 8/16/2019
  Jamestown, TN Intensive 8/23/2019
  Kansas City, MO Intensive 8/23/2019
  Bradbury, CA Intensive 8/31/2019
  San Antonio, TX Intensive 8/31/2019
  Arlington, VA Intensive 9/4/2019
  Shawnee , KS Intensive 9/5/2019
  Bellingham, WA Intensive 9/13/2019
  Midwest City, OK Intensive 9/13/2019
  Missoula, MT Intensive 9/14/2019
  Boaz, AL Intensive 9/19/2019
  Port Coquitlam, BC Intensive 9/20/2019
  Victoria, BC Intensive 9/26/2019
  Raleigh, NC Intensive 9/26/2019
  Hot Springs, AR Intensive 10/1/2019
  Brookfield (Milwaukee), WI Intensive 10/4/2019
  Dublin, OH Intensive 10/4/2019
  Ocala, FL Intensive 10/11/2019
  Port Charlotte, FL Intensive 10/19/2019
  Portland, OR Intensive 10/24/2019
  Bradbury, CA Intensive 10/25/2019
  Port Charlotte, FL Intensive 10/26/2019
  Orlando, FL Intensive 11/1/2019
  St Paul, MN Intensive 11/1/2019
  Lincolnton, NC Intensive 11/7/2019
  Coal City, IL Intensive 11/8/2019
  San Diego, CA Intensive 11/8/2019
  Cobourg, ON Intensive 11/22/2019
  Hot Springs, AR Intensive 12/3/2019
  Malyasia, Malaysia Intensive 1/10/2020
  Virginia Beach, VA Intensive 1/31/2020
  Cyberjaya, Putrajaya Intensive 3/21/2020
  Bungendore, NSW Intensive 3/23/2020



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