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Official Newsletter of C.A.R.E.
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Volume 1, Number 6
July 2003

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1. Essential Oils Then and Now
2. Miracle of Healing Video
3. Only Five More 3-Day CARE Intensive This Year

1. Essential Oils Then and Now
by David Stewart, Ph.D., R.A.

The Bible has more than 500 references to at least 33
species of essential oils and/or the herbs from which they
are distilled. All of these scriptures are cited and discussed
in the book, Healing Oils of the Bible. All of the oils used by
the people of Bible times are still used today, although not
always for the same purposes. We shall discuss only three
here: Mint, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

MINT is mentioned in the Bible twice. In Matthew 23;23 and
Luke 11:42 it is an item for tithing. Since the Jewish temples
were places of daily animal sacrifice, one could imagine an
unpleasant odor might result. But they had a solution. When
you want to smell the fragrance of a plant, you naturally pinch
off a leaf and crush it between your fingers which releases the
aromatic oils. From antiquity through the time of Christ, the
Jews applied this principle by scattering fresh mint leaves and
stalks about the floors of the synagogue so that when people
walked on them they were crushed, thus releasing the oil to the
atmosphere and freshening the air. The temples consumed so
much mint, and other aromatic herbs, that they were a matter
for tithing to keep the necessary supply replenished. Other
herbs containing aromatic oils used by Biblical people for the
same purposes included marjoram, hyssop, and basil.

Today we would use aerosol sprays or electric powered oil
diffusers to accomplish the same purpose. In more recent
times, mint oils have been found useful for many purposes.
In addition to flavorings for gum, candy, and breath fresheners,
mint oils have been found to have many healing properties. That
peppermint oil is an aid to digestion has been known for centuries.
This fact gave rise to the custom of taking “after dinner mints,”
commonly served in restaurants.

In addition to support for digestion, Peppermint has also been
found to be anticarcinogenic, expels worms, and pain-relieving. It
has been effective in the treatment of asthma, candida, diarrhea,
headaches, throat infections, and varicose veins.

FRANKINCENSE is mentioned in the Bible 22 times, the most
familiar of which is regarding the gifts to the baby Jesus from the
wise men. Mary and Joseph would have known, without any
explanation from the wise men, that it was customary to anoint
newborn sons of kings and priests with the oil of frankincense,
which they no doubt did for their newborn child. Frankincense was
considered a cure-all by the people of Biblical times and for those
who could afford it, it was applied to cuts, bruises, and wounds of
all kinds, as well as a inhaled and taken internally. Frankincense
comes from a tree requiring a very unique desert climate. It grows
only in North Africa and the Southern Arabian peninsula. The oil
received by Jesus as a baby came from the same areas where we
still get ours today.

Not only was frankincense used as a holy anointing oil, it was
also one of the ingredients in the holy incense of the Hebrews
(Exodus 30:34-37) burned perpetually in their tabernacles for more
than a thousand years, through the time of Christ. Today one can
still experience the fragrance of Frankincense in Catholic Churches
where it has been customarily diffused for more than 2000 years.

While it has been used to treat every conceivable ill known to
man for thousands of years, modern experience has shown that
the fragrance of frankincense is an antidepressant and helps in
overcoming stress and despair, as well as supporting the immune
system. It has also been found helpful with allergies, insect and
snake bites, bronchitis, cancer, pneumonia, diphtheria, headaches,
hemorrhaging, high blood pressure, typhoid, and warts.

Frankincense has always been a popular fragrance for perfumes
and lotions, from ancient times to the present. In fact, it is found
in several modern products, including Youth Dew® (Estee Lauder)
and the all-time best-selling after-shave lotion, Old Spice® (Shulton).

MYRRH is mentioned in the Bible 18 times. When Esther was
being prepared to be the bride of the King, she receive a daily
nointing of oil of myrrh for six months. (Esther 2:12). Of course,
that’s not what most Christians think of when they think of myrrh.
They think of the gifts of the wise men. (Matthew 2:11) Myrrh was
an oil customarily applied to the umbilical cord of newborn babies.
It’s antimicrobal action offered a protection from infection. The
wise men would not have had to explain this to Mary and Joseph.
It was common knowledge at that time. They would not have had
to explain to Mary that the gift was also for her. Childbearing
women of that time knew that if they applied myrrh to their
tummies following labor that it would eventually remove stretch
marks. In fact, in ancient times, for those who could afford it,
oil of myrrh was inhaled and applied daily to the skin throughout
pregnancy and was diffused during labor as its aromas induce a
sense of peace and well-being.

Myrrh, like frankincense, is a universal oil, offering benefits for
numerous complaints and conditions. Indicated for bronchitis,
dysentery, hyperthyroidism, oral and vaginal thrush, ulcers, and
viral hepatitis, it has also been found to benefit asthma, athlete’s
foot, coughs, eczema, gingivitis, gum infections, hemorrhoids,
mouth ulcers, ringworm, wounds, wrinkles, and chapped or cracked
skin. It is widely used today in oral hygiene products.

Myrrh is what is known as “a fixing oil.” It extends the
therapeutic action of any other oil with which it is combined. Biblical
people knew this and included myrrh as a significant portion of all of
their ointments. In fact, myrrh was such a universally common
ingredient of healing ointments at the time of Christ, that the Greek
word for “ointment” (muron) and the Greek word for “myrrh”
(muron) were the same. Thus, when Jesus was anointed with the
precious ointment (muron) of spikenard (Matthew 26:1; Mark 14:1-9;
Luke 7:36-50; John 11:1-2, 12:1-8) he was also being anointed with

Myrrh has a very gentle scent and its fixing property is highly
prized by perfumers. When combined with other oils, it makes
the scent of those oils last longer without masking them. Some
of the most delightful fragrances are also short-lived, evaporating
rapidly. When one wears perfume or cologne, they want it to last
for a whole evening or a day, and not be gone in minutes. Perfumers
find myrrh to be the perfect “fixing oil” to extend more volatile
fragrances. Modern feminine perfumes containing myrrh include:
Fidji® (Laroche), Givenchy III® (Givenchy), Alliage® (Estee Lauder),
Ravissa® (Maurer & Wirtz), and LeSport® (St. Laurent)—which also
contains Sandalwood (aloes), another Biblical oil.


2. Miracle of Healing Video

CARE has just released a new video by Rev. Jim Lynn. It is entitled
"The Miracle of Healing in Your Church." It is a two-hour
presentation by Rev. Jim Lynn (Church of Christ) that establishes
the scriptural basis for a healing ministry in local churches.

Jim's presentation parallels his book, The Miracle of Healing in Your
Church Today, which has been out for about 14 months now.

Both book and video are available from CARE and can be ordered
from CARE's web site at http://wwwRaindopTraining.com.

Prices (book and video each same price):
Book $29.95
Video $29.95
Shipping is $6 for orders $10-$49, and $11 for orders $50-$99.
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3. Only Five More 3-day CARE Intensives This Year

Two in Canada and Three in the USA
These will be the only remaining 3-Day CARE Intensives
This Year with Dr. David Stewart

This is your oppportunity to learn Raindrop Technique, Applied
Vitaflex, Essential Oil Chemistry, and Emotional Release With
Oils. It is also your initial step toward becoming Certified.

"We traveled a long way (from England to California) for Dr.
Stewart's program. The whole seminar was very interesting and
enlightening. David has an excellent knowledge of essential oils
and raindrop technique which he shares with his students very
well. It has been very rewarding and we are looking forward to
introducing the vitaflex and raindrop to the U.K. We have no
suggstions for improvment of this seminar. It was excellent,
very enjoyable and well worth every mile traveled!"
Susan D. Duerden, Massage Therapist and Owner of a SPA,
Clitheroe, Lancashire, England

“I attended C.A.R.E. seminar in Portland, Oregon. It was a
great experience. The entire program was excellent,
very informative. Dr. Stewart is a good teacher and speaks
from the heart. I am a chemist as well as a hairdresser
and I think he did a great job teaching and explaining
chemistry. I highly recommend the program to anyone
interested in having a good foundation for understanding
the oils.”
Jaleh Ghanei, Portland,Oregon

“I am still pumped up from my fabulous weekend with you folks in
New Jersey! This is the best workshop I have attended to date.
The tremendous amount of hands-on helped my technique. The
weekend really boosted my confidence. David Stewart is genuine
and passionate with a sincere drive to impart his knowledge and
experience with oils. I am still feeling so much joy! I thank you
both again (David and Lee) for being so giving of yourselves.
Your pure intentions truly set the tone for a fulfilling weekend.”
Maria Malic, Budd Lake, New Jersey

Three-Day CARE Intensive Seminars
Training in Raindrop, Vitaflex, Chemistry, Emotional Release,
& Bible Oils, 23 hours in three days with Dr. David & Lee Stewart

Each will be three days long offering 23 hours of credit towards
becoming a CCI, Certified CARE Instructor.

Registrations Limited
Enroll Early to Assure Yourself a Place

Participants Completing the Training Will:

~^ Understand the Fundamentals of Aromatherapy
~^ Learn to Apply Useful Skills in Vitaflex
~^ Acquire Basic Knowledge of Oil Chemistry
~^ Understand How essential Oils can Lead to Emotional Release
~^ And Be Able to Do Raindrop Technique
A Powerful Tool Leading Toward Structural Alignment
& Electrical Balance

(Phone numbers of hotels given below are to make sleeping
Room arrangements. Where CARE Rates are indicated, please
ask to be included in the CARE block of rooms at the indicated
special rate. To register for the CARE seminars you need to
contact CARE.)

~^~CARE Class #15
Wellness & Massage Training Institute (630) 739-9684
Nearby Hotel: Red Roof Inn (630) 323-8811~^~Rate: $62-72
Nearest Airports: Chicago O’Hare International or
Chicago Midway

~^~CARE Class #16
Super 8, 10 Westside Drive, Cochrane (near Calgary), AB,
403-851-8846. For reservations call 1-866-860-8846
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~^~CARE Class #17
Coast Terrace Inn, 4440 - Gateway Blvd., Edmonton, AB, Canada
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~^~CARE Class #18
Holiday Inn Airport North (972) 929-8181~^~CARE Rate: $79
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~^~CARE Class #19
Ramada Plaza-WS (336) 723-2911~^~CARE Rate $69 (free hot breakfast)
Nearest Airport: Greensboro International



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