Raindrop Messenger Archive

Volme 1, Number 3
March 2003

In This Issue:

1. Breech Babies and Sweet Myrrh
2. Make $300 More This Month in Young Living

by Anthony Stewart
Young Living Distributor, Marble Hill, MO

"Did you happen to bring the myrrh?” I asked Sarah as we headed
to Tennessee with our two children, Caleb and Joseph.
“Got it right here!” answered Sarah. We also had with us our
unborn baby who was about 36 weeks along, and who happened
to be turned breech. (This means that the buttocks or a foot
would be born first rather than the head.)

We had been planning all along to have the baby at home,
as we had with our two previous children. However, the
baby being breech gave us some concern, since certain
complications can arise during childbirth with a breech
that probably would not happen with a vertex baby.

We had been trying for about a week to turn the baby by using
the slant board technique. This is where the mother tilts an
ironing board at about a 45š angle and lies down with her
head toward the floor. Often times the baby will automatically
flip around after the mother has lain like this for ten or fifteen
minutes. We did this three times a day and also tried playing
baroque music with headphones at the area of the abdomen
where we wanted the baby’s head to be. We prayed. We even
talked to the baby trying to convince it to turn on its own. All
the while we were applying myrrh to Sarah’s abdomen—two
or three drops at a time.

After about a week the baby still had not turned. We had been
in contact with Ina May Gaskin, a midwife who lives on The
Farm, a community near Summertown, Tennessee. Ina May
is author of the classic book entitled Spiritual Midwifery. She
is, perhaps, the most experienced person in the country in
successfully dealing with breech babies. Thus, on an early
Monday morning, September 17, 2001, we were headed to The
Farm, about six and a half hours from where we live, to have
Ina May do an external version—which is manually turning
the baby head down.

When we arrived, Ina May felt around on Sarah’s tummy and
confirmed that the baby was definitely still breech. Ina May
wanted Sarah to be able to relax completely while she was
doing the version and not be worried about kids running
around. So we brought Caleb and Joseph to one of the
guesthouses where they laid down for a nap. Sarah then
went to Ina May’s house.

Before doing the version, Ina May wanted to do an internal
exam just to be 100% sure and to assess exactly how the
baby was lying in the breech position. “I’ll be back in a
little while,” she told Sarah. “I need to leave for a few
minutes to get a sterile glove from the clinic.”

Meanwhile, Sarah made herself comfortable at Ina May’s
home. She took the myrrh she had brought and proceeded
to douse herself with the oil. She used much more than
usual, and rubbed it all over her tummy. She then lay
down and went to sleep—a very deep sleep. When Ina
May returned, she decided not to disturb Sarah and let
her sleep until she woke up on her own—about an hour
to an hour-and-a-half later.

When Sarah awoke Ina May proceeded with the internal
exam. Feeling slowly and carefully, she looked up suddenly
and said, “I think this feels like a head down here!”

The baby had apparently turned on its own sometime
during Sarah’s deep sleep—only moments before Ina May
would have done the external version! Ina May then felt
around on Sarah’s abdomen and could easily identify the
baby’s little butt near Sarah’s ribs and the head down
low—just like it was supposed to be.

It was both a miracle and a relief that the baby turned on
its own. We had been trying for some time to get the baby
to do this, but without success. Then, only moments before
the midwife was going to step in, and shorty after Sarah had
applied a generous amount of myrrh, the baby decided to

Did the myrrh assist in the baby’s turning? We do know that
myrrh was a popular oil used by pregnant and laboring
women for many centuries during Biblical times. It was
even one of the two oils brought to Mary and the Christ
Child by the wise men. For this reason alone, I believe it to
be a very important oil for women to have during pregnancy
and birth.

The key is that we prayed and followed what we were led to
do—and we felt guided to apply myrrh which seemed to be
just the thing for this very sweet and very stubborn breech

One month after this turn of events, on the morning of
October 18, 2001, a tornado swept through our county.
As the winds howled and the rains poured down, our
Perfect, healthy nine-pound baby boy, Thomas, was born
safely in our home. He was fully alert (Apgar 10), born into
the loving presence of his parents, his brothers, and his
grandparents. Today, March 2003, Thomas is a robust toddler
who walks, is just starting to talk, and whose stubborness
and willfulness, manifested while still in the womb, still shows
itself daily.

To this day, more than a year later, the scent of Myrrh always
brings up the memory in my mind of Sarah’s pregnancy and
birth of our son, Thomas. It probably will for as long as I live.

€ Anthony Stewart is a son of David and Lee Stewart, Young
Living Master Star Distributors. Anthony and Sarah are
Childbirth Educators in the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth.
They live on the same farm as David and Lee in a 100-year-old
farm house where Lee was born. All three of Anthony and
Sarah’s sons, Caleb, Joseph, and Thomas, were born there too.
Anthony is also a part-time United Methodist Pastor for two
country churches in Southeast Missouri.



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