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Official Newsletter of C.A.R.E.
The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education


Official Newsletter of C.A.R.E.
The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education
Rt. 4, Box 646, Marble Hill, Missouri USA 63764
(573) 238-4846


1. Beating the Flu Without Drugs and Antibiotics
2. The Antibiotic Crisis
3. May the Immupower be With You
4. CARE Seminars in Three Countries in 2004

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information in this newsletter is not meant
to diagnose, prescribe, or substitute for professional medical
assistance. It is provided as information only for your better
understanding of holistic health. In case of medical need, please
consult an appropriate licensed professional.


1. Beating the Flu Without Drugs and Antiobiotics
by Vicki Opfer

The flu struck early this year here in Colorado. A
couple of weeks ago, on the news, two schools were
being interviewed. The representative of the first
one said that they were seeing 20 new cases a day.
The second, the University of Denver where my son,
Chris, attends, said that they were seeing 50 new
cases a day. Meanwhile, Chris's girlfriend, Rebecca,
came down with it, as did my daughter, Jessica's
boyfriend, Adam.

Usually, when the kids start to become sick, I figure
that extra sleep, extra water, and Vitagreen will
handle almost anything... I figure that when someone
gets sick, they've worn themselves out, and their
immune system is weak, so sleep helps that. They're
also usually dehydrated, because as they're racing
around, wearing themselves out, they don't drink
enough water and the body becomes toxic because it's
not flushing correctly. And the Vitagreen not only
offers a wonderful level of stamina, but also balances
blood pH, which, when someone is sick, is almost always
too acidic... but I knew that this situation was more serious
than that... So when my two children, Chris and Jessica, both
started getting sick, we became (as Dr. Daniel Penoel says)
Aromatic Warriors.

Vicki Opfer's Protocol for Protection from the Flu Chris and Jessica used the following:

(1) Exodus Supplement capsules - 3 capsules, once or twice a day.

(2) Longevity Supplement capsules - one every 4 - 5 hours for a
couple of days, and then one or two a day for awhile

(3) Super C Tablets 2 - 4 tablets twice a day. (Linus
Pauling said that we need 10,000 units of vitamin C a day
to maintain health. Most of us are lucky to get a couple
of hundred... When we get sick, or have allergy symptoms,
we start taking at least 1,000 mg of C twicea day -
morning and evening. It's water soluble so itdoes not get
stored in the body, and that's why wehave to take it about
every 12 hours for it to be effective.

(4) A capsule filled with Thieves with 3 drops of oregano
dropped into the capsule before closing it. I might make up a
capsule like this for them once or twice a day.
NOTE: Gel capsules are obtainable in most
health food stores. A 00 size capsule holds 18-20 drops
of oil. HOWEVER! Ifsomeone has never taken an oil
internally, they have to start with NO MORE than 3 - 4
drops and work their way up, just to make SURE that
their body tolerates it well. If it heats up in the stomach,
drink milk or olive oil, NOT WATER.

(5) Thieves Lozenges - They took these off and on during
the day. This will be THE product of the season -
please make sure to have several of these on hand this
year - they're amazing. When you start having a sore
throat and take one, two, or three of these in
succession, the sore throat simply goes away. If
you're coughing, and use one, the cough stops
immediately. They also seem to work for 8 out of 10
headaches, offering relief within a few minutes, in
most cases.

No Flue for Jessica, Chris or Vicki

So Jessica, Chris, and I never did catch the flu, even
though we had several people who we were spending a
lot of time with, who did have it... What a relief!
Who has time to be sick, these days?

The following may also be helpful (remember - use what you have):

RC and Raven - rub on the chest and back, and take deep inhalations.

ImmuPower - rubbed on the spine and feet

Lavender - rubbed on the chest, or in the bath - it's a natural antihistamine

Frankincense - to support the immune system - rubbed on the feet, spine, or chest

Thieves - rubbed on the feet

Keep Your pH around 7.0 - Anything less is Acid
And please remember that viruses have a thin band of
pH in which they can survive, so if you can change the
pH of your body, even slightly, the virus may just go away.

If you eat a normal American diet which contain meat, bread,
pasta, cheese,and sugar, you're probably quite acidic as
these are all acid forming foods. In this case, you would begin
to eat vegetables and fruits, and not have anything made with
flour, sugar, or dairy products. You could eat salads,
vegetables - steamed, fruit salad, and a little light protein
now and then like chicken or fish. (You can have a little
meat - but consider it a side dish - not the main event of
the meal...) Vegetable soup is wonderful.

If you are a vegetarian, just reduce the amounts of
grains and dairy foods for a few days.

The Survival Instincts of a Virus
And if you do come down with the flu, I have one other
very interesting thing to share with you. Viruses
have the ability to communicate with other viruses.
This system is not understood, but it has been
observed and noted in college biology books. When
someone has a virus, the colony of virus will not
readily die off in the body until it has infected
another person, to insure the survival of the virus.
So, unfortunately, what I have to tell you is that if
you stay home, by yourself, and take really good care
of yourself, drinking water, using oils, etc., you may
stay sick longer than if you take a trip to the

And if you DO get the flu, by using oils and supplements,
you will probably be able to shorten the duration of the illness,
which is also a wonderful thing...

And lastly, by all means, drink more water, get more
sleep, and take your Vitagreen every day!

2. The Antibiotic Crisis
by Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D.

The following extract is taken from Medical Aromatherapy:
Healing with Essential Oils by Kurt Schnaubelt, 1999, Frog, Ltd.
North Atlantic Books Berkeley CA. ISBN 1-883319-62-2. Kurt
Schnaubelt, Ph.D., is Director of the Pacific Institute of
Aromatherapy, P.O. Box 6723, San Rafael, California, 94903
(415) 479-9121. He offers courses on aromatherapy in San
Rafael as well as by correspondence. His books are available
through bookstores and at www.Amazon.com. This excerpt
is in Chapter 5, pp. 72-74.

"There is conclusive evidence on the destructive consequences
of the overuse of antibiotics (and also how to avoid it).
Antibiotic pressure on an organism can be a cofactor in immune
deficiency conditions. Antibiotics were originally prescribed to
fight bacterial diseases. But once these drugs became major
moneymakers, their marketing took on a life of its own. Economic
interests dictates finding more uses for a product that is already
selling well, because sales increase without new development costs.
Research to find additional uses for products is eagerly
sponsored and eventually research and sales create a new reality.
Unaware of the link to mass destruction of their immune systems,
an unsuspecting generation upped its antibiotic intake.

"Antibiotics taken by small children often create the diseases
they aim to cure. Premature antibiotic use during the onset of
a childhood disease will deprive the immune system of the
opportunities to interact with the pathogen. An inactivated immune
system does not learn to recognize intruding microorganisms,
nor does it learn to build antibodies. The result? A child will quickly
relapse with the same disease and the cycle repeats. A
reoccurring disease becomes chronic and leads to an overall
debilitation of the body.

"Another potentially even greater problem is the seemingly
unstoppable advance of resistant bacteria. Bacteria, resistant
to most or all of the known antibiotics, are menacing hospitals
and their patients. The development of these "super germs"
was brought on by the reckless use of antibiotics in the meat
industry as well as their over prescription by doctors. In his
sanely radical book, Spontaneous Healing, (1995, Alfred Knoph)
Andrew Weil comments: 'Doctors must bear much of the responsibility
for getting us into our growing predicament with aggressive
bacteria; by over prescribing and mis-prescribing antibiotics,
they have brought on the coming catastrophe.'

"Antibiotics are still widely prescribed by doctors for viral conditions
such as the common cold or the flu despite the fact that they are
not effective in these cases. The depth of the conditioning
becomes obvious when antibiotics display placebo effects.

"Workers in an office struggle with the flu for a week or two and,
at some point, a few take antibiotics with the following results.

"Outcome 1: No obvious differences are observed between those
who take the antibiotics and those who don't. The flu comes and

"Outcome 2: Some of those who took antibiotics recover quickly.
A typical belief is that the antibiotics ultimately cured the flu.

"Outcome 2 is extremely puzzling. Influenza is a viral infection
and antibiotics are not effective against viruses. Still, these
individuals claim that they worked. There are two possible explanations:
1. The immune status of some individuals is so compromised from
antibiotics overuse or other causes that a flu virus will automatically
trigger bacterial secondary infections of such severity that relief from
an accompanying symptoms is perceived as the antibiotics being
effective against the flu itself. 2. Our deep conditioning to believe
in the effectiveness of antibiotics triggers improvement. The
antibiotics were a placebo!"

"The antibiotics crisis is an example of the fact that commerce is
not concerned about the consequences it creates for human life.
All aspects of modern existence are penetrated by the goal to
maximize profits. Sadly, this has been most successful in

"Approximately two decades ago the projections for worldwide
sales of pharmaceuticals for the year 2000 were estimated
to reach about $250 billion. This number was a gross under-
estimation; the health -care industry currently grosses almost
a thousand billion dollars and the biggest-selling pharmaceutical
drugs each generate one billion dollars annually in the United
States alone. Potential pharmacological breakthroughs
generate corresponding changes in stock prices and make
headlines in the business sections. The profit motive
permeates the medical world completely."

"As a result, diseases are essentially classified according
to the availability of drugs, which are the only form of therapy
that can be produced on an industrial scale. The drug
companies have an ideal partner in scientific medicine,
which ignores (for the most part) social and psychological
causes of disease. The mechanic "physician" is offered a
tool that can be reproduced without limit."

Editor's Note:
There are many Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, that seem
to support the immune system during a Virus or Bacterial attack.
These include: Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus radiata, Ledum
(Ledum groenlandicum), Lemon (Citrus limon), Mountain Savory
(Satureja Montana), Myrtle (Myrtus communis), Oregano
(Oreganum compactum), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris CT thymol),
Roselina (Melaleuca ericifolia), Peppermint (Mentha piperita),
Pine (Pinus sylvestris), Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica),
Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis CT verbenon), Spearmint
(Mentha spicata), and Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternafolia). The
following blends are also supportive of immune function: Thieves,
Immuppower, and Exodus II.

For more complete information on the effective use of
essential oils, see the Reference Guide to Essential Oils by
Connie & Alan Higley, 547 pp., $24.00. Available from CARE
at http://www.RaindropTraining.com or the Essential Oils Desk
Reference, 461 pp., $39.95, available from Essential Science
Publishing at http://www.essentialscience.net.


3. May the Immupower be With You
by David Stewart, Ph.D., R.A.

A few weeks ago, I woke up with a ragingly painful sore
throat. It felt like strep throat, from which I have suffered
before. In my past experiences, I would have been laid up in
bed for several days with lingering effects hanging on for
weeks. This time I decided I was too busy to be sick. I knew
that this time I had the weapons on hand to repel the invaders.

I immediately got out of bed, took a small glass with a
tablespoon of water, and put in 5-6 drops of Immupower
Oil blend. I swirled it around in my mouth to allow the oil
molecules to penetrate directly into my blood stream through
the permeable lining of my mouth, then gargled is as long as
I could, and then swallowed it. I then repeated this two more
times. I was determined not to be sick.

Results: Within minutes the pain disappeared as did all
symptoms of my sore throat. I never got sick at all from
this microbal attack at all. Within minutes the enemy had
surrendered, succumbed, and taken flight. Thanks to

4. CARE Seminars in Three Countries in 2004

CARE will sponsor 18 full three-day seminars this year:
12 in the United States; 5 in Canada; and 1 in Australia. All of them
will include Bible Oils, Applied Vitaflex, Raindrop Technique, Essential
Oil Chemistry, and Emotional Release with Oils—23 hours of training
in three days which count toward CARE Certification.

In addition to the full-3-day seminars, individual Certified CARE
Instructors will be offering classes in everything but Chemistry,
including Bible Oils, Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex, and
Emotional Release throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Young Living is also holding a West Coast Grand Convention in
Anaheim, California, April 2-3 with a full CARE Intensive immediately
following. Young Living is also holding an East Coast Grand
Convention in Nashville October 8-9 with full CARE Intensives both
before and after. Young Living is also producing a Level II
program in Maui June 14-17 with two CARE Raindrop/Vitaflex
Seminars right before—one in Honolulu and one in Maui— with
Carol Howden, CCI, and Katrina Harrison, CCI.

View the CARE Intensive FAQs for the full list of Seminars, and consult the CARE Calendar for full details as they become available.