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Official Newsletter of C.A.R.E.
The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education

Volume 2, Number 6 (Supplement)
September/October 2004


1. Clarification on What is Clockwise

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1. Clarification on What is Clockwise
By David Stewart

In my recent article on why we make clockwise circles when
applying essential oils, there was one point I did not make
because I was trying to keep it short and simple. A full answer
would have complicated the article and made it too long.
A longer more complete version of the article that addresses
this point will appear in my upcoming book, The Chemistry
of Essential Oils Made Simple.

The point is this. Since the article has been broadcast over
the internet a week ago, a number of people have asked the
question: What is clockwise? This is a very good question
since clockwiseness depends on your point of reference.
As you will see, answer to this question goes beyond
chemistry and the physical sciences, which is one reason
I chose not to include it with the recent article.

For example, if you make circles on the palm of your hand
that are clockwise from your viewpoint, the base of your
fingers would be 12 oclock and 3 oclock would be to your right.
If you held the palm of your hand away from you and someone
else made clockwise circles on your palm from their point of
reference, your view, from the back of your hand, would see
them going in a counterclockwise direction. Thus, the same
circles would be clockwise to them, counterclockwise to you.
It is like a ceiling fan that appears to turn clockwise when
viewed from the floor but counterclockwise when viewed
from the ceiling above.

As another example, you have seen a lot of spirally turning
hurricanes on the news lately as viewed in the Northern hemi-
sphere looking down from space above the earth. You may have
noticed that they always turn counterclockwise from this
perspective. But from the ground surface looking up at the
hurricane, the turning direction is the opposite or clockwise.

The whole idea of making clockwise circles with essential oils
is to match the clockwise twist of our proteins and DNA. The
problem is that a clockwise circle in two dimensions on a
surface (like your palm) and a clockwise twist in three
dimensions in a protein are not the same thing. In actual
proteins and DNA molecules, we are not talking about making
a simple circle in a plane. We are talking about a three-
dimensional twisted helix which is clockwise turned
regardless of from which end you view it—whether from top
or bottom, from above or from below. Unlike the ceiling fan
or tropical storm whose apparent direction of turning
depends on the side from which you view it, the twist of
proteins is the same regardless of your point of perspective.
The difference comes from an added dimension.

By making clockwise circles on the oils with our fingers,
it is our intent to prepare the molecules to rotate in the
same direction as our proteins and, thus, make them more
readily absorbable. But this is only partly accomplished by
the physical act of making circles. It is also in response to
our intent to energize the oils in a direction that
synchronizes with our cells. The process works whether
one understands it or not and regardless of your point of
reference in choosing which way is clockwise. In making
clockwise circles, we are not able to actually mimic or
duplicate the three-dimensional nature of the clockwise
twist of our cellular proteins, but our intent is to do so and
the oils have a consciousness that understands that and
responds accordingly. Oils follow our heart’s intent, even
when our left-brain understanding is faulty or incomplete
and our physical motions (making clockwise circles) is an
imperfect representative of how the cellular proteins are
actually configured.

For a practical answer of what is clockwise, simply visualize
yourself standing in front of or looking down on the hand
with which you make the circles and make that motion
clockwise from your viewpoint. Don’t worry about anyone
else’s viewpoint. The intelligence of the oils will know what
you want them to do. Making the circles is a means of your
communicating with the oils by a sign language they
understand. But this is beyond chemistry and beyond
science as we know it.

I hope this answer makes things clear to you as to what
clockwise is all about and how and why going through
the motions of clockwise circles can improve the
therapeutic efficacy of essential oils. Think about it.


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