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The Raindrop Messenger is the official newsletter of C.A.R.E., The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education.

In each issue of The Raindrop Messenger you will find articles and essays on a variety of topics related to health and longevity. Our hope is to be informative and, perhaps, inspiring to you for the benefit of your physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual life. The Raindrop Messenger is also a friendly way of keeping you abreast of CARE's ongoing programs, activities and helpful books and videos.

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Volume 15, Number 1, Jan-Mar Edition 2017

Lee's Departure, by David Stewart, PhD
Tribute to an Extraordinary Life, by Edward Close, PhD
Lee's Funeral Celebration

Volume 14, Number 3, Summer Edition 2016

Our Volcanic Diamond Trip to Hawaii, by David Stewart, PhD
Oiling Up for Fall and Winter: What's Your Face Value?, by Gloria Miller
Scientific Research on Essential Oils You Can Quote & Satisfy the Government

Volume 14, Number 2, Spring Edition 2016

The Story of AromaLife, by Diane Mora
Testimonials about AromaLife, from Artemis, Hazel, Sandy, Marla, Mary, Lois, Darlene, Larry, Diane, Nancy, et al.

Volume 14, Number 1, Winter Edition 2016

From Branson to Taiwan: My Asian Oil Odyssey, by David Stewart, PhD
The Secret Chemistry of Essential Oils: God's Love Manifest in Molecules, by David Stewart, PhD
Current Essential Oil Clinical Research, Vols 1 & 2
by Shawn Peterson, PhD(c), MBA, & Tonya Peterson, PhD(c), MBA

Volume 13, Number 3, Summer Edition 2015

In Case You Heard Any Rumors, by David Stewart
Essential Oil Alternatives for Pest Control in your Garden, by Joanne Schwarm
The Power of Laughter for Life and Living, by David Stewart, PhD

Volume 13, Number 2, Spring Edition 2015

It's Spring & Allergy Season Again, by Gloria Miller
Clarification of Young Living's Recent Raindrop Claims, by David & Lee Stewart

Volume 13, Number 1, Winter Edition 2015

Overcoming Diabetes: An Amazing Ecuadorian Bonus, by David Stewart, PhD
Insight on Transformation Oil, by Gary Young

Volume 12, Number 3, Fall Edition 2014

The Challenge of Being #1 in the World, by Nancy Sanderson, David Stewart, et al
What in the Cell is Going On !!@#, by David Stewart
Update on Lee's Successful Fight Against Cancer, by David Stewart, PhD

Volume 12, Number 2, Summer Edition 2014

Lee's Successful Protocol for Breast Cancer, by David Stewart, PhD

Volume 12, Number 1, Spring Edition 2014

An Effective Herbal Treatment for Cancer, by Lee Stewart
How ESSIAC Got Its Name & Where to Get it, by David Stewart
Making Your Own Valor by David Stewart, PhD
Applied Poo-Romatherapy for Home and Office, by David Stewart, PhD

Volume 11, Number 4, Winter Edition 2013

Are Chakras New Age?, by David Stewart, PhD

Volume 11, Number 3, Summer Edition 2013

Harmonies, Melodies & Symphonies with Essential Oils, by David Stewart, PhD
The Frequencies of God's Voice and Those of Oils, by David Stewart, PhD

Volume 11, Number 2, Spring Edition 2013

How I Survived a Black Widow Bite with Prayer & Oils, by Don Eagleston
"Scar-Be-Gone Essential Oil Blend," as formulated by D. Gary Young
Chinese Foods & Oils: Red Flags from a Red Country, by Greg Hitter, PhD

Volume 11, Number 1, Winter Edition 2013

We Don't Sell by David Stewart
Antibiotics Are Not Antiviral by Gloria Miller
Lavendar Seems to Know What You Need by AIRASE

Volume 10, Number 4, Fall Edition 2012

Love is a Choice by David Stewart

Volume 10, Number 3, Summer Edition 2012

Overcoming Lyme Disease with Essential Oils by David Stewart
Turning a Stroke into one of Good Luck by David Stewart

Volume 10, Number 2, March - April 2012

A Prophecy Whose Time Has Come, by David Stewart
The End of Medicine as We Know It, by Jeremy Laurance
Raindrop Training on the Young Living Farm with Dr. David & Lee Stewart

Volume 10, Number 1, January - February 2012

Care for Your Gut and Your Gut Will Care for You by Rex Lassalle
Essential Enzymes and Essential Oils by D. Gary Young, et al.

Volume 9, Number 6, November - December 2011

New Oils from Young Living & Their Uses by Joy Linsley
Does Water Cure Dehydration? by Mike Adams

Volume 9, Number 5, September - October 2011

Why Doesn't Young Living Sell Birch Oil? by David Stewart, PhD
Do Essential Oils Contain Proteins, Enzymes, Vitamins, or Hormones? by David Stewart, PhD

Volume 9, Number 4, July - August 2011

Anyone can Claim Their Oils to be "Therapeutic Grade" by David Stewart, PhD
A Daniel Generation by Sharnael Wolverton

Volume 9, Number 3, May - June 2011

Scar-B-Gone Recipe by Nancy Sanderson
A Scriptural & Scientific Basis for Linen by Joanna Barrett, RN, FCCI
Confessions of a Drug Company Insider by David Allen

Volume 9, Number 2, March - April 2011

Growing Into Diamond by David Stewart, PhD
Finding a Coach to Help You to Diamond, by David Stewart, PhD

Volume 9, Number 1, January - February 2011

Can Oils & Drugs be Used Safely at the Same Time? by David Stewart, PhD
Lavender: An Oil for All Purposes by Greg Hitter, PhD
CARE Classes Save Lives & Build Successful YL Businesses by Karen Hopkins
Essential Oils as Snake Repellents by David Stewart, PhD

Volume 8, Number 6, November - December 2010

The Case for Thieves Against Windex™, by Gloria Miller
God's Breath, by David Stewart
Why Our Great-Greatgrandparents were "Happier", by David Stewart

Volume 8, Number 5, September - October 2010

How God Protected the Israelites from Disease, by David Stewart
The Final Analysis, by Mother Theresa
Tapping a Treasure of Testimonials, by David Stewart
When You Don't Know the Right Oil, What Then? by David Stewart

Volume 8, Number 4, July - August, 2010

Biblical Remedies for House Mold & Ailments of the Skin, by David Stewart, PhD
The Story of Aroma Life, by Diane Mora
God's Forgotten Gift Now Available, by David Stewart, PhD

Volume 8, Number 3, May - June, 2010

Healing: God's Forgotten Gift, by David Stewart
Gary Young's First Experiences with Oils, by Richard and Shauna Dastrup
Coke® or Water? Which Will it Be?, from Nancy Sanderson

Volume 8, Number 2, March - April 2010

All You Need is Love, by D. Gary Young
Eye Testimonials for Ningxia Red
Thieves: All Purpose Miracle Oil, by Gloria Miller

Volume 8, Number 1, January - February 2010

Are Essential Oils a Cure for Monster Bacteria like MRSA? by David Stewart
Ocotea Oil: Miracle Oil of the Amazon

Volume 7, Number 6, November - December 2009

Intuitive Decision Making With Applications in Aromatherapy by Dr. David Stewart

Volume 7, Number 5, September - October 2009

When Modern Medicine is a Good Thing, by Dr. David Stewart
Six Ways to keep your Practice of Aromatherapy Lawful, by Dr. David Stewart

Volume 7, Number 4, July - August 2009

Identifying the Right Body System with Essential Oils, by David Stewart, PhD
How to Avoid Licensing Board Problems as a RD Practitioner, by John F. Gilbert, PhD

Volume 7, Number 3, May - June 2009

The Ant Philosophy, by Jim Rohn
A Rash Statement, by Julie Chertow
Death by Miscellaneous, by Steve Goodier

Volume 7, Number 2, March - April 2009

Release the Emotion and the Disease Disappears, by David Stewart
Oils Work for Cancer Despite Resistance to Using Them, by Keith Bartholomew
Quest for the World's Best Frankincense, by Joy Linsley

Volume 7, Number 1, January - February 2009

Quantum Physics, Essential Oils & the Mind-Body Connection, by David Stewart
Gary Young's Depression Protocol, by Vicki Opfer
What Are We Allowed to Say? by Jeff Kaplan, RN, LMT

Volume 6, Number 6, November - December 2008

The Neuro-Auricular Technique (NAT) by David Stewart
The Sticky Business of Myrrh Caps and Thieves Drops, by David Stewart
The Salt Paradox by Dewey F. Millay, ND

Volume 6, Number 5, September - October 2008

Applying the Feelings Kit in Your Daily Life, by David Stewart
How David and Lee Stewart Came to Young Living, by David and Lee

Volume 6, Number 4, July - August 2008

12 Questions for Those who Invite You to Join Another Company, by David Stewart
How Do You Know Your Helichrysum is Good?, by David Stewart
Young Living European Convention & British CARE Intensive, Sept 2008
How to Legally do Raindrop and Obtain Liability Insurance with No Other License.

Volume 6, Number 3, May - June, 2008

15 years Younger in 24 Days: My Experience at the Ecuador Clinic, by David Stewart
Rappelling Waterfalls with Gary Young, by David Stewart

Volume 6, Number 2, March - April 2008

How Could I Not be a Believer?, by Connie Bennett
Purchasing Rabbi Marty's Holy Anointing Oil, by David Stewart

Volume 6, Number 1, January - February 2008

Death by BENGAY(R): Synthetic vs. Natural by David Stewart
CARE Intensive with Dr. Stewart on the Young Living Farm
CARE Advanced Training in Emotional Release with Dr. Stewart

Volume 5, Number 6, November - December, 2007

Death by BENGAY(R): Synthetic vs. Natural by David Stewart
CARE Intensive with Dr. Stewart on the Young Living Farm
CARE Advanced Training in Emotional Release with Dr. Stewart
Obtaining the Oils for Gary's Magic Formula
Confusion About Tansy by David Stewart

Volume 5, Number 6, November - December, 2007

Answering the "White Paper" on Raindrop by David Stewart
Sexy Fragrances by David Stewart
Gary Young's Magic Relief Formula by Nancy Sanderson (Gary's Sister)
Make Your Own Helichrysm by David Stewart

Volume 5, Number 5, September - October, 2007

The Transience of Drugs and Permanence of Oils, David Stewart
Infertility Resolved by Thieves, David Stewart
Bible Restrictions on Holy Oil: Do They Still Apply?, David Stewart
Becoming a Legal Certified Raindrop Practitioner, David Stewart

Volume 5, Number 4, July-August 2007

Oils and Allopathy: Permanant Medicine vs. Temporary Measures, by David Stewart, PhD.
Promo Aids by Dr. Stewart for Your YLEO Business
If Your Knees Hurt, Try This, by David Stewart

Volume 5, Number 3, May-June 2007

The Spiritual Nature of Prescription Drugs by Jim Lynn
How to Get Free Young Living Oils and Products
Special Classes with Dr. Stewart in DC Just Before YLEO Convention

Volume 5, Number 2, March - April 2007

12 Oils of Ancient Scripture: YLEO's Best Bargain
Do a Bible Oils Program With the Scriptural Oils Kit
Spiritual & Emotional Uses of 12 Scriptural Oils by Judy DeRuvo

Volume 5, Number 1, January - February 2007

Wealth and Spirituality: Are They Compatible Or Contradictory? by David Stewart
When is the Best Time to Take Oils Internally? by David Stewart
Medical Journal says Lavender and Tea Tree Pose Risks: Right? Or Wrong? by David Stewart
Special Class with Dr. Stewart in DC Just before the YLEO Convention.

Volume 4, Number 6, November - December 2006

Doing Raindrop Without a License: Is it Legal? by David Stewart
A Cup of Ningxia or a Bushel of Beets? by David Stewart

Volume 4, Number 5, September - October 2006

A Scriptural Basis for Raindrop Technique, by David Stewart
It's All in Your Mind (Or Is It?), by David Stewart

Volume 4, Number 4, July - August 2006

Charging for Raindrop, by David Stewart
Tinnitus: Problem, or Non-Problem, by David Stewart

Volume 4, Number 3, May - June 2006

Institute for Energy Wellness Studies (IEWS)
Be an Integrated Aromatic Science Practitioner (IASP)

Volume 4, Number 2, March-April 2006

Our Oils are Just as Good as YLEO, only Cheaper, David Stewart
How to be an RA, CA, and YLEO Distributor at the Same Time, David Stewart

Volume 4, Number 1, January - February 2006

Sensitivities to Essential Oils, by David Stewart
The Miracle of Onycha, by David Stewart

Volume 3, Number 7, December 2005

The Non-Sweet Truth About Non-Nutritive Sweeteners by David Stewart
Keeping Your Wolfberries Fresh by David Stewart
New CARE DVD on Emotional Release

Volume 3, Number 6, August - September 2005

Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Oils by David Stewart
Why We Don't Shower After a Raindrop? by David Stewart

Volume 3, Number 5, June - July 2005

Sunshine, Suntan, & Sun-Sensitizing Oils
Tissue Rejuvenation & the Miracle of LavaDerm®
Grapefruit the Great Fruit, by David Stewart

Volume 3, Number 4, May 2005

Healed of Arthritis in the Knee, by David Stewart
David Stewart's Australian Tour September 2005

Volume 3, Number 3, April 2005

The True Meaning of AFNOR, by David Stewart

Volume 3, Number 2, March 2005

The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple

Volume 3, Number 1, January/February 2005

Shelf Life for Essential Oils by David Stewart, Ph.D.

Volume 2, Number 7, Christmas 2004

Christmas Scents by Kelli Nelson
Wise Men (and Women) Get Their Frankincense Free
Twenty Trillion Possibilities by David Stewart, Ph.D.

Volume 2, Number 6, September/October 2004

Why Clockwise Circles?, by David Stewart
Young Living vs Other Brands of Oils
CARE Classes Approved for Continuing Education Credit

Supplement to September/October Issue:

Clarification on What is Clockwise, by David Stewart

Volume 2, Number 5, July/August 2004

When is Organic Organic? And Natural Natural?
Oils and Animals

Volume 2, Number 4, May/June 2004

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose, by David Stewart
You Can Make a Difference Even 100 Years from Now

Volume 2, Number 3, April 2004

Bees: The First Aromatherapists, by David Stewart
Cursed Fish Tank

Volume 2, Number 2, February/March 2004

The British vs. the French: Two Schools at Odds

Volume 2, Number 1, January 2004

The Merck Manual, by David Stewart

Volume 1, Number 11 - December 2003

Beating the Flu Without Drugs and Antibiotics
The Antibiotic Crisis
May the Immupower be With You

Volume 1, Number 10 - November 2003

Changing Bulbs vs. Changing Oil: The Truth about Tinnitus, by David Stewart
The Scent of Grapefruit, by David Stewart

Volume 1, Number 9 - October 2003

Benefits of Being a Registered Aromatherapist
Would you Shower in Soda Pop and Expect to be Clean?, by David Stewart

Volume 1, Number 8 - September 2003

Why Oils Heal and Drugs Don't, by David Stewart
The First CARE Instructors in Canada
An Ideal Christmas Gift

Volume 1, Number 7 - August 2003

A Statistical Validation of Raindrop, by David Stewart
Back Pain and Cancer: Why I Wrote Healing Oils of the Bible, by David Stewart

Volume 1, Number 6 - July 2003

Essential Oils Then and Now, by David Stewart

Volume 1, Number 5 - May/June 2003

Oils for Things that Bug You, by David Stewart
Snake Oil and other After-Bite Remedies
Publish a Testimony on the Internet

Volume 1, Number 4 - April 2003

How to Become a Registered Aromatherapist
The Best Workshop I Have Attended to Date

Volume 1, Number 3 - March 2003

Breech Babies and Sweet Myrrh, by David Stewart
Make $300 More This Month in Young Living

Volume 1, Number 2 - February 2003

Healed of Pneumonia with Bible Oils, by David Stewart
Bible Oils Book to be in Bookstores

Volume 1, Number 1 - January 2003

The Blood-Brain Barrier, by David Stewart
Healing Oils of the Bible New Book and Video Release


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