Raindrop Messenger Archive

Volume 1, Number 2
February 2003


1. Healed of Pneumonia with Bible Oils
2. Bible Oils Book to be in Bookstores

By David Stewart, Ph.D.,R.A.

Shortly after I published the book, Healing Oils of the Bible,
my pastor came down with pneumonia. It was on a late Sunday
or Monday morning. He was coughing up blood and had gone
to the emergency room of a local hospital. He was given
antibiotics, some cough medicine, and codeine as a narcotic
to help him sleep. He returned home, took the medicines as
prescribed, and only got worse.

His wife reported his declining condition to us at the start of
choir practice on Wednesday night. According to her he was
still coughing up blood, couldn't rest, couldn't eat, couldn't
drink anything, and "hurt all over." She was becoming alarmed
at his deteriorating condition and didn't know what to do. "He
is just zonked out," she said, "and can't hardly talk rationally
or do anything for himself, and the codeine is tearing up his
stomach, he has such a reaction. The doctors say they don't
know how to stop the hemorrhaging in his lungs," she added
shaking her head.

Normally, my wife and I keep a low profile in our local church
(United Methodist) so neither of us spoke up right away. 99%
of the members of our church are totally wedded to allopathic
medicine. Everyone in our church knows we do oils, but hardly
anyone has been receptive to what we have to offer.

Suddenly, one of the choir members turned to the minister's
wife saying, "You know, David and Lee Stewart have some oils
that really helped my mother and maybe they can help the
preacher." She then related that her mother had had walking
pneumonia the previous winter and for nearly three months
ad gone to doctors repeatedly, spending a great deal of money.
She had taken many medicines and antibiotics and just kept
getting worse. She said that she had mentioned using oils,
but her mother wasn't interested.

"Finally, I had had enough of my mother's complaining all the
time," she said. "So I just sat her down one day and said, 'You
know, mom, you've been taking the doctor's medicines for
months now and you aren't getting any better so now I want
you to quit taking all those prescriptions and we are going
to try oils. They can't hurt.' So I rubbed a blend of eucalyptus
and melaleuca oils (R.C.) on her chest and on her feet and
put on a hot damp towel on her chest. I showed my dad, too,
so he could do it several times a day and let her breathe the
vapors. After two or three days she was cured of the
pneumonia. So I know they work!" she stated emphatically.

I was watching the preacher's wife closely during this to see
if there would be a response. There was none. So I figured she
was not interested. At the end of choir practice, I quietly
said to her, "I gave your husband a copy of my new book
on healing oils about three weeks ago. I don't know if he
as read it or if you have seen it." She replied that she had
seen it, but had not read any of it. "You know, these oils
really do work," I added. Then I shut up.

Choir was over at 8:00 PM. About 10:00 PM I got a phone call.
It was the preacher's wife. "My husband wants you to bring
over the oils," she said. "He's kind of drugged up right now, but
how about tomorrow morning?" I said I would be there. I hung up
and started praying silently for the preacher and asking for
guidance as to what oils I should bring and how to use them.

Early the next morning, praying all the way, I went to the
parsonage with a diffuser and four oils: Hyssop, Frankincense,
Exodus II (a blend of all the oils mentioned in Exodus), and R.C.

Now I have to say, that I felt led by God on the first three oils,
but since my faith was not perfect, I brought the R.C. along
just for my own assurance knowing
that this blend had worked on pneumonia in other cases. But
I also must add that as I was driving over I had no idea of what
I was going to do with these oils except I had complete faith
that God would guide me when I got there and would let me
know whatever I needed to know at the time.

When I arrived, I found the preacher lying pale and listless in
bed with his eyes only half open, almost in a stupor. "He's
still coughing blood," said his wife.

Immediately I started the diffuser with a mixture of R.C. and
Hyssop. I then helped her turn his body around on the bed so
his head was as close to the diffuser as we could get it. I
asked him to breathe deeply.

Dropping about eight to ten drops of Frankincense on his head,
I rubbed it all over, explaining that I was anointing him with
Frankincense like Moses anointed Aaron. He liked that and
started pinking up right away.

I then put R.C. and Hyssop on the lung reflex areas of his feet,
doing a special massage technique (vitaflex) across each foot
several times. He liked that, too.

With his wife's help, I turned him over and raindropped Hyssop
and R.C. on his upper back over the lungs and did some of the
light stroking we do in raindrop. Then I turned him back on his
back and raindropped R.C. and Hyssop on his chest, rubbing his
chest all over. "I am anointing you in a manner that similar to
that done in ancient Biblical times," I explained to him and his
wife. "Also," I added, "by dropping these oils a few inches above
the skin, they are falling through your electromagnetic field and
will start administering therapy to you before they even hit your
body." The pastor and his wife both nodded in approval.

I then gave him the bottle of Exodus II and told him to tip it and
put a drop or two in his mouth and swallow it. He did. I explained
that these oils are mentioned in the Book of Exodus and that
Moses and Aaron used some of them to stop a plague recorded
in the Book of Numbers. "These oils will also help stop your
pneumonia," I said.

He immediately responded exclaiming, "This is the best I have
felt in days." About ten minutes later he began coughing up phlegm
and clearing his lungs. ("The hyssop is working," I thought to
myself.) "Look," he said excitedly, "there is no blood!" The
hemorrhaging in his lungs had stopped.

I then left him with his wife peacefully resting with his head on
a pillow next to the diffuser with instructions to breathe the
vapors all day and take another drop or two of the Exodus blend
from time to time. His wife had to go to work, but told me that
the house would be open if I wanted to come back later on to

Returning that afternoon, I found him sitting up on his bed reading
my book, Healing Oils of the Bible. "Pretty interesting book," he
said. He was smiling and drinking some juice. "This is the first
time I have been able to drink anything in a couple of days. I feel
almost well."

I gave him another anointing of R.C. and Hyssop on his chest,
rubbing it in well. He took another drop of Exodus orally. I anointed
his head with Frankincense again, rubbing it thoroughly all over. He
really liked that. I put some more Hyssop in his diffuser and then
left him for the day.

The next morning about 10 A.M. I dropped in. He met me at the door
with his shoes on, fully dressed. He had been working on his sermon
and the church bulletin for the coming Sunday. "I didn't know a
couple of days ago if I was going to be able to make it to church
this week at all," he said with a big smile, "but thanks to your oils,
I am just fine. I have a slight headache, but my breathing is clear.
I don't think I have pneumonia any more. And you know," he added,
"Since you came with the oils yesterday, I haven't taken any of the
doctor's prescriptions."
The next Sunday in church, he gave a testimony for his healing
experience with the oils before the whole congregation and has
been telling everyone about it ever since. He even conveyed his
experience to the bishop and a number of his fellow ministers. A
week later he came to my house to buy some books to give to
friends saying, "If you ever want me to give a testimony on those
oils, just tell me. I know that's what took care of my pneumonia."

Concluding Note: It is important to emphasize here that the
initiative for receiving the oils and laying on of hands was from
the minister and his wife, not me. If they would not have called
and asked for the oils, I would not have gone nor pursued it any
further. Their act of receptivity was essential for this healing
to have taken place. Without it, the healing would not have
occurred. In Mark 6:10-11 Jesus advises his disciples to provide
their healing ministry only to those who are receptive and to those
who are not receptive, "leave and shake the dust off of your feet
as a testimony against them." In other words, when you offer God's
anointing to people who are unwilling to receive it, move on and
find people who will. Don't waste your time. For more on this,
see pages 80-83 in the book Healing Oils of the Bible.

2. Healing Oils of the Bible TO BE IN BOOKSTORES

Thusfar, the book, Healing Oils of the Bible, has only been available
directly from CARE and a few mail order houses, such as Essential
Science Publishing and Abundant Health. FaithWorks, the major
Christian book distributor in North America has just signed a
contract with CARE to place the book in more than 5000
bookstores starting in April and May. After that date, you can
tell friends that they can buy the book in their local bookstores.

In conjunction with the marketing of the book CARE will be
initiating a media campaign which will include appearances on
progrms such as Oprah Winfrey and others. When dates for
such appearances are known, we will notify you via this news

A new video entitled Healing Oils of the Bible is now available.
Two hours long, it is a filming of Dr. David Stewart giving his
Bible Oils Program before a live audience in Anaheim, California.
This is a program you can do, too. Complete instructions are
given in the book, Healing Oils of the Bible. Both are available
from CARE and can be ordered from CARE's Resource Catalog.


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