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Volume 1, Number 10
November 2003

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1. Changing Bulbs vs. Changing Oil: The Truth about Tinnitus
2. The Scent of Grapefruit
3. Tentative CARE Seminar Schedule 2004


1. Changing Bulbs vs. Changing Oil
The Truth about Tinnitus
By David Stewart, Ph.D.

Dear Tinnitus Sufferer:

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is a problem for some and no
problem at all for others. Tinnitus is when you have become
aware of the workings of your body’s electrical field as a
audio sensation. We have a gross material body that is visible
to the eye and which we can hear working with our gross
physical ears. Your gross chemical body makes sounds of
breathing, heart beat, digestion, etc. Everyone is familiar
with these sounds. But you have another body, and it, too,
makes sounds.

Superimposed on our body of chemical matter is an
electromagnetic field that some people can actually see as
a light or halo in which the grosser body is immersed. Besides
emitting subtle light, this field also makes subtle sounds in
its functioning. The nature of these sounds is analogous to
the buzzing one hears when standing near a high voltage
power line. They are also like the experiences of some
when witnessing the aurora borealis which emits not only
light, but also high pitched singing sounds of an
electromagnetic nature.

Most people are not sensitive to the sounds we call tinnitus,
or they only hear them occasionally. Some hear them all
the time and don’t mind. I have always heard these sounds
since earliest childhood and have always liked them. They
don’t interfere with my physical hearing at all. Any time I
turn my attention within, they are there.

There are a variety of sounds one can hear: buzzing
like a bee, the sound of a field of grasshoppers or crickets,
a continuous flute-like pitch, the sound of a high register
vibrating harp string, the sound of rushing water, the roar
of the ocean, the rumble of drums, a humming tone like
that heard after striking of a large bell, and sometimes
even the blare of a trumpet on a high b-flat. Not only do
any of my friends. We find them pleasant and not a
problem at all.

If hearing these sounds doesn’t bother you and, in fact,
brings you a sense of security and peace, then things
are in harmony and health with your electric body which
will also be reflected in your gross chemical body. On
the other hand, some people hear such sounds and can’t
stand it. It bothers them a lot.

If these sounds are disonant and irritating to you, then
that is a message that something is out of whack in your
electrical fields that can eventually manifest as a physical
or emotional disease or medical condition at some time, if
not already. Hearing these sounds as unpleasant or
disturbing is like an oil light coming on in your car.

Medical doctors who think they understand tinnitus (and
they don’t unless they have had training in body electricity)
will try to prescribe measures that will stop you from
hearing the sound. That is like responding to an irritating
bright red oil warning light on the dashboard of your car
by removing the bulb instead of addressing the problem,
which is to add more oil. If you keep driving and ignore the
warning light in your car, eventually your car will break
down and cease to function.

If tinnitus is a problem for you, perhaps you need to visit
someone who does energy work who can explore your
electromagnetic fields and find the problem and guide you
as to how to fix it before it manifests as a more serious
problem. Essential oils can also be helpful since they
administer to us not only on the level of our body chemistry,
but also on the level of our body electricity and magnetism.
This is why in raindrop technique we drop the oils 6-8 inches
above your back, in order that the oils can start their
healing work within your electric fields before they even
touch the skin.

But oils and energy work alone might not solve your problem.
There may also be emotional and spiritual work for you to
do. The annoying sounds of tinnitus may be a gentle reminder
to you of things you need to change in your attitudes and
houghts. Pray for your answers and they will come, along
with the solution to your tinnitus problem.

When the appropriate corrections have been made in your
attitudes and energy fields, you may not have tinnitus any
more. On the other hand, you may still hear the sounds,
but won’t mind any more, finding them reassuring and
pleasant. Instead of omens of trouble, they will have become
reminders that everything is okay and going well.

Hope this helps.

David Stewart

2. The Scent of Grapefruit
By David Stewart, Ph.D., R.A.

The major portion of any essential oil (99.99%) is composed
of only three elements—Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen—
but Sulfur and Nitrogen also sometimes contribute key roles.

For example, the distinctive fragrance of grapefruit oil (Citrus
paradisi) is due to a sulfur compound (1-p-menthen-8-thiol)
in a tiny trace amount—less than one part per billion. That is
an infinitesmal 0.0000001%. Yet its presence dominates the
scent of grapefruit. While grapefruit oil is 95% d-limonene,
that is not what we smell. d-Limonene, in any concentration,
is experienced as a faint orange-like aroma. Amazing as it
seems, that one molecule in a billion of the sulfur compound
is so strong that it overcomes the d-limonene and is easily
picked up and distinguished by our sensitive noses. (Strong
odors are a characteristic of most sulfur compounds, which
are also found in garlic and the oil of garlic.)

Check it out. If you have a bottle of grapefruit oil handy, take
a wiff and experience a molecule or two of that sulfur
compound. You can impress your friends by saying, “Hmmm . . .
I believe there is a trace of 1-p-menthen-8-thiol in this oil.”

While all of the citrus rind oils (orange, lemon, tangerine,
mandarin, and lime) are mainly composed of d-limonene,
they each have different fragrances and different therapeutic
properties determined by their minor and trace constituents.
Grapefruit, for example, can dissolve fat tissue and can be used
to assist in weight loss and reduce cellulite. However, this
property is not due to its main ingredient, but due to its minor
and trace compounds in conjunction with the d-limonene.

This is another illustration of why an essential oil needs to be
harvested and produced as close to nature as possible
without tampering with even the least of the ingredients.

The above article on grapefruit oil is an extract from a new
book currently being written by David Stewart. Its title will be:
(Subtitle – God’s Love Made Manifest in Molecules).
The book will be out some time during the late summer of
2004. The book is an outgrowth of Dr. Stewart’s five-hour
Essential Oils Chemistry class taught at the 3-day CARE
Intensives. Visit http://www.RaindropTraining.com for
CARE’s schedule of seminars. The 2004 schedule won’t be
posted until late December. CARE plans 12 such intensives
Next year: 8 in the States and 4 in Canada.

Dr. Stewart is also the author of Healing Oils of the Bible
available from Essential Science Publishing, (800) 336-6308.
3. Tentative CARE Intensive Seminar Schedule 2004

CARE will publish its 2004 schedule of 3-day Intensives in December
or January on its web site, http://www.RaindropTraining.com. As
for the time being, here is what we are tentatively planning to do
for the year.

Class #21 • FEB 20–22 Fri–Sun PHOENIX, ARIZONA
With Dr. David Stewart and Connie Adams, CCI

Class #22 • FEB 27–29 Fri–Sun SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA
With Dr. David Stewart and Beverly Allen, CCI

Class #23 • MAR 26–28 Fri–Sun ATLANTA, GEORGIA
With Dr. David Stewart and Kathy Spohn, CCI

With Dr. David Stewart and Lois Loyek, CCI

Class #25 • MAY 20–22 Thu–Sat PORTLAND, OREGON
With Dr. David Stewart and Lee Stewart, CCI

Class #26 • JUNE 3–6 Thu–Sun NEWBURG, MISSOURI §
With Dr. David Stewart, Lee Stewart, CCI, and Larkin Busby, CCI
§ This is a Special Four-Day Seminar and Retreat near the tiny
town of Newburg in a beautiful secluded sylvan setting half-way
between St. Louis and Springfield, MO. Nestled near the Little Piney
River, a clear spring-fed Ozark Stream, this is the site of a
100-year-old Stage Coach Inn and Retreat called “The Grotto.”
The same 23 hours of CARE courses will be covered as in the
three-day seminars, but at a more leisurely pace with the music
of song birds and tree frogs singing in the background. There will
be breaks to enjoy the peace and beauty of nature, and perhaps
a camp fire or two. Delicious natural organic meals, foods, snacks,
juices and herbal teas will be served throughout the four days
since the nearest restaurants are miles away. Primitive and
rustic. You can camp, park your RV, or stay in the Inn.
Enrollment limited.

Class #27 • JUNE 24–26 Thu–Sat HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA
With Dr. David Stewart and Lois Loyek, CCI

With Dr. David Stewart and Kathy Spohn, CCI

Class #29 • AUG 18–20 Wed–Fri CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (Alsip)
With Dr. David Stewart and Lee Stewart, CCI

With Dr. David Stewart and Carol Howden, CCI

Class #31 • OCT 15-17 Fri–Sun HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT
With Dr. David Stewart and Kathy Spohn, CCI

Class #32 NOV 19-21 Fri–Sun CALGARY, ALBERTA (Cochrane)
With Dr. David Stewart and Carol Howden, CCI

Check http://www.RaindropTraining.com periodically to keep
abreast of the latest classes added to the CARE Calendar.


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