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Essential Oil Booklets, Brochures, News Articles, and CDs by Dr. David Stewart

Available directly from Sound Concepts, Inc. Call (800) 524-4195
or visit: www.EssentialProductInfo.com and www.CrownDiamondTools.com


9 Essential Oils for Every Home (Booklet)
(41 pp., item #YLB007, $4.95 ea, 10-pack $37.50)
Presents the scientific and spiritual basis of how essential oils work along with specific recommendations and uses for Thieves, PanAway, Peace & Calming, Purification, Valor, Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint, and Lavender, which are contained in the Young Living "Start Living With Everyday Oils" Starter Kit. (See associated brochure and CD below.)

Antimicrobial Essential Oil Champions (Booklet)
(23 pp., item YLB004, $4.95 ea, 10-pack $37.50)
Discusses the history, science, and 101 applications of the antimicrobial oil blend (Thieves) and various products containing this blend. Thieves consists of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils. (See associated brochure, CD, and newspaper below.)


12 Oils of Ancient Scripture (Brochure)
(8 panels, full color, item #YLB110, 25-pack $8.75, 100 pack $30)
Intended to be given out with the Healing Oils of the Bible Program as presented in the book and DVD, Healing Oils of the Bible, available elsewhere via the RaindropTraining website.

9 Essential Oils for Every Home (Brochure)
(6 double-sized panels, full color, item #YLB113, 25 pack $10, 100 pack $33)
Beautifully illustrated summary of the contents of the 9 Essential Oils for Every Home booklet mentioned above. Packed with information, this brochure is intended to be used in building your Young Living oil business featuring the Everyday Oils starter kit.

Antimicrobial Essential Oil Champions (Brochure)
(10 panels, full color, item #YLB112, 25-pack $8.75, 100 pack $30)
An inexpensive generic brochure on the benefits of the oils of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary intended as an item to interest new people in learning more and using the oils. Contains bibliography if scientific documentation. A companion to the Antimicrobial Essential Oil Champions booklet, CD, and newspaper.

Compact Discs

9 Essential Oils for Every Home (CD)
(30 minutes, item #YLC004, $2.50 ea, $10-pack $17.50)
An interview with Dr. Stewart on the history, science, uses, and properties of the five oil blends and four single oils contained in the Young Living "Start Living with Everyday Oils" starter kit. (See associated booklet and brochure above.)

Antimicrobial Essential Oil Champions (CD)
(30 minutes, item #YLC003, $2.50 ea, 10-pack $17.50)
Q&A with Dr. Stewart on how modern medicine is becoming ineffective while the effectiveness of essential oils is being rediscovered. Dr. Stewart reveals much about the antimicrobial properties of essential oils in general and about the oils of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary in particular. (See associated booklet and brochure above and newspaper edition below.)

Pique Interest Cards

9 Essential Oils Business Card
(Business-card size, 6 panels, item #YLB120, 50-pack $12.50, 100-pack $20)
This folding business card has room for your name and address while highlighting the uses of the 9 oils found in the Everyday Oils Enrollment Kit, plus a brief introduction to oils.

Wellness Report Newspapers

Antimicrobial Oils Wellness Report Newspaper
(4 tabloid sized pages, in full color, item #YLB203, 50-pack $17.50, 100-pack $30)
This generic newspaper contains a lead article by Dr. Stewart entitled "The Amazing Attributes of Antimicrobial Oils" with scientific documentatioin. The newspaper also includes 18 colorful personal testimonials of men and women who have experienced the benefits of the antimicrobial blend of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. (See CD, brochure, and booklet above.)

Discounted Resource Kits

Antimicrobial Oils Kit
(Item #YLK102, $80.00)
This is a discounted package of all of Dr. Stewart's publications on the Antimicrobial Champion Blend (Thieves). It contains 5 - Antimicrobial Essential Oil Champions Books

10 - Antimicrobial Essential Oil Champions CDs
100 - Antimicrobial Essential Oil Champions Brochures
100 - Wellness Report 97.1 - Antimicrobial Newspapers

New Tools Kit
(Item #YLK112, $99.00)
This discounted package is for general promotion of Young Living products and business plan. It contains 50 each of the "9 Essential Oils for Every Home" brochures and Pique Interest cards along with 50 each of NingXia Red large format brochures and Pique Interest cards, as well 25 other flyers on NingXia red, and 20 copies of "Abundance; How to Earn a $2000 Monthly Bonus with Young Living."

None of these resources are available via this Website (RaindropTraining.com). They are available only by directly contacting Sound Concepts by phone (800) 524-4195 or by either or both of their two websites: essentialproductinfo.com or crowndiamondtools.com.



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Essential Oil Booklets, Brochures, News Articles, and CDs by Dr. David Stewart

To learn more about Dr. Stewart's other books, visit Care Publications

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