CARE Advanced Emotional Release

Dr. Patricka (Patty) Caldera FCCI, PScD, DPSc, LCSW, MSW, CRTS, MCRRT
Anthony Stewart SCCI(e)

Details of Dates and Location are available on the regular CARE Calendar. Please refer to the regular CARE Calendar to obtain these details. Details are posted only a few months before the event. Typically, this class is in Clarksville, MO in April, however there may be a different location or date in the future. Check the CARE Calendar for current details.

Workshop Fee:
The fee for this workshop is $700 payable to CARE. Those who have taken the ER Workshop before may retake it for half price ($350). Register with credit card by phone at CARE (800) 758-8629 or mail checks to CARE ER Workshop, RR 4 Box 646, Marble Hill, MO 63764.

Limited Enrollment. Pre-Registration Required. Registrations are not considered complete until payment is made. Checks or Credit Cards okay. This seminar is always on a weekend, Thursday through Sunday. You may want to plan on arriving Wednesday to settle in and become acclimated to the location and surrounding area. Plan to depart on Sunday afternoon. Beginning Class time is noon on Thursday, with class adjournment at noon on Sunday. If you plan to fly into the St. Louis Airport, it is a one-hour thirty-minute drive from the airport to Clarksville. However, see regular CARE Calendar for updated and current location information.

Eligibility, ER-Authorization:
Requirements and Pre-Class Assignments
While this workshop is intended for CARE Instructors desiring to be authorized to teach Emotional Release for CARE, anyone who has taken the five-hour CARE class normally offered during a CARE Intensive is eligible to take this class for the information and training. Taking this workshop alone does not authorize anyone to teach Emotional Release in the name of CARE. Requirements to become an ER-Authorized CARE Instructor are on pp. 22-23 of the CCI Handbook. CCIs, CIs, and anyone who has taken the CARE Emotional Release Class (5 hours) is eligible to take this class.

Required Texts:
You must own a copy of the following books and bring them to the workshop: 1.) Heal Your Body, 2.) Feelings Buried Alive, 3.) Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, 4.) Molecules of Emotion, 5.) A More Excellent Way, as well as a copy of the CARE Emotional Release DVD.

Participants in the Emotional Release Workshop will be required to participate in the following assignments:

Assignment #1.)

Familiarity with the CCI handbook. There will be a short quiz on the ER portions of the handbook.

Assignment # 2.)

Familiarity with ER class notes Part I. Students will be required to make a short presentation on Part 1 of the ER class notes. 1.) Principle Purpose; 2.) Theory and Philosophy; 3.) How and Why Oils Work for ER; 4.) Oils to have on hand. Be prepared to present on all topics. All participants will be required to give a brief verbal report on one of the four sections mentioned above. Be prepared to report on any one of them. You will not be told which topic you will be reporting on until you arrive at the location, so be prepared.

Assignment #3.)

Book Reports. All participants will be required to give a brief verbal report on one of the five books mentioned above. Be prepared to report on any one of them, but submit your first, second, and third choices to Patty Caldera ( prior to the seminar dates. You will not be told which book you will be reporting on until you arrive at the location. Be prepared for talking about at least three of the above titles plus one of the five additional titles given below. There are five other books, you are not required to own, but you may choose to report on, and are all relevant to emotional releasing, if you wish: 6. The Genie in your Genes by Dawson Church; 7. Hands of Life by Julie Motz; 8. The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton; 9. Snake Oils: The Art of Healing by Becca Stevens; and 10. What's Your Body Telling You? By Steve Sisgold. All of these books are available at We recommend that you read and be prepared to report on at least one of these optional last five books in addition to at least three of the first five listed above, which are all required.

Assignment #4.)

Self Releasing. Practice at least one session at home on yourself with self-releasing of personal issues using the CARE Emotional Release Notes along with the books by Hay, Mein, and Truman. Be prepared to report on your experience in class. It would be wise to register early, not only to be assured of a place, but also to complete the assignments sufficiently in advance to be adequately prepared by class time.

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