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The ABC's of Building a Young Living Organization (ABC) by Karen L. Hopkins

Karen Hopkins and her husband, Max, are Royal Crown Diamond Distributors, the highest rank in the company. Only one in 10,000 YL Distributors ever reach that level of achievement and income with the company. There are many books on how to succeed in a networking marketing business, but this one is unique in that it is scripturally based, focused on pure therapeutic grade essential oils, and presents a proven plan for success. Karen and Max have built their highly profitable Young Living business by adhering strictly to Christian standards and Biblical principles. Karen tells how you can do the same with your Young Living business.

Essential oils are God's gift to humankind. Karen has diligently and tirelessly taught hundreds of people how they can improve the health of themselves and their families and increase their happiness, and abundance. Karen's methods are scripturally solid, based on a thorough knowledge of using essential oils which she passes on to everyone. By teaching as many as she can reach, she and her husband have built a powerful organization where everyone benefits and can copy her example to accomplish the same high level of success, and more.

122 pages. 8.5x5.5" Perfect Bound. ISBN# 978-0-98169554-7-1
1st Edition. 2013
Price $9.95 each


This book was born through many years of labor, experience, and research by clinical psychologist, Dr. Benjamin Perkus. It is a well-established fact that, when inhaled, essential oils directly enter our limbic system, our emotional brain, where traumatic and upsetting experiences of your life are noted and catalogued into your body’s memory. Unpleasant or disturbing memories may be temporarily lost to your conscious mind, but they are permanently etched into your subconscious and cellular memory. Traumatic experiences recorded within our consciousness, exist as living, buried memories. When unresolved, they can create obstacles to your life’s happiness, judgement, and success in many areas—domestic, personal, social, and career-wise. They can also manifest as physical diseases in our bodies.

Dr. Perkus has created a means, through his Aromatherapy Freedom Technique (AFT), whereby you, by yourself or with the assistance of another, can discover your inner thoughts and feelings that can block your success and/or can cause physical maladies. Through Dr. Perkus’ AFT method, given in this book, you can be clear and free from the hidden bondages that limit your success in life or cause chronic physical ailments. In the gift of this book, Dr. Perkus shares his well-refined and proven Aroma Freedom Technique for you to employ or receive for greater health, happiness, social and domestic harmony, personal accomplishment and fulfillment.

137 pages. 8.5x5.5" Perfect Bound. ISBN# 978-0-9976494-0-6
1st Edition. 2016
Price $15.95 each


Gary Tunsky is an extremely knowledgeable Naturopathic Physician (an ND) who has figured out the connection between body alkalinity and acidity and one's state of health. A Naturopathic Doctor employs only natural means for healing, such as organic foods, pure water, fasting, exercise, sunshine, herbs, prayer, positive thinking, and essential oils.

Reading this book will make you more knowledgeable about pH than a medical doctor. What is more important, you will learn from this book how to regain and maintain a state of health and be free from the threats of diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and virtually every other disease. In fact, Gary points out that all diseases, bacterial and otherwise, have a common origen in the pH of our bodies.
No pharmaceutical drug can correct malnutrition. No pharmaceutical drug can bring your body pH back to normal. In fact, drugs create nutritional deficiencies and make you more acid, which is a pH less than 7.0 on the scale. Acidity is the environment of sickness. Alkallinity is the environment for health and healing. But it is not a simple thing to attain and maintain proper alkalinity in your body. You must be informed, and this book shows you how and why.

This book can not only lead you back to health, and save your life, it also provides the information you need for maximum longevity. Everyone needs to read this book for their own enlightenment and well being.

Visit for more info on Gary Tunsky and his work.

121 pages. 8.5x5.5" Perfect Bound. ISBN# 978-0-9720636-1-7
1st Edition. 2010
Price $12.95 each

The Biology of Belief (BOB) by Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

The Subtitle of this book is, "Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles." Dr. Lipton is a cell biologist who is world acclaimed for his contributions to the science of cell behavior. Contrary to the outdated medical belief that we are controlled by our genes and can't do anything about it, Dr. Lipton, and many others, have found that genes are only programs that can be run or not. Just because you have inherited a cancer gene does not mean you will get cancer. If you learn how to avoid running that particular program during your life, you'll never get cancer.

The trillions of cells we have in our bodies each have a membrane that is the equivalent of a computer chip and is the actual brain of the cell. Computer chips are programable and so are the membranes of your cells. Programing is accomplished by our thoughts and feelings over which we can gain conscious control. This gets us into quantum physics, the power of prayer, and mind-over-matter. Karen Hopkins has successfully incorporated Lipton's principles in her book, The ABC's of Building a Young Living Organization. The bottom line is that this book is liberating and empowering and shows you the connection between spirit and body, which can lead you to more effective applications of essential oils and to greater healing possibilities. You will learn, on an intimate microscopic level, how God works in your cells and how you can harmonize and work with Him.

Hardback Edition.
Price $24.95 each

*Certified CARE Instructor's Handbook (CCIH) - A Required Text for CCI Certification

CARE Handbook

A Required Text for CCI Certification

Complete information on how to become a Certified CARE Instructor and receive training in Basic Aromatherapy, Raindrop, Vitaflex, Essential Oil Chemistry, Emotional Release, and Healing Oils of the Bible. This official CARE CCI Handbook contains complete instructions on becoming a CARE Certified CARE Instructor.

Published by CARE International, Marble Hill, MO. Paperback. 106 pp. A required Text for CCI Certification
Price: $9.95 each

*Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple (CHEM) by David Stewart, PhD. D.N.M. - A Required Text

Chemistry of Essential Oils

A Required Text for CCI Certification

Whether you have a background in chemistry or not, you will understand and enjoy this book. It will enlighten and entertain you while demonstrating, by the chemistry of essential oils, that God’s power and divine nature can be seen through the things he has made. (Romans 1:20) Based on both science and scripture, this book reveals the harmony between the two. Dr. Stewart describes the relationship between the material world and the spiritual world to explain how oils bring healing. Containing analyses of more than 100 essential oils cross indexed by more than 40 tables containing more than 600 compounds, this is the most comprehensive chemistry book on essential oils ever compiled, and the easiest to use and comprehend. A required Text for CCI Certification

“A good scientific work. There is no other publication like it.” Terry Friedmann, M.D., author
“We are delighted to recommend this book.” Shirley and Len Price, Authors and Teachers, England
“Phenomenal! Truly a treasure for those with or without a scientific background.” Linda L. Smith RN, MS, author and healing touch instructor
“He’s done it again! A treasury of scientific detail in common language and a testimony to God at the scale of atoms and electrons.” Rev. Dennis Peterson, author and lecturer, California
“Brilliant! An invaluable resource! An absolute must for all of my students.” Susan Duerden Neary, Certified Educator, Lancashire, England
”Dr. Stewart is on the cutting edge of a gentle revolution in healthcare.” Robert W. Miner, M.D., Christian Psychiatrist, Michigan
“Dr. Stewart has created another Masterpiece! Informative and down to earth.” Sabina DeVita, Ed.D., D.N.M., author and healing practitioner, Canada
“Fabulous! It will be a best seller. I love the humor, simplicity, and depth.” Vicki Opfer, YLEO Diamond Distributor and National Trainer

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CARE Publications, Marble Hill, MO. (2005) hardback 896 pp. ISBN 0-934426-99-6. Third edition
Price: $49.95


This is a 99 page condensation and adaptation of the 848 page book entitled The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple. Dr. Truman is an elementary education specialist and has created a chemistry book full of colored illustrations throughout that could be read and enjoyed, not only by children, but by adults who have fears and reservations with regard to scientific subjects like Chemistry. In fact, she has made it so clever and entertaining that even a trained chemist would enjoy it, but would find themselves learning a thing or two they didn’t know before. The bigger book is readable by anyone, including those unschooled in the sciences, but its size is intimidating. We urge such persons to read this book first and then tackle the 848 page tome, which will become even easier, thanks to Dr. Truman’s brilliant rendition.

99 pages. 8.5x11" Perfect Bound. Color Printing throughout. ISBN# 978-188793892-1
1st Edition. 2012
Price $29.95 each

Current Essential Oil Clinical Research (EOCR1), Vol. 1, by Shawn & Tonya Peterson

This publication is Volume 1 of what is now a 2-Volume set with the same format, but different oils. If you use essential oils and encounter sceptics to whom you want to show the valid clinical research proving the effectiveness and safety of the oils, this is one book (Vol 1) you need. Shawn and Tonya have done a comprehensive world-wide review of the scientific literature in this area. It is a monumental work and labor of love. They have compiled a treasure trove of 100 recent, peer-reviewed articles, published between 2009 and 2014, documenting the healing properties of essential oils.

Far more than a simple bibliography, every citation is accompanied with a reader-friendly abstract summarizing the conclusions and results of each publication. This book is only Volume 1 of a series in progress. This volume focuses on the Raindrop Technique Oils and the Oils of the Bible. The review given below on this webpage is for Volume 2 which covers the Everyday Oils of the Premium Start-up Kit.

The book is organized by applications and their specific oils, giving the available recent clinical research on each species. For example, here is the list of the single oils used in Raindrop Technique Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Cypress, and Peppermint. Oils of the Bible are also included: Aloes (or sandalwood), Cassia, Cedarwood, Cypress, Frankincense, Galbanum, Hyssop, Myrrh, Myrtle, Onycha, Rose of Sharon (or Cistus), and Spikenard. The oils comprising the blends of Joy, Thieves, Valor, and 3 Wise Men, are also included.

Shawn and Tonya Peterson are a husband-wife team of researchers about to commplete their doctorates in clinical research. This book is an extension of the work they have done as partial fulfillment of their doctoral dissertations. Scholarly, useful, comprehensive, and accurate. You will be glad to have this book in your reference library to be there when you need it.

129 pages. 8.5x5.5" Perfect Bound. ISBN# 978-0-578-14775-8
1st Edition. 2014
Price $24.95 each
Both Vols, 1& 2, $49.90

Purchase Volume One:

Purchase Volume 1 and 2 together

Current Essential Oil Clinical Research (EOCR2), Vol. 2, by Shawn & Tonya Peterson

If you are an essential oiler and encounter sceptics who want you to show them valid research proving the effectiveness and safety of the oils, you need this book (Vol. 2), as well as its companion (Vol 1) reviewed above. The Peterson Team have compiled a comprehensive world-wide review of the scientific literature from 2003 to 2015, from research carried out in more than 30 countries. It was a herculean effort and accomplishment on their parts. This (Vol. 2), and their previous work (Vol. 1), puts you in contact with a whole library of scientific resources documenting the benefits of essential oils.

Every citation is accompanied with a reader-friendly abstract summarizing the modalities and research results of each publication. This book is Volume 2 of a series they are producing. While this volume (2) focuses on the “Premium Oils for Every-Day Use,” their First Volume focused on Raindrop Technique and the Oils of the Bible. Their next book (Vol. 3) will cover all of the oils in the Essential Oil Desk Reference, which should be available next year (2017).

The book is organized by applications and therapeutic properties with specific oils in each category. Therapeutic properties listed with their appropriate oils are: Anti-Tumoral, Immunostimulant, Antidepressent, Muscle-Relaxant, Circulation Enhancing, White Blood Cell Supporting, Memory Enhancing, Acne Abatement, Anti-Parasitic, Gasoprotectant, Antiseptic, Antifungal, Analgesic, Anticonvulsant, Vasodilating, Anti-Inflammatory, Cholesterol Reducing, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Gall Bladder Supportive, Appetite Suppressant, and Anti-Ulcerative. Research on the benefits of specific oils include Copaiba, Rose, Bergamot, Mandarin, Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Jasmine, Palmarosa, German Chamomile, Coriander, Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavandin, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Helilchrysum, Clove, Cinnamon, and more.

Volume 2 also contains a helpful glossary of technical terms found in the abstracts, some of which contain scientific jargon with which you may not be familiar. Also, while the US Government agencies, namely the FDA, FTC, and EPA, are cracking down on making claims for the benefits of essential oils (only “drugs” can heal, they claim), these agencies say it is okay to mention the benefits for essential oils if you can cite published peer-reviewed scientific research for what you say. Properly utilized, these volumes provide you with the citations for research that satisfy government demands so you may legally inform people of the benefits of essential oils.

Shawn and Tonya Peterson are a husband-wife team of researchers finishing up their doctorates in clinical research. This Volume (2), and the one reviewed above (Vol. 1 )is an extension of the work they have done as partial fulfillment of their doctoral dissertations. Scholarly, useful, comprehensive, and accurate. You will be glad to have this book in your reference collection. These volumes will help you discover the oils you need for specific purposes, and to provide the answers when people question you about their properties.

135 pages. 8.5x5.5" Perfect Bound. ISBN# 978-0-578-14382-5
1st Edition. 2015
Price $24.95 each
Both Vols, 1& 2, $49.90

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Purchase Volume 1 and 2 together

Electromagnetic Pollution (EMP) Dr. Sabina DeVita, Forward by Dr. Gary Young

Electromagnetic Pollution

Effects on people of radio waves, microwaves, computer radiation, and other EM fields in our environment. Explains symptoms of EM pollution you may have experienced and gives practical information on protecting one's self, including the use of essential oils. Dr. DeVita is Director of the Wellness Institute, Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Paperback 84 pp. ISBN 0-934425-94-5
Price: $9.00 each

Essential Oils Desk Reference (EODR) Edited by Brian Manwaring 6th Edition

Essential Oils Desk Reference

A Required Text for CCI Certification**

A definitive and comprehensive reference on applied aromatherapy. Practical info on use of essential oils that anyone can study, understand, and apply. Current info on all Young Living Essential Oils products. A treasure trove of useful knowledge for person

al and family health. An essential reference for those who are serious about gaining maximum benefits from using Essential Oils. This book can save and preserve, not only the health of you and your family, it will save you a lot of medical expenses and doctor bills.

*CCIs are required to own at least one comprehensive reference on therapeutic aromatherapy. Either this book (EODR) or the Reference Guide to Essential Oils (RGEO) will suffice to fulfill this requirement. These two books contain almost exactly the same information with an 70% overlap. RGEO and EODR both contain specific references to Young Living Essential Oils.

Life Science Publishing Co.
692 pages; 11" x 8.5" Quality Spiral Bind, full color throughout. ISBN# 0-615-44019-4
Price: $69.95

Essential Oils Pocket Reference 7th Edition (EOPR)

The 7th Edition of the Essential Oils Pocket Reference is your portable, compressed manual, detailing every essential oil (single and blend) Young Living has to offer. This latest version contains everything you need to be current on Young Living products and protocols. It combines the unparalleled, top-notch scientific research with expert usage to keep you completely informed—with answers to your questions always at the ready. Spiral binding allows pages to open completely and lie flat, enabling you to read about and apply oils effortlessly.

Life Science. 7th Edition
Spiral Bound 6.6” x 6.1” x 1.5”
Price: $19.95

Essential Oils in Animal Care (EOAC) by Sarah Reagan, Kim Bloomer, & Jeanette Thomason

This is a simple, user-friendly book that all pet owners can use whether they have cats, dogs, birds, horses, pot-bellied pigs, or hamsters. The three authors are all Certified Animal Naturopaths who love animals and who have many years of experience with essential oils and animals. Their approach is naturopathic and holistic, meaning that the products and processes of nature are employed for healing and that the body is not treated separately from the mind and spirit. They exclusively employ Young Living Essential Oils, and no other brand of oils.

This is a book every pet owner needs. It will not only guide you to health, vitality, and longevity for your pet, but could potentially save the life of your pet in a crisis.

72 pages. 10x7" Perfect Bound. ISBN# 978-0-9887222-3-1
1st Edition. 2014
Price $10.95 each

*Feelings Buried Alive Never Die (FBA) by Karol Truman

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

A Required Text for CCI Certification

This amazing book is a must-read for anyone desiring to clear out emotional issues from their past, that have been buried within and never fully resolved. Unresolved emotions affect us constantly in many ways, including our social behavior, our choices in friends, careers, or marriage mates, our business or monetary decisions, and everything. Unresolved emotions stored in our sub-conscious minds, and body tissues, from traumatic experiences of our infancy, childhood, teen-years and after, experiences we have usually forgotten and lost from our conscious memory, can be the causes of problems today, including chronic diseases, physical conditions, and/or ongoing psychological problems. This insightful book has all the tools to discover, identify, and resolve such issues, long buried in our subconscious minds and body tissues. The book contains list of negative emotions and their positive opposites as well as a very effective Script for self-releasing and clearing ourselves from these hidden factors that keep us from manifesting our highest potentials in our health, our careers, our close relationships, and our personal lives.

307 pages. 6x9" Perfect Bound.
Revised and Expanded 2003, 18th Printing 2014.
ISBN 978-0-911207-0-26
Price: $17.95

D. Gary Young: The World Leader in Essential Oils (DGY)

Those who use Young Living Essential Oils know that there are no higher quality oils available anywhere in the world. The reason for Young Living’s unmatched quality is because of the uncompromising standards of the company’s founder and leader, D. Gary Young and because Young Living owns most of its own farms, distilleries, and testing laboratories. Companies without these extensive facilities cannot insure the quality of their oils.

Gary Young was born in a single room 16x20 foot cabin with a dirt sod roof in the wilderness of Idaho, 12 miles from the nearest town. Later, when he was five, his father built a larger 30x30, four-room cabin in the same location, where he lived with his parents, two sisters, and three brothers, until he was 17. They had no electricity or running water until he was 16 when electricity finally came. At the same time the family acquired a hand-crank telephone that was routed through the Forest Service line connecting to the Lookout and Ranger Station. Gary was the second born child. His one older sister, Nancy, is a Young Living Diamond.

At the age of 18, Gary moved to Canada where he established a timbering company. Six years later, On February 8, 1973, Gary suffered an extremely severe logging accident resulting in 3 open skull fractures, a ruptured spinal cord, 11 ruptured discs, 16 broken or crushed vertebrae, a broken pelvis, a broken shoulder-blade, and 19 broken bones, which included all of his ribs on the right side and several on the left. He had no insurance. Not expected to live, he was hospitalized for more than a year, during which he lost all of his money and property, as well as his wife and children, were gone.

When he finally left the hospital, he was confined to a wheelchair. Miraculously, and through his indomitable will, he eventually fully recovered, learned to walk again, and in the process of discovering his own healing, he discovered essential oils, which he wants to see available in every household in the world. “I do not produce essential oils for a profit,” he says. “I produce them for a purpose.”
Today, Gary Young’s company is growing every year and produces more than a billion dollars in oils and other healthful products in 2015, and contributing to the health, prosperity, education, and welfare to over 40 countries around the world. This is one of the most inspiring books you will ever read.

Young Living Essential Oils, Lehi, Utah, (2015) Hardback 318 pp in Full color throughout
ISBN 978-0-9863282-7-5. First edition
Price: $29.95


The Genie in Your Genes (GENI) by Dawson Church, PhD.

For the last 100 years, since genes were discovered, the medical world, and most of the public, have come to believe that genes invariably determine our physical characteristics, our mental attributes, and our predispositions to disease or health which we can do nothing about. We have been taught that "we can't change our genes" and, therefore, our lives, our destinies and our health are predetermined beyond our control. For example, Doctors may tell us that if "cancer, depression, or diabetes runs in the family," then it is probably "genetic" and we can expect to suffer the same. To believe something is "genetic" has been used to absolve us of any responsibility in contracting a malady or fixing it and to absolve health care givers of any responsibility to heal us. This philosophy is called "Genetic Determinism."

However, during the last 50 years scientists have discovered that genetic determinism is wrong. While true to a degree in that our genes do play a major part in our destinies of who we are, our state of wellness, and what we can accomplish -- the truth is that genes are just programs and are controlled from the outside, not from within. Certain undesirable programs may be in our DNA, but we don't have to run them and we can turn them off if we choose. We don't have to let them control us. Furthermore, the same genetic program in our DNA can run in different ways, some for good and some for bad, depending on environmental factors including our feelings and intent. For example, the expressions of or genes are subject to prayer.

The new science of "Epigenetics" teaches us how to alter and control the expressions of our genes. This book teaches us to rule our genes instead of allowing our genes to rule us. Essential oils can't change the physical structure of your DNA, but they can cause your genetic programs to manifest differently and positively. With over 100,000 copies in print, "The Genie in Your Genes" was awarded recognition as a "Best Health Book" by USA Book News and as "A Book of the Year in Psychology," by Foreword Magazine. This book is the latest science made practical for the general public in our time.

Energy Psychology Press, Santa Rosa, California, 395 pages, paperback, 6x9, Indexed, ISBN: 978-1-60415-011-7
Price: $17.95

Gentle Babies: Essential Oils and Natural Remedies for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infant Care (GB)
by Debra Raybern, ND, MH, CNC, ICA

Gentle Babies

We have been waiting for a good book on pregnancy, childbirth, early infant care and essential oils for more than ten years. Other books on oils and pregnancy have been published before, but they contain so much erroneous and misleading information that we could not include any of them in our "Suggested Reading" list. With the publication of Gentle Babies we now have a book to recommend without reservation to expectant mothers and families with young children everywhere.

The author, Debra Raybern, is the prefect person to write such a book. She has a successful family practice in naturopathy, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine through which she has acquired years of direct experience which she generously shares in her book. Packed with valuable, practical, how-to-do-it information, this unique reference is destined to become a "Bible" for parents who want their families to get healthy and stay healthy. Every expectant mom and home with children should have this book.

128 pages, paperback, 5.5x8.5, Indexed, ISBN: 978-0-9816954-8-8
Revised 5th Edition
Price: $12.95

Hands of Life (HOL) by Julie Motz, 1998

Julie Motz is a medical intuitive and energy healer who has gifts of a vision to see into a person's body and diagnose what is wrong and to communicate with the diseased organs to assist in their healing. She has worked with many medical doctors and has assisted in many surgeries by keeping communication with the unconscious patient and their bodies, keeping the surgeon informed of both, the physical and emotional state of the patient, and helping the patient to receive the benefits intended.

A remarkable book full of spiritual and emotional insight. Very helpful in understanding the process of laying on of hands and intuitive healing, and how one can apply those principles in their own ministry or practice. A must read for any healer of any modality.

Bantam Books
309 pages; 6"x9" Quality Paperback. ISBN# 978-0553-10714-2
Price: $19.95

The Harting Training System (HTS) by Marcella Vonn Harting

Marcella Vonn Harting is the most successful Distributor in Young Living. She is the author of several books and is internationally famous as a teacher and lecturer. She is one of 20 women featured in the book, The Women's Millionaire Club - Building and Owning a Million Dollar Home-Based Business, by Maureen Mulvaney. In her brief book, The Harting Training System, she has distilled the essence of her successful strategy in building a successful and fulfilling network marketing business.

71 pages. 8.5x5.5" Perfect Bound. 1st Edition. 2007
Price $14.95 each

Healing: God's Forgotten Gift (Book - GFG) by David Stewart, Don Clair, & Sandy Sutter

This is an eight week Bible Study Guide that details how to develop the healing gifts with which God has endowed each and every one of us so that you can pray, lay on hands, and anoint with oil for healing, just as Jesus disciples did as described in the Bible. This is an extension of the scriptural documentation found in the book and DVD entitled, "Healing Oils of the Bible." The guide, "Healing: God's Forgotten Gift," is intended to be accompanied with the DVD of the same title where at each week's meeting 20 minutes worth of the DVD is played to hear Dr. Stewart's introductory commentary for that session before the group engages in the lesson and group discussion itself. The book and DVD include both, the lessons for the students as well as instructions for the group leader. The book and DVD are available separately, but are also available as a Kit of six books and one DVD for a small group who meet weekly in a home or church. (To order Kit or DVD, look elsewhere in this catalog.)

Sound Concepts, American Fork, Utah. paperback. 120 pp. ISBN 978-1-933057-70-5
Price: $7.95 each

Healing: God's Forgotten Gift (DVD - GFGD) by David Stewart, Don Clair, & Sandy Sutter

See DVD Section Below

Healing: God's Forgotten Gift (Kit - GFGK) by David Stewart, Don Clair, & Sandy Sutter

This is a kit of six books and 1 DVD intended for a small group of six people (including the leader) for an eight week Bible Study Course that details how to develop the healing gifts with which God has endowed each and every one of us so that you can pray, lay on hands, and anoint with oil for healing, just as Jesus disciples did as described in the Bible. This is an extension of the scriptural documentation found in the book and DVD entitled, "Healing Oils of the Bible." There are actually two DVDs in the package. The first DVD is to be played a the start of each week's session to hear Dr. Stewart's introductory commentary before the group engages in the lesson and group discussion for that week. The other DVD in the package, with Don Clair and Sandy Sutter, is to assist the group leader in preparation for each session. (DVD or Book can be ordered separately above, look elsewhere in this catalog.)

Sound Concepts, American Fork, Utah. A pair DVDs in one case (2.5 hours each) plus six Books 120 pp. each.
Kit Price: $59.95 each

Healing for the Age of Enlightenment (HAE) by Stanley Burroughs

Healing for the Age of Enlightenment

A Required Text for CCI Certification

Stanley Burroughs brought Vitaflex from Tibet to the U.S. This is the definitive English text on the topic. No one who wants to learn Vitaflex should be be without this book. Also discusses lemonade cleansing diet and color therapy. A required Text for CCI Certification

Burroughs Books, Reno, Nevada. paperback. 150 pp. ISBN 0-9639262-1-7
Price: $19.95 each

Healing Oils - Healing Hands (HOHH) by Linda L. Smith, RN, CHTP

Healing Oils-Healing Hands

Detailed presentation of anointing and healing techniques as taught by Jesus to his disciples and as practiced by early Christians. Both ancient and advanced, scriptural and scientific, this book contains excellent info on essential oils and their benefits. A good “How To” book.

234 Pages
Price: $22.95 each

Healing Oils of the Bible (HOB) by Dr. David Stewart

Healing Oils of the Bible

A Required Text for CCI Certification

Read Testimonials

Over 500 Biblical references to essential oils, aromatic plants, and/or their uses. Book is both scriptural and scientific. Healing is a sacred art, not a secular science. Contains notes on how you can do a Bible Oils Program in your community A required Text for CCI Certification.

"This is the best book I have ever read in my life. I just couldn’t put it down and I keep going back." Kelly Fowler, Flagstaff, Arizona

"Most enjoyable. Easy to read. Very objective. So much wonderful material. I enjoyed the book very much." Rev. Don Bleyle, Retired United Methodist Pastor. Lakewood, Colorado

"I ABSOLUTELY love this book! If you are new to essential oils, this book is a MUST." Wendy Saw R.H.N., T.H.P, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I received this book a month ago and am now on my third time reading it through. I feel like I have discovered a great treasure chest." Sherry Reese. Tallahassee, Florida

"David Stewart has a way of communicating that is easy to read and understand. After reading the book, I immediately ordered another one to share with others." Nicole Page. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"This book is one of the main gifts I give to everyone. I quote from it constantly." Rev. Terrie Woznicki, Cicero, Illinois

Healing Oils of the Bible is also available from this website in Spanish, German, and Romanian. See pricing and details below.

CARE Publications, Marble Hill, MO. (2002) paperback 340 pp.ISBN 0-934426-98-8.
8th Printing, 2012
Price: $19.95 each

Click Here for Testimonials on this Book

New! Introduction to Healing Oils of the Bible (IHOB) by Dr. David Stewart


This is an abbreviated version (71 pp) of the original book Healing Oils of the Bible (325 pp). Since many people want to share or give away copies of the larger book but can’t afford to give away many copies at $19.95 each, this smaller version has been made available to share that costs only $5.95 each. It contains 20% of the material found in the larger book, including most of the important points and, as its title suggests, “An Introduction to Healing Oils of the Bible.” Also see information above on the larger complete original edition.

Sound Concepts, American Fork, Utah. (2012) Saddle Stitched Paperback, 71 pp. YLB046
Price: $5.95 each

Aceites curativos de la Biblia (Spanish Translation of Healing Oils of the Bible) (HOBS)
by Dr. David Stewart

Over 500 Biblical references to essential oils, aromatic plants, and/or their uses. This book is both scriptural and scientific. Healing is a sacred art, not a secular science. Contains notes in Spanish on how you can do a Bible Oils Program in Spanish your community.

"Recibi Aceites curantivos de la Biblia hace tan solo un mes y ya es la tercera vez que lo leo. Siento como si hubiera descubierto un gran cofre del tesoro. He sido cristiao todo me vida, desde pequeno, y estoy descubriendo cosas acerca de mi fe que nunca supe. Este libro realmente me ha abierto a nuevas perspectivas. !Ex marvilloso!"
Sherry Reese, Tallahassee, Florida, EEUU.

"De lo mas entretenido. Muy objectivo. Un buen libro para los ministros. La exhaustive investigacion del Dr. Stewart me asombro. Es muy detallada. Constituye un abundante y maravilloso material. Distrute much el libro."
Don Bleyle, Pastor, Lakewood, Colorado, EEUU.

"!Me enamore COMPLETAMENTE de este libro! La investigacion cientifica e historica es rigurosa y facil de leer. No puedo parar de leerlo."
Wendy Saw, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

CARE Publications, Marble Hill, MO. (2010) paperback 390 pp.
ISBN(10) 1-932747-10-9
ISBN(13) 978-1-932747-10-2
1st Spanish edition
Price: $19.95 each

Heilende Ole der Bible (German Translation of Healing Oils of the Bible) (HOBG) by Dr. David Stewart

Over 500 Biblical references to essential oils, aromatic plants, and/or their uses. Book is both scriptural and scientific. Healing is a sacred art, not a secular science. Contains notes in German on how you can do a Bible Oils Program in your community. Translated by Holgar Grimme and modified to fit German culture, the German edition contains colored pictures of the various Biblical plants from which the oils were distilled. These are pictures not found in the English or any other edition.

"Dieses Buch ist aussergewohnlich. Wenn man zu lesen beginnt, will man einfach nich mehr aufhoren. Es is wonderbar zu sehen, wie Gott in der ganzen Bible Heilung durch die reinen destillierten Ole der von ihm geschaffenen Planzen schenkt. Man erfahrt, wie Got diese Ole benutzte, um zu heilen. Ole, deren heilende Wirkung bis heute unverandert blieb. Wir erfahren, warum die drei weisen Manner Jesus zue Geburt Weihrach, Myrrhe und Balsam darbrachten - weil diese Ole Jesus als Kleinkind gesund erhielten. Heute koennen wir diese Ole nutzen, damit wir und unsere Familien gusund werden und bleiben."
Dermot Bailey, FGBMFI, Christen im Beruf, Kassel, Deutschland.

"Ausserst erfreulich. Sehr objektiv. Ein gutes Buch fur Pastoren. Ich war uber die umfassenden Forschungen ver blufft, die Dr. Stewart durchgefuhrt hat. Sehr gediegen. So viel wunderbares Maerial. Ich habe much sehr uber das Buch gefruet."
Don Bleyle, Pastor, Lakewood, Colorado, USA

"Ich bin total verliebt in dieses Buch! Die wissenschaftlichen und historischen Forschungen sind genau und leicht zu lesen. ich kann es nich weglegen."
Wendy Saw, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

CARE Publications, Marble Hill, MO. (2008) paperback 326 pp.
ISBN(10) 3-938159-09-X.
ISBN(13) 978-3-93159-09-5
1st German edition
Price: $19.95 each

Heal Your Body (HYB) by Louise L. Hay

Heal Your Body

A Required Text for CCI Certification

This small insightful book is packed with useful information. It lists hundreds of diseases and conditions from A to Z, correlates them with specific emotions, and provides an affirmation to facilitate healing. Includes a table of each and every vertebra with corresponding mental or emotional states so that when your back goes out at a specific place, you can deal with it spiritually. A simple, quick, and effective reference to keep on hand. This book works well in conjunction with the books: Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils and Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, which are also available through this Resource Catalogue. A required Text for CCI Certification

Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, California. (1988) Quality paperback. 84 pp. Price: $7.95 ISBN 0–937611–35–7
Price: $7.95 each

Killing Cancer - Not People (KCNP) by Robert G. Wright

This no-nonsense book tells it like it is, that there are numerous non-toxic alternative cures for cancer that work, but are vigorously repressed, if not classified as outright "illegal," by the FDA, the AMA, and the American Cancer Association in cooperation with the big pharmaceutical companies who benefit from treating cancer patients with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

If you, or a relative or someone you know, has been diagnosed with cancer, you and they need to read this book before surrendering to the pressures of conventional medicine. Medical doctors who know about the effectiveness of alternative cancer therapies are not legally allowed to mention or promote them under the threat of losing their license to practice. Honest conscientious allopathic physicians are not legally allowed to tell you the truth, even if they know it and would follow alternative therapies themselves, if needed.

This book is not written by a medical doctor and is, therefore, not constrained from telling the complete truth. This book can save your life, or that of a loved one. Find out what your doctor won't tell you.

384 pages. 6x9" Perfect Bound. ISBN# 978-1-578-13557-1
3rd Edition. 2014
Price $22.95 each

Love is a Choice (LC or LCP) by David Stewart, PhD

This is an inspired publication that describes ideal love between couples and people in general. It also describes love's relationship to health and to essential oils. Ideal and inexpensive to hand out to friends or to give to your YL downline.

Publisher: Growing Healthy Homes, Bartlesville, OK
8 panels, 4.5x6.5" Full color.

Single copy Price - $1.00

Pack of 25 copies - $8.95

*Molecules of Emotion (MOE) by Dr. Candace Pert

Molecules of Emotion

Easy-to-understand narrative by a Director of the National Institutes of Health on how cells communicate by sending molecules as messengers back and forth. Solid science enjoyably spoken in understandable English.

Simon & Shuster, New York. (1999) Paperback 368 pp. ISBN 0-684-84634-9
Price: $18.95 each

A More Excellent Way (AMEW) by Rev. Henry Wright

Pastor Wright has one of the most successful Christian healing ministries in the world. In his work, he finds the causes of sickness to be spiritual and emotional. His book discusses disease prevention, blocks to healing, as well as specific diseases, their roots, and how to deal with them. This is the most comprehensive and insightful book on the emotional/spiritual roots of disease available from a scriptural and Christian perspective.

Also includes a free teaching DVD.

526 Pages
Price: $24.95 each

Nature's Mold Rx (TOXM) by Dr. Edward R. Close and Jacquelyn Close, RA

Nature's Mold Rx is a companion the DVD, Toxic Mold, also by Dr. Close. While the DVD introduces you to the concept in a graphic way, the book fleshes out the details, provides scientific documentation, describes a number of successful case studies, and gives a Ten Step protocol for eliminating mold in your home or business. If you have chronic and unexplained health problems or your doctor has diagnosed specific conditions but his prescriptions aren't working, you may simply have a mold-related reaction from the fungi in your living environment. The mold in your home may not be visible. It is often hidden in the heat/AC vents. If you think your health is not what you think it should be, you need to explore the possibility of your problems being due to mold.

This book will enable you to determine if that is so and gives you the remedy. Traditional ways to eliminate mold include the application of highly toxic chemicals and the costly removal of walls and flooring. Use of hazardous agents to kill mold, such as bleach, may kill 95% of the growths, but the mold will start to regenerate within 24 hours. With the application of the blend of oils recommended by Dr. Close (a combination of Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary) you can not only kill 100% of the mold, but the oil leaves a residue that prevents the mold from growing back. While deadly to mold, these oils are harmless, even beneficial, to humans. By applying the principles of this book, your mold problems are as good as solved.

"I highly recommend this book. I have had the opportunity to see a lot of mold victims and, while there is much confusion in the literature about the effects of mold on people's health, we need to know how to find it and how to treat it. This book is very enlightening."
Norman L. Dykes, MD
Internal Medicine/Primary CARE
Wellness & Prevention, Lafayette, Louisiana

207 pp., Indexed. Quality paperback 8.5x11. ISBN 978-0-9785616-1-1
Price $25.95

Nutrition 101: Choose Life! by Debra Raybern, Sera Johnson, Laura Hopkins, & Karen Hopkins (N101)

Nutrition 101


This not just another book on Nutrition. It is "The" book on nutrition thoroughly researched, well organized, and beautifully presented in full color. Among other things, it is designed for Home Schooling and is child-friendly as well as adult-informative. If you want your children to learn and develop good eating practices from an early age, this is the book. Not only about food, it is an excellent physiology text on every vital organ, how it works, and what foods it needs to function in a healthy way. With healthy recipes and other daily diet tips, it also explains certain diseases, such as diabetes and how to adjust your blood sugar to safe and healthy levels. There is also an excellent discussion on how to read labels to avoid toxic foods and why.

The first author is a practicing Naturopath who has been sharing nutritional advice to her clients for years and who is author of the book, "Gentle Babies," a guide to family healthcare. Totally compatible with Young Living Essential Oils, the beneficial uses of oils with diet are included throughout the book with many applications you probably never heard of before, even if you have been using the oils for years. Contains learning projects, activities, and fun exercises for children that will educate adults as well. So attractively presented, your kids will spontaneously browse and peruse this book. If you were to actually hold a copy of this book and skim its contents, you would definitely want a copy for your family.

It is more expensive than almost any other nutrition book on the market, but it is worth it. With 443 pages of gorgeously illustrated information, you would have to purchase four or five other books to receive the abundance of information you will find in Nutrition 101. By owning this book of books, you will gain many times your money's worth in health benefits to yourself and your family.

Growing Healthy Homes Publisher, Bartlesville, Oklahoma (2008)
Quality Paperback 443 pp. ISBN 978-0-9816954-2-6
Price: $99.95 each

Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments that Work (OYC) by Tanya Harter Pierce

This excellent and thoroughly researched book presents a number of effective treatments for cancer that your doctor would not be legally permitted to offer, or even to suggest, because of the power of drug companies working through the FDA, the AMA, and the American Cancer Association whose vested interest does not include actual cancer cures.

If you, or a relative or someone you know, has been diagnosed with cancer, you and they may find the cure you seek through this book. One of the effective non-toxic therapies described in chapters 9-12 of this book involves a substance called "Protocel(R)." All cancer patients need to learn about Protocel, which your doctor or oncologist may or may not know about, and even if they did, they would not legally be permitted to tell you about it.

This book was not written by a medical doctor, but by a documentary journalist skilled in research and in presenting objective, verifiable facts. As a writer, she is, therefore, not constrained by the forces of drug companies and the FDA. She tells the truth, as it is, without profit motives or hidden agendas.

Find out what your doctor won't (and can't) tell you, that could save your life and prevent you from suffering the irreversable damages of medicine's big three: Chemo, Radiation, and Surgery. These three don't cure cancer anyhow, most of the time, and all of them are known as potential causes of cancer.

506 pages. 6x9" Perfect Bound. ISBN# 978-1-9728867-8-9
Includes an informative CD
2nd Edition. 2009
Price $26.95 each (including the CD)

Quantum Physics, Essential Oils & the Mind-Body Connection (QP) by David Stewart, PhD

This booklet explains, in simple understandable language, how both physics and chemistry are necessary to explain the ways essential oils work. It explains how the mind interacts with matter through electrons and how the mind can alter molecular shape and how this determines the healing actions that essential oil compounds can have on our bodies. It provides a scientific basis for how and why oils work better with prayer and faith.

20 pages; 7" x 4", booklet
Price: $2.95

Reference Guide for Essential Oils (RGEO) by Connie & Alan Higley 2012 Edition

A Required Text for CCI Certification**

This is a definitive reference on applied aromatherapy. Practical info on use of essential oils that anyone can study, understand, and apply. Current info on all Young Living Essential Oils products. A treasure trove of useful knowledge for personal and family health.

**CCIs are required to own at least one comprehensive reference on therapeutic aromatherapy. Everyone using essential oils for therapeutic purposes need either this book Reference Guide for Essential Oils (RGEO) or the Essential Oils Desk Reference (EODR). Either of these othe will suffice to fulfill CCI requirements. These two books contain much of the same information with an 70% overlap. RGEO and EODR both contain specific references to Young Living Essential Oils.

2013 Edition, July 2013; 600 pages; 8.5x11" Spiral Bound for Easy Use. ISBN# 978-937702-07-6
RGEO Soft Cover Price: $36.95 each

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Oils (REP) by Dr. Carolyn Mein

Releasing Emotional Patterns

A Required Text for CCI Certification

Many charts and tables on finding specific locations that emotions can be stored in the body. How to release them with essential oils and heal the physical conditions they may cause. This book works well in conjunction with the books: Heal Your Body and Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, also available through this Resource Catalogue. A required Text for CCI Certification

3rd ed., Vision Ware Press, Rancho Santa Fe, California. (2000) 107 pp. ISBN 0-9661381-3-9
Price: $14.95 each

Snake Oil: The Art of Healing & Truth Telling (SNKO) by Becca Stevens

Don't let the title mislead you. This is a legitimate and wonderful book on healing with essential oils from a unique perspective. The author, Rev. Becca Stevens, is an Ordained Episcopal Priest in Nashville, Tennessee. Sexually molested as a young girl by a respected member of her church, she ultimately came to terms with her abuse, and founded a mission to help abused women and prostitutes on the streets.

Her mission is two-fold. She founded and administrates Thistle Farms near Nashville where she grows thistles from which baskets and other vessels are woven, and also grows herbs from which she distills essential oils. She markets a whole line of body products under the trade name of Thistle Farms. She is a spiritual healer and trains others in the art of healing and anointing with essential oils.
Her second mission is Magdalene, which is a home and shelter for abused women, especially for women on the street trapped in a life of prostitution who want to get out and leave a clean, productive life. To train and prepare them for gainful employment in the world at large, they all work on her farm and in her product manufacturing facility with essential oils.

It is one of the most fascinating books you will ever read and gives you a deeper appreciation of the power of essential oils for healing and restoration. The book is largely autobiographical, but reads like a novel with wonderful tidbits of information on essential oils and their uses. This book will inspire you and deepen your appreciation for the God-given attributes of pure essential oils and the importance of telling the truths they convey.

Besides her seminary training, Becca Stevens has a degree in mathematics. The title of her book refers to dishonest salesmen of what was originally a legitimate product, therapeutic grade healing essential oils.

208 pages. 9x6" Paperback. ISBN# 978-1-4555-1906-4 1st Edition. 2013

Price $15.95 each

A Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique (SVR) by Dr. David Stewart

Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique

A Required Text for CCI Certification

A landmark body of data and research. The first and only study ever published on Raindrop Technique. Well presented, easy-to-read. A practical guide to those who perform raindrop technique as to what problems can occur and how to handle them. For potential raindrop technique receivers, this is the perfect resource to browse for informed consent. Every raindrop practitioner needs to have a copy of this book in their waiting room to share with all of their clients A required Text for CCI Certification

Care Publications, Marble Hill, MO. 64 pp. ISBN 978-0-934426-38-1
Price: $9.95 each

The Story of Essiac & Canada's Cancer Nurse (ESS) by Rene Caisse & Lee Stewart


Essiac tea is an herbal remedy for cancer known to a Native American Tribe in Northern Ontario, Canada. A lady from England, working with her husband in that part of Canada in the early 20th century, acquired breast cancer and a medicine man from that tribe told her he could cure it. He taught her about certain native herbs and how to brew the tea. Years later, when Rene Caisse, a professional nurse, was caring for the lady, she learned of the tea and began offering it to cancer patients she knew.

In the beginning of her practice of treating cancer patients with the tea, Nurse Caisse states that she was naive enough to think she could accumulate enough proof, by her successes, that her treatment would be acceptable to the medical profession. She believed, at that time, that the cancer support organizations were really looking for a cure for this dreaded disease. But the more proof she succeeded in producing, the more determined the medical establishment, and the organizations that sponsor cancer research, opposed her and became determined that her remedy should not be made available.

Unsupported by any health-related agency, yet undiscouraged by the opposition, she continued to run a successful open cancer clinic for eight years, during the 1920's, in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. She never gave up the hope that some day, somehow, her treatment would be made available to all who needed it.

In the beginning a number of doctors did send her some patients. These were the ones on which all medical options had been exhausted. These were the patients on whom their doctors had given up, and held no hope for their recovery. When the referring physicians saw that Rene Caisse's treatments actually cured their hopeless patients, they became advocates for her, her practice, and her tea.

The complete story of Nurse Caisse's heroic struggle, in her own words, as well as the recipe for her tea, an address of where you can purchase the necessary herbs, and instructions on how to brew and administer the tea, is found in this 30 page booklet. If you know someone with any form of cancer, the information in this booklet could safe their life.

Reprint ISSN 092-1223
Saddle Stitched 30 pp.
Price: $5.00 each

What's Your Body Telling You (WBT) by Steve Sisgold

Your memory and your thinking are not confined to your brain. Your body as a whole has a complete record of every experience you have ever had in your life. Every detail is recorded somewhere in your body. This memory begins with conception, includes life in the womb, your birth experience, childhood, and everything. Learning how to access and make use of that memory is what this book is all about.

We know that we use our brains to think, but we also think with our hearts and our gut. How many times have you made a decision based on your "Gut Instincts?" Or your "Heart's Feelings?" Ever notice that when you think certain thoughts, there will be a sensation somewhere in your body, maybe your right foot or your left knee or the back of your hand? such sensations are telling you that there is a memory or other pertinent information stored in that body part that you need to bring up to your conscious mind.

This wonderfully insightful book reveals the innate intelligence in your whole body and how to access and use it for more effective living and to release buried traumas from the past. One of the most important and unique qualities of essential oils is their ability to reach directly to the limbic (emotional) brain and enable the releasing of repressed emotions that ultimately make us physically, mentally, and spirituall sick. This book describes all of the connections in our bodies to facilitate the emotional clearing most of us need.

Whether doing emotional release work on yourself or on others, this is an unparralleled reference. Steve Sisgold furnished valuable insights not found in any other book or resource.

219 pages. 5.5x8.5" Hard Bound. ISBN# 978-0-07-162457-0
3rd Edition. 2009
Price $24.00 each


Well illustrated throughout in full color, this book offers breakthrough information on how different foods are best digested and assimilated when eaten at their correct time of day. For example, mountain grown coffee, fruits or nuts that grow on trees, and chocolate are best ingested in the morning. Noon is the best time for vegetables such as tomatoes, corn, broccoli, as well as poultry, and dairy. Evening is the most favorable time to eat fish, sea food, beans, beets, and carrots. Harting and Bergstrom also describe specific foods for each body system and organ which can be applied for healing and wellness in these areas. There are lung foods, kidney foods, heart foods, bladder foods, as well as foods for circulation and sex drive.

This is truly the only book of its kind with many insights to improve the quality and longevity of your life. If you have had digestion problems or found that certain foods you like just don't agree with you, perhaps it is a simple matter of consuming them at the right time of day. In some cases, certain diseases or conditions will simply disappear when foods are eaten in "their correct time." There is also a whole chapter on color and how the colors of our clothing, and when we wear them, affect our moods and state of health. This book offers a whole universe of new information which you can incorporate into your life for greater harmony and peace with the elements of the world in which we live.

Yes, No, Maybe Publishing, Phoenix, AZ (2004) Paperback with full color printing throughout. 275 pp. ISBN 978-0-9710684-2-1
Price: $17.95 each


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