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Volume 3, Number 2
March 2005

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The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple
(Gods Love Manifest in Molecules)
by David Stewart Ph.D., R.A., D.N.M.

More than 4 years in the making.
More than 70 Tables.
More than 150 Illustrations.
More than 6000 entries in the Index.
More than 100 detailed essential oil analyses.
More than 600 essential oil compounds cross-indexed.
Contains Glossary . . . Resources . . . Annotated Bibliography.
Hardcover . . . 896 pages . . . Price = $49.95 us


~^~Whether you have a background in chemistry or not,
you will understand and enjoy this book. It will enlighten
and entertain you while demonstrating, by the chemistry
of essential oils, that God's power and divine nature can
be seen through the things he has made. (Romans 1:20)

~^~Based on both science and scripture, this book reveals
the harmony between the two. Dr. Stewart describes the
relationship between the material world and the spiritual
world to explain how oils bring healing.

~^~This is the most comprehensive chemistry book on
essential oils ever compiled, and the easiest to use and
comprehend. Virtually every question you have ever had
about essential oils--their physical and spiritual properties,
and how they work--is answered in this book.

PART ONE - A Short Course in Chemistry
1. Review and Critique of Resource Literature
2. What Oils Do in Living Plants
3. Basic Chemistry Made Easy
4. The Chosen Ones
5. Organic Chemistry Made Easy
6. Lord of the Rings
7. Biochemistry Made Easy
8. Chemotypes and Environmental Factors
9. Isoprenes, Terpenes, and PMS
10. Common Compounds in Essential OIls
11. Oils versus Drugs
12. Practical Answers to Frequent Questions

PART TWO - Oil Catalogs and Indices
1. Common and Scientific Names
2. Chemical Analyses of 113 Essential Oils
3. Classes of Compounds in Essential Oils
4. Most Popular Compounds in Essential Oils

PART THREE - Beyond Chemistry
1. The Limits of Science
2. Biotransmutation of Elements
3. The Nature of Matter
4. Consciousness in Essential Oils


~^~This is a much needed book. There is no other publication
like it. David has done a marvelous job in presenting the
chemistry of essential oils in a clear, readable, and enjoyable
way for everyone. A good scientific work. Lots of good data.
I recommend this book to everyone who uses therapeutic oils
and wants to understand how and why they work.
Terry Friedmann, M.D., A.B.H.M.
Author of Freedom Through Health and other books

~^~I have just finished reading your chemistry book twice!!!
I love it! You are amazing! I am wowed, enriched, and
pleasantly surprised at the humor, love and simplicity of
Chemistry explained by your Divine teaching. Thank you for
sharing your precious gift with us!!!
Katrina Harrison, CCI
Essential Oils Teacher and Raindrop Facilitator
Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

~^~Your chemistry book is fabulous and will be a best-seller.
I love the humor, simplicity, depth of knowledge, and the way
you have brought science and religion together, as it should be.
This is a book I definitely want to carry here at my center. It
will help the lay person, as well as the scientist, to understand
the profound healing effects of essential oils within the human
body and how to use that information to both select oils and
to prayerfully decide a course of action to facilitate healing.
Thank you so much for taking the time to write this book!
Vicki Opfer
National Teacher and Trainer of Applied Aromatherapy
Denver, Colorado

~^~Phenomenal! This book hardly deserves to be deemed a dry
category of chemistry! Dr. Stewart makes, what is for many
people a boring subject, something alive and full of interest.
For the first time, I understand how chemistry and vibrational
frequency relate. He has done a great service for those of us in
healing work and in the art of aromatherapy. The book is truly a
treasure for those with or without a scientific background.
Linda L. Smith RN, MS
Author of Healing Oils, Healing Hands
President, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry, Inc.
Arvada, Colorado

~^~As a nurse for almost 30 years, Dr. Stewart's book has finally
given me scientific permission to follow the whispers of God
in my heart. I've always felt led in the care of the patients God
has brought to me, but I often yielded to what medicine man-
dates instead of honoring God's leadings. Dr. Stewart reminds
each of us to listen and be inspired by God's handiwork. This is a
historical work!. I congratulate you and thank you, Dr. Stewart.
Fran Norton, RN
Wentzville, Missouri

~^~With a kiss of the Divine with nature, Dr. Stewart has created
another masterpiece! He has brilliantly woven his artistry to
bring the Spiritually etheric oils into the Scientific realm for our
understanding of nature's physicality and purpose. In this
informative, practical and down-to-earth book, Dr. Stewart takes
the reader on a chemical journey from the infinitesimally small
structure of a molecule to the Infinite Cosmos revealing God's
signature in all of creation. God's love has also manifested through
Dr. Stewart's dedication in his written words. This is a magnificent
must read book for anyone using essential oils.
Sabina M. DeVita Ed.D., D.N.M.
Author of Saving Face and other books
Director and Holistic Therapist
Wellness Institute of Living and Learning, Toronto, Canada

~^~This book was so enlightening to me. I thought your classes
were great, but your book has really given me a deeper and fuller
understanding in a way that is both useful in my practice and also
for all people searching for anwers to how these oils work and
why they work so well. Your book is easy reading and the content
perfect for myself as I have no background in chemistry. I will keep
it with the rest of my most important reference books.
Barbara Newton, CCI
Aromatologist and Raindrop Instructor
Jerome, Michigan

~^~We are delighted to recommend this book. It is the first to
address positively the dilemma over supposedly toxic oils as well
as the undoutedly beneficial use of certain oils neat for certain
conditions. It is refreshing to find someone else who feels our
wonderful essential oils are unnecessarily maligned when all that
is needed is more knowledge on the chemistry, which this book
provides. The book also rightly explains how tests done on animals
with single components or perfume quality oils cannot be related
to the use of genuine essential oils on people.
Shirley and Len Price, Aromatherapy Instructors
Authors of Aromatherapy for Health Professionals
Hinckley, Great Britain

~^~What a wonderful reference!! A must read for any one wanting
to understand the chemistry of therapeutic essential oils and how
they can be of value to mankind.A great source for both the layman
and the professional alike. David has made the science and
chemistry of essential oils easy to understand. This is one book I
want in my library.
Joanne Schwarm, LPN
Burlington, Iowa

~^~A truly inspired work of art. A blending of the spiritual and
scientific wonders of the gift of essential oils on this planet. This
book opens up a whole new world of intrigue with fascinating
presentations that lead to an understanding of how and why oils
work in sync with our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.
Dr. Stewart creatively weaves in stories which are so valuable for
nsight, clarification, and making this a wonderfully flowing story of
God's blessings. This book also has the best and clearest
explanations I have ever found of pH, allergies, and other health-
related topics. This is definitely the chemistry of essential oils made
simple . . . as well as profound!
Connie Adams, CMT, CCI
Aromatherapy Teacher and Raindrop Practitioner
Fairfield, California

I love reading your chemistry book. Your introduction even
made me cry. Your heart is so pure and wonderful, it so shines
in your book. It is so evident that you LOVE what your writing
about, that it makes reading the book so much fun!
Larkin Busby, CCI
Aromatherapy Instructor
St. James, Missouri

~^~An excellent book! Informative for the novice yet advanced
for the professional as well. Well-written and easy to read because
of Dr. Stewart's down-to-earth visual explanations. Far from a dry
chemistry book. Just reading the Table of Contents makes you want
to dive right into the book.
Barbara Vissers, CCI
Jenison, Michigan

~^~A beautiful book. Flows like music. A musical chemistry book.
A symphony in words.
Marianne Morris, Raindrop Facilitator
Marlborough, New Hampshire

~^~Although I had made numerous attempts to study the
chemistry of essential oils over the years, it wasn't until I read
Essential Oil Chemistry Made Easy, by Dr. David Stewart, that I was
able to achieve breakthroughs in my understanding with such ease.
I encourage you to gaze in childlike delight while David gently lays
his hand on your shoulder and focuses the lens as you read. Take a
closer look, and learn more of our Creator, His love and care for you,
through the intricate design He has placed in these precious,
treasured gifts of essential oils. "To get understanding is to be
chosen above silver." Proverbs 16:16b
Kathy Spohn, FCCI
Applied Aromatherapy Instructor/Facilitator
Grand Rapids, Michigan

~^~This book is absolutely incredible. I cannot stop thinking
about the information I have gained by it. You will be helping
many people to understand God within our world more fully.
His graciousness is incredible in realizing exactly why we have
plants and trees. Thank you for helping me see this reality.
Sheila Hay
Tok, Alaska

~^~In this information-packed book, Dr. Stewart, a truly gifted
writer and teacher takes us step-by-step from the basic building
blocks of the physical universe to an understanding of how
essential oils fit into the Divine Plan. This wonderful new book
transcends the compartmentalism of modern science and religion,
lifting us into a refreshing space where reality becomes a reverent
understanding of God's magnificent creation.
Edward R. Close, Ph.D.
Author of Transcendental Physics and other books
Director of the Conscious Healing Institute

~^~This book is fabulous. It's brilliant. An invaluable resource to
any student studying essential oils. Your knowledge and very
honest views of the use of esssential oils are excellent, tactfully
described, and yet humerous to read. The information is really
superb. I am adding this to my list of recommended books for my
students as an absolute must.
Susan Duerden Neary, Cert. Ed.
Salon Owner and Aromatherapy Lecturer
Clitheroe, Lancashire, Great Britian

~^~He's done it again! Dr. Stewart's new book proves once again
that nature is truly a testimony to God-even at the scale of atoms
and electrons. Even a child can see why chemistry makes sense
when described in terms of the Creator. If chemistry could have been
this clear when I went to school, it would actually have been fun.
The awesome order of God's creation on a molecular level helps me
appreciate His providence more than ever before. A treasury of
scientific detail in common language that gives expanded meaning
to God's provisions for his children. This book fills an important need
not met by any other publication.
Rev. Dennis Peterson
Author of Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
Director of the Creation Resource Foundation
Eldorado, California

~^~It is often said the best way to make a contribution to society is to
discover a need and fill it. Dr. David Stewart has done just that by
offering technical, scientific, and what could have been very
challenging information in a simplified, interesting, easy-to-
understand manner. For thousands of us who use, work with, and
educate about therapeutic-grade essential oils, this is the piece we
have needed to better understand how to choose our oils wisely for
the most effective results. It affords us the opportunity to become
more professional in our craft. Dr. Stewart is a rare individual who
possesses the skill to combine his left-brain knowledge and expertise
with a compassionate heart and a desire to bring his vast storehouse
of information to the lay person in clear, understandable terms. This
book is an amazing blend of the factual and the spiritual, woven
together with David's magical touch, which has produced a brilliant
piece of work. This is an invaluable resource, and will take a
prominent place in my library.
Joy Linsley
Ambassador Master Star
Young Living Essential Oils
Naperville, Illlinois

~^~In his book, on The Chemistry of Essential Oils, Dr. David Stewart
has, to my knowledge, gone where no author has ever gone before.
He explains the complex organic chemistries, as well as some
practical uses, of these natural plant-distilled oils so that anyone with
a high-school education can comprehend them. And he has presented
the material in a wonderfully engaging way, undergirded by a devout
Scriptural perspective as well! Readers will find in this volume a fresh,
challenging, and complementary alternative point of view for the
practice of medicine and the healing arts, which no doubt will
stimulate some beneficial and much needed debate. I believe
Dr. Stewart is on the cutting edge of a gentle revolution in American
Robert W. Miner, M.D.
Christian Psychiatrist
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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