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Volume 1, Number 7
August 2003

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1. A Statistical Validation of Raindrop
2. Back Pain and Cancer: Why I Wrote Healing Oils of the Bible

1. A Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique
By David Stewart, Ph.D., R.A.

There is a small group of aromatherapists who oppose raindrop
technique and the neat application of essential oils. They are
mostly members of NAHA, the National Association of Holistic
Aromatherapists. Many of the opponents of raindrop also reside
in England where oils are generally never applied neat because
oils they are usually food or fragrance grade and do not meet
therapeutic standards. The people opposed to raindrop technique
are politically active. They approach professional organizations
io get them to adopt policies against raindrop. They are also
approaching insurance carriers to convince them that therapists
who do raindrop should not be covered. They also plan to approach
legislators to see if laws could be legislated against the practice
of raindrop. All of their approaches are based on untruth, but
untruth unopposed can prevail.

There is a good study in the form of a small book now available
in excellent, professional format, quality paperback bine, with a
high-gloss laminated cover, crisp type inside, etc., that soundly
refutes all the negative claims these people have been making
against raindrop. It is entitled A STATISTICAL VALIDATION OF
RAINDROP TECHNIQUE. It was introduced at the recent Young
Living Grand Convention in Salt Lake and is available from Essential
Science Publishing (800) 336-6308 for a discount price of $7.95
per copy. (Regular price is $9.95).

The abstract of the book is given below:


During the past ten years, Raindrop Technique has become a
widely used therapeutic protocol throughout the United States.
Numerous anecdotal accounts relate the significant and substantive
benefits generated by this procedure. Raindrop Technique has
been used to ameloriate cases of viral infection, kyphosis, scoliosis,
chronic fatigue syndrome, and many other conditions.

As its popularity and usage have increased, a small group of
aromatherapists has questioned the use of the procedure and
its reliance on undiluted therapeutic-grade essential oils. So, in
n effort to statistically validate the benefit (or lack thereof) of
the Raindrop Technique, I circulated a questionnaire in late 2001
among several thousand aromatherapists, health practitioners,
and users of essential oils to poll those who receive Raindrop and
those who perform it. This study summarizes the experiences of
more than 14,000 sessions of Raindrop.

Of the 422 adults who responded to the survey, 370 were female
and 52 were male. They represented 39 states of the United States,
5 provinces of Canada, and 5 other countries. 265 were facilitators,
259 were both facilitators and receivers, 157 were receivers only.
Among the 416 receivers, a total of 3,584 Raindrop procedures
were experienced (mean value = 8.6 treatments each). Among the
265 facilitators, a total of 11,256 procedures were reported
(mean value = 42.5 each). Receivers reported their Raindrop
experiences to be Positive (97%), Pleasant (98%), Resulted in
healing (16%), Felt better afterwards (98%), Improved health
(89%), and Improved emotional state (86%). 99.9% of receivers
said they would receive Raindrop again.

The differences in the response rates among those who reported
improved health vs. actual healing can be due to the subjects’
likely interpretation of the question. “Healing” implies a total
resolution of a preexisting disease or health condition, whereas
“improved health” merely indicates an improvement (whether
slight or great) in health or preexisting condition.

46.2% identified themselves as licensed professionals. 27% were
massage therapists (LMT, CMT, RMT). 11% were registered nurses
while 1.5% were chiropractors. There was one M.D. and one D.O.
who responded.

As for negative responses: 1 in 168 (67 incidences out 11,256
reported Raindrops) considered Raindrop to be unpleasant. 1 in
489 considered it a negative experience. Only 1 in 1,023 said
they would not receive Raindrop again. Unpleasant experiences
reported (in order of frequency) were: Burning sensation on
skin, Skin rashes, Nausea, Headaches, Tiredness. Most identified
these as symptoms of a detoxification process. All of these
were reported as temporary, often followed by positive results
including relief of various symptoms.

Perceived benefits reported (in order of frequency) were:
Removed back pain, Stopped cold or flu, Euphoria, Felt energized,
Relieved stress or anxiety, General reduction of pain.
The study includes 74 brief commentaries by Raindrop facilitators
and receivers that provide insights into the technique, its practice
and outcomes, that cannot be discerned from numerical data alone.

This book is also available at http://www.RaindropTraining.com at
the regular price (9.95). It is also available from CARE by phone
(800) 758-8629 or via email, care@raindroptraining.com, at 10% discount for
10 copies, 20% discount for 20 copies.


2. Back Pain and Cancer: Why I Wrote "Healing Oils of the Bible"
by David Stewart, Ph.D.

In 1956 I suffered a back injury that caused me chronic and severe
back pain for the next 43 years. In the fall of 1999, with after one
application of essential oils, I was healed permanently overnight. But
that was not my first encounter with aromatherapy.

My mother-in-law came to live with us in 1995. She was 85, She had
been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six months to live.
She was put on the hospice program. Her doctor prescribed
prednisone as a palliative measure. Her reaction to the drug was
extreme psychosis. Even though we took her off the medicine in
less than a week, she was permanently brain damaged and could
no longer make decisions for herself. It was up to my wife, Lee,
to think for her.

Lee took her off all pharmaceuticals and put her on a high quality
vitamin/supplement and an herbal tea. It was essiac tea, an
Objibway Indian remedy said to cure cancer. She drank it daily.
She began to gain weight. Her skin color pinked up and took on a
healthy tone. She was gaining strength. Within two months all
symptoms of cancer were gone. The hospice nurses who visited
her regularly remarked, “She doesn’t look like a cancer patient
any more.” Two physicians examined her and found no traces of
the tumors of lymphona that had been there. She was taken off
the hospice program. She lived four more years, disease free.

With her physical health restored, but her mind no longer rational,
she began to moan and go on at all hours of the day and night.
We realized she was dealing with many traumas in her past that
had been emotionally repressed. These were things that her
rational mind had prevented her from expressing all these years.
Now, with her mental inhibitions gone, she could let them out, but
she was no longer articulate in a rational way.

Knowing that traditional talk-therapy would not work, Lee sought
to find a way to help her mother release her buried feelings that
would not require rational participation on her part. She discovered
aromatherapy. We learned that the molecules of essential oils
penetrate to the emotional brain and awaken lost memories,
facilitating the release of forgotten trauma.

Lee began diffusing various blends of oils in her mother’s room
on a daily basis and applying them to her mother’s feet and
other areas of the body. Her mother then began to work
backwards in time—first with the passing of her husband in
1990, the death of her son in Viet Nam in 1968, the loss of
her two-month-old baby in 1948, and back into her childhood
where there were there had beenmany traumas and abuses
experienced by her and her siblings. Then she was finished.
Finally, there were no more issues to resolve. She had remained
in our home all this time.

On a snowy January day in 1999, my wife and I both realized
that she was probably going to leave that evening. We didn’t
call a doctor. We decided to remain awake and stay near her
bed, all night if necessary, to be present when she passed. As
she slept peacefully that evening in our home, she slipped away
peacefully about 9:00 pm, just as her oldest grandson (our
oldest son) came into the house to say goodbye to his maw maw
for the last time.

In the moments right after death, there was only peace in that
room, and a sense that she was totally gone, completely passed
into another world. She died of no physical cause. No disease. No
hly baggage, free to join her maker. She was 89 years and four
months of age.

A few months later we decided to look more into the healing
power of essential oils. We had seen how they had facilitated
the emotional clearing of Lee’s mother. But we had heard that
oils were also effective on many diseases.

We took up the study of oils in earnest. We attended an essential
oils convention in Utah in July and traveled to Toronto for a five-day
hands-on workshop in September with Dr. Gary Young. In Canada we
learned a method of applying oils on the feet and back that was said
to have amazing healing capabilities. The procedure is called
“Raindrop Technique.” Nine different oils and blends of oils are
applied with certain massage techniques. They include oils of
oregano, thyme, basil, wintergreen, marjoram, cypress, and
peppermint. Two blends are also used. One contains a mixture of
oils of spruce, frankincense, rosewood, blue tansey, and sweet
almond. The other blend contains lemongrass, vetiver, grape seed,
vitamin E, and several other oils.

By that time my back problem, that had started in 1956, was to
the point that, for years, I could not lift heavy loads. I could not
even lean over a bathroom sink to brush my teeth without the
possibility of throwing my spine out so much that I would require
a visit to a chiropractor to find relief. I could not sleep more than
three hours in a bed without waking in pain. Then I would get up,
walk around, and then sit in a reclining chair to sleep a couple or
hours, only to wake up again. For years my nights had been spent
between a bed and a chair. I had received numerous chiropractic
adjustments during those 43 years and always got relief, but only
temporary. The allopaths (MDs) could offer nothing but narcotics
or surgery, which I refused. I lived daily with a nagging pain in my
back that varied from bearable to unbearable, but never
completely went away.

When we returned from Canada, trained in Raindrop Technique,
I practiced on my wife and then she practiced on me. It was early
October 1999 when I received my first raindrop. The procedure
takes about an hour and is usually administered on a massage
table. That very night I went to sleep and didn’t wake up the
entire night for the first time in years. My back was pain free.
I was healed completely and permanently. The miswritten codes
in the DNA in the cells of my back muscles and spine that had
caused them to spasm and misalign all those years, had been
corrected for good.

That was four years ago. Ever since then, I have been able to
carry heavy loads, move pianos and refrigerators, and do what
strong men are supposed to do. I have the back of a young
person again.

One of the first things I was given when I first became involved
with essential oils was a list of Bible scriptures that mentioned
them. So I got curious. I began to study scripture, as well as
the biochemistry of the oils. In late Spring of 2000 I started
doing public programs on the Healing Oils of the Bible, passing
around the oils as I spoke. I witnessed many miracles at these
programs. It was in doing these programs that the concept of
a book evolved. It only took six months to actually write the
book, which came out in July 2002, but it has taken all of my
life to gather and assimulate what is contained there.

That is how and why I wrote the book. That is also why I train
hundreds in raindrop technique throughout North America every
year. I have experienced a miraculous healing through the vehicle
of essential oils. I want everyone to have such miracles.

Healing Oils of the Bible can be purchased for $19.95 plus $6
shipping from CARE at (800) 758-8629 or care@raindroptraining.com. Also
available at www.RaindropTraining.com.

For a booklet on Essiac Tea and how to use it to treat cancer, send
$3 + $1 s&h to Napsac, RR 4, Box 646, Marble Hill, MO 63764.


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