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Volume 3, Number 4
May 2005

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1. Healed of Arthritis in the Knee
2. David and Lee Stewart's Australian Tour September 2005
3. U.S. and Canadian CARE Intensives and Seminars 2005

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information in this newsletter is not meant
to diagnose, prescribe, or substitute for professional medical
assistance. It is provided as information only for your better
understanding of holistic health. In case of medical need, please
consult an appropriate licensed professional.


1. Healed of Arthritis in the Knee
by David Stewart, Ph.D., R.A., D.N.M.

I injured my right knee severely back around 1967 and it
hurt for ten years, but the pain finally went away.
Everything was okay for about 25 years and then I crossed
the threshold of age 60. My right knee began to develop
osteo arthritis and started deteriorating fast. It hurt
with every step. I developed a limp. At night it ached
and kept me awake. I was losing sleep. I tried hot packs,
cold packs, condritin, glucosamine, and bendroitin,
which offered some relief, but it kept getting worse.
I could not run or jump any more without the knee
swelling up and hurting even more.

I went to a doctor who said the only thing to do was a
knee replacement. He said I would have to give up walking
for exercise. That was a shocking statement for me to hear.
I did not want to give up walking and hiking for exercise.
Neither did I want a metal pin in my knee. That would not
be healing. That would maime me for life. I wanted my good
knee back, the way it was when I was a young man. Complete
and whole, like God made it.

It is funny how you can have the answers to your problem at
hand and not realize it. That is when I suddenly woke up and
realized that I had the cure already. The answer had to be
with the oils.

I had been using essential oils for less than a year at that
time. I then prayed to God. I said, God you have given me
tools to heal myself. Please tell me how to use them. I
receive a clear answer: Use wintergreen and cypress oils.
So I did.

Morning and evening I put about three drops of each in my
left hand, mixed them together, and then applied them to my
right knee, praying as I rubbed (anointed) my knee. I also
did vitaflex on the knee since that amplifies the
therapeutic power of the oils.

It started getting better right away and gradually, after
two months, it was completely healed. I can now run and jump.
There is no pain. My knee is as good as new.

The New Testament mentions healing by Jesus and his
disciples 73 times. We normally assume these healings were
always instantaneous or miraculous. However, this is not so.
In 30 of the 73 instances, we find that the Greek word from
which the English word, heal, has been translated is iaomai,
which does mean instant or miraculous. But that is less than
half of the New Testament healings. In 40 cases, the Greek
word is therapeuo, which means healing gradually over time
with care from others. It is the same Greek word from which
we get our word, therapy. Hence, most of the early Christian
healings mentioned in the Bible were gradual.

I have experienced iaomai, the instant kind of healing. But my
knee was healed after the manner of therapeuo, gradually over
a two month period of time. So far as I am concerned, it was a
miracle. It just was not instantaneous. That was back in February
of 2000, more than five years ago. I have not had to use the oils
on my knee ever since.

Essential oils are not like pharmaceutical drugs that never heal
but make you dependent on them for the rest of your life. Through
God's creation of his essential oils, applied in prayer and with
human touch, as taught by Jesus to his disciples, you can find
total healing. Once healed, you don't need the oils any more for
that particular problem.

When you apply essential oils for healing, it is important to
realize that healing is not always instant. It was not always
so for Jesus and his disciples. So if you are not seeing the healing
you want right away, just keep applying the oil and blessing
yourself and/or the person seeking the healing. Some things take
time. Persistence in one's faith is the key.

One should not conclude from my experience that applying winter-
green and cypress oils would cure an arthritic knee in every case.
People are different and different oils act differently on
Different people. The way you determine what oils to use is to ask
God, the first aromatherapist, the creater of the oils. He knows
Everything and is just waiting for you to ask for his advice. In
The book of James, Chapter 5, it says that we receive not because
We ask not. It took me a while to ask God about what to do for my
Knee, but when I did, I got the information I needed and was
Healed, but not instantly.

2. David and Lee Stewart's Australian Tour
- September 2005

Two Types of Programs to be Offered in Australia

Offering Healing Oils of the Bible, Applied Vitaflex, Raindrop
Technique, Essential Oil Chemistry, and Emotional Release With Oils
Cost of Entire Seminar (23 hours of training): $460 USD, $590 AUD

Offering Essential Oil Chemistry and Healing Oils of the Bible
Cost of Chemistry (5 hours) $150 USD, $200 AUD
Cost of Bible Oils (2 hours) $20 USD, $35 AUD
Cost of Both Together (7 hours) $150 USD, $200 AUD

* Contacts: John Green, PO Box 8273 Tumbi Umbi 2261, NSW
AUSTRALIA. Home Phone 612 43886847, cell: 0416 380 325,
Fax 612 43886847 or email at <oils@relaxandfeelgood.com.au>
or contact CARE at 573-238-4846, RR 4 Box 646, Marble Hill, MO
63764 USA or email: care@raindroptraining.com

* Registration: Register through John Green (contact info given
above) or through CARE (address and phone given above) or via
the internet at <http://www.RaindropTraining.com>.

(1) Perth, Western Australia - (3 Days)
Sept 2-4 Fri-Sun

(2) Adelaide, South Australia - (1Day)
Sept 5 Mon

(3) Darwin, Northern Territories, Australia - (1Day)
Sept 7 Wed

(4) Melbourne, New South Wales, Australia- (3 Days)
Sept 9-11 Fri-Sun

(5) Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - (1Day)
Sept 13 Tue

(6) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - (3 DayS)
Sept 16-18 Fri-Sun

(7) Townsville, Queensland, Australia- (1Day)
Sept 21 Wed

(8) Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - (3 DayS)
Sept 23-25 Fri-Sun

What People Say About David and Lee Stewart's CARE Classes

David and Lee's program is a labor of love. Excellent teaching.
Chemistry made easy. Loving atmosphere. I can't think of any
way it could have been better.
Janet Luttrell, Slidell, Louisiana

This is the best program of this kind I have ever attended. A
warm and supportive atmosphere was always present as well.
Thank you, Dr. Stewart, for your great work.
Sandra Parkins, Arvada, Colorado

This was not just another seminar. It was a true learning
experience. I have been doing oils for nine years, but never
really understood the chemistry of them before now. David
Stewart is very knowledgeable and a master teacher who can
reach both the novice and the well-informed, and he brings
along his delightful sense of humor, and so much love. I
recommend his seminars to anyone who has the desire to
deepen their understanding of the workings of essential oils.
In fact, my honest assessment is that if you have the
opportunity to attend anything David presents, RUN, don't
WALK to register!
Joy Linsley, Ambassador Master Star, Naperville, Illinois

I went through college chemistry and was lost from day one, but
with Dr. Stewart's chemistry class, I caught on within the first
half hour and feel confident that the knowledge will be retained and
understood as I read his book that has been so lovingly prepared.
Kimber Lindeman, Onstead, Michigan

The CARE Seminar was fabulous! Dr. Stewart and his wife, Lee,
have an incredible gift and passion for teaching. I have met many
people in the healing arts, but I have never met anyone with purer
hearts than these two precious people. I experienced my first
raindrop at the seminar. I had an intensely moving emotional
clearing. Because of the love and CARE I experienced at this
seminar, I felt safe enough to release some issues I have held for
many years! For the first time since I can remember, I was able
to get air to the deepest recesses of my lungs. I was healed
instantly of asthma, which at the time had become life threatening.
It was one of the most moving and beautiful experiences of my life.
Niki Moman, Olathe, Kansas

If something seems to compel you to go to a CARE Seminar, don't
let anything deter you from doing so. You will learn a lot, but more
importantly, you will be surrounded and uplifted by the spirituality,
courage, and lvoe of all around you. I can think of nothing that could
improve this seminar.
Shirley L. Steward, Salem, Missouri

David and Lee, I enjoyed your essential oil classes immensely. The
entire event was more than amazing. I have taken many, many
classes, but had never (and I do mean never) experienced anything
like what I experienced in your classes. David you are truly a man of
God and one that is not ashamed or intimidated to say so and teach
so. You are an impressive man to say the least. I was truly blessed
and I am still telling my clients about what I took part in that week-
end. Thank-you, thank-you a million times. I really can't find the words
to express how much I loved those classes. They will forever be with
me. May God continue to bless you and Lee and keep you and make his
Michelle Turner, Cary, Illinois

We traveled a long way (from England to California) for Dr. Stewart's
program. We have no suggstions for improvment of this seminar.
The whole seminar was very interesting and enlightening. David has
an excellent knowledge of essential oils and raindrop technique which
he shares with his students very well. The program was excellent,
very enjoyable and well worth every mile traveled!
Susan D. Duerden, Massage Therapist and SPA Owner,
Clitheroe, Lancashire, England

Dr. Stewart's seminar tied things together and helped me understand
what the Bible says and how we can use the oils today. It is one of the
best investments in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding I have made.
If you get a chance to attend, GO!"
Mark D. Corney, Grand Junction, Colorado

I was very pleased with the seminar. Lee was such a great teacher.
She took my hands and danced with them as we were learning raindrop.
She is special! David is such a warm person and gives so much of himself.
I was very impressed with the way he prayed and stayed with the
emotional release we witnessed. So very gentle and in tune with the
Spirit. The Lord has blessed both of you and I pray that many others will
continue to be blessed as I have been. I thank you more than I can say."
Betty Egly, Kalamazoo, Michigan

I have been to many alternative health seminars and this one was
awesome! What a fantastic weekend I just had! Every cell in my body
is still feeling that peace and richness of joy and love I experienced
at the workshop. David and Lee, I will thank you forever.
Mary Hurst, Alexandria, Virginia

I am a massage therapist and take a lot of continuing education
courses as a requirement for my license. The CARE Program taught
by David and Lee Stewart is the best I have taken. I learned so much
about how and why the oils work and now I understand the science
behind it.
Leslie Knee, LMT, Silver Spring, Maryland

We very much enjoyed our special weekend with Dr. Dave and Lee
Stewart. They made our learning so much fun. We came away so
enlightened with more education and a great sense of being on the
track God wants us to be!
Boyd and Judy Estep, Enola, Pennsylvania

This was a very worthwhile and comprehensive program I would
recommend everyone take. It was a very informative, organiazed
and thorough workshop . . . and Fun! I teach oils myself and the
pieces of information I was missing was the chemistry. David and
Lee have put a lot of time, effort, hard work, and love into this
program. It was worth every cent, and then some. You didn't charge
enough for all the info you gave to us. Your program brought an even
clearer picure to my already considerable knowledge of essential oils.
I was very impressed with the entire program. I would love to repeat
your class when you come to my area again."
Roxanna Weddle, Silver Springs, Maryland

This has been the most complete and best presented workshop I've
had the pleasure of participating in. The mood set by David and Lee
Stewart was so mind opening and heart accepting! Words are not
enough to express my appreciation for what you have given and
blessed me with this weekend."
Jorge Brown, Maple Shade, New Jersey

David and Lee Stewart are fantastic teachers of vitaflex and
raindrop techniques. David makes chemistry easy to relate to the
oils, which greatly helped my understanding. David and his wife, Lee,
are a great team for a very exciting and pleasant learning experience.
Perry Mueller, DDS, Lake Jackson, Texas

I enjoyed the chemistry. It really brought understanding to support the
power of the oils. I also enjoyed the Bible program. I had not smelled
most of those oils and really enjoyed experiencing them. I feel this
program is a must for anyone who wants to educate themselves and
others about the power of essential oils.
Dora Vaughn, Placerville, California

I loved all aspects of David and Lee's CARE Class. David is an excellent
teacher with incredible passion in his desire to teach others. The
Healing Oils of the Bible class gave me great insite on God's gift to us
as his children and the gifts of healing he has provided from nature.
I recommend this class to anyone that is interested in healing with oils.
Lindy Murray, RDH, Lake Jackson, Texas

What a personable trainer David Stewart is! I appreciate the easy
relaxed atmosphere. His knowledge is excellent and he is so patient.
Maureen Johnson, Woodland Park, Colorado

I am a formally trained aromatherapist and found this seminar to
be phenomenal! Very thorough. It clarified many things for me. I
learned a lot and with so much love and care! You really get your
money's worth. I would encourage anyone to go to this seminar.
Candy Lewis, Dayton, Ohio

This program has been a wonderful experience for me, much more
than I bargained for. Excellent teaching from Dr. Stewart. He made
learning a pleasure and a lot of fun, especially chemistry. Knowledge
is power and when you learn the function of the body enhanced by
oils, it is very powerful in your healing. Dr. Stewart is very gifted by
the Lord and it is so rare to see someone so gifted use everyone of
them in a very gracious manor. I highly recommend this course for
anyone who wants to make a quantum leap on their journey!
Jane Adams, Temecula, California

The class was wonderful. The people were wonderful. The
information is great. I learned valuable information in this seminar.
I am so glad that I came. And your chemistry class was the most fun
chemistry class I have ever been to! A wonderful balance of intellect
and heart. I have taken this seminar twice and it was even better the
second time. I was already practicing raindrop on my own without
formal training and obtaining fantastic results. David and Lee's
training has enhanced my level of knowledge and skill and has taken
me to a new level.
Denise Lane, Jamul, California

It has been a pleasure to have the two of you (David and Lee) come
into my life. May you both continue your CARE work and keep the
humor, knowledge of subject, enthusiasm, etc. Best of health
(physical, mental and spiritual) to you. Please return to our area
again for a refresher course!"
Glenys Bird, McHenry, Illinois

I attended David Stewart's CAREE Seminar and want to say that
if you have the opportunity to go to one of his training classes, GO!
David is a tremendous teacher. Even the five hours of chemistry was
fun, interesting, and understandable. David truly has a gift for
sharing and teaching and I feel very fortunate to have been able to
learn from him."
Robin Skov, Canoga, California

This program offered the best chemistry that I have come
across. Dr. Stewart takes the essential oil chemistry and turns
it into common scents helping us to understand why these amazing
oils can do what they do. The entire program is an excellent
comprehensive integration of experience and theory and a
wonderful foundation for the best of what essential oils offer!
Marilee Tolen, RN, HCN, CHTP, Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

This is a wonderful program. Dr. Stewart makes chemistry come
alive! His teaching of raindrop and emotional healing are classes every
Young Living member needs to experience. During the emotional
release program I felt God's presence and the electricity in that room
was almost overwhelming. God bless you in all you do.
Joanne Schwarm, LPN, Burlington, Iowa

The intensive workshop was well paced. Dr. Stewart was totally
knowledgeable in all areas of the program. His ability to field
questions was amazing. I recommend the program to anyone seriously
interested in increasing their knowledge of essential oils.
Colleen H. Rowe, N.D., Fair Oaks, California

This workshop, with David and Lee, has been the most rewarding
learning experience since my introduction to essential oils.
The wealth of material and wonderful personal experiences and
knowledge shared was beyond my expectations.
Aziyza Shabazz, St. Croix, Virgin Islands

I can think of no way to improve this course. It is the best
workshop I have ever attended. I feel I have gotten more than my
money's worth.
Steve H. Potts, Newcastle, Wyoming

The program is excellent! The amount of care, devotion, and
attention to detail is so apparent in every phase of the program.
I have the utmost respect and gratitude to David and Lee Stewart
for their dedication, professionalism, and integrity. Thank you
very much!
Nina Lockwood, New York, New York

The depth of material covered provides the missing link in
understanding the oils and how to use them effectively. I feel
very grateful to both Lee and David for their research, study,
organization, and ability to teach to the benefit of those of us
who wish to promote greater health and well-being. Thank you!!
Leslie Vornholt, Longmont, Colorado

I had no idea it was going to be such a spiritual experience. David and
Lee's program is thorough and relaxed. The instruction shows
sensitivity to the needs of the group, as well as to the individual,
while maintaining a comprehensive and informative presentation.
Dr. Stewart makes the complex simple. It is a rare teacher who
can do what he does.
John Maeder, Atco, New Jersey

The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education

Training Workshops for Continuing Education Credit in

CARE will sponsor more than 100 seminars and intensives
during 2005 throughout the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia.
* The Australian programs are listed above.
* The U.S. and Canadian programs are listed below.

CARE Offers Two Types of Programs

1. CARE INTENSIVES (offering the full 23-hour CARE curriculum
over a 3-4 day period)

2. CARE SEMINARS (offering a portion of the CARE curriculum
over a 1-2 day period)

The Full 23-hour CARE Curriculum of includes Bible Oils (2 hrs),
Applied Vitaflex (4 hrs), Raindrop Technique (8 hrs),
Essential Oil Chemistry (5 hrs), Emotional Release with Oils (4 hrs).

The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education is
approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic
Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Continuing education
Approved Provider.

Postings below are as of June 1, 2005. Additional ones being
added every week.Full details are given on the CARE
Website http://www.RaindropTraining.com. Check the website
periodically for the most current dates and locations.

For specific information on any particular program, see
Contact names, emails, phone numbers, etc., at the end
Of this message. Registration for all of these, except for some
of those In Canada, can be accomplished over the internet at


JUNE 2-4, Thu-Sat, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
With Carol Howden, FCCI, and Ben Howden, CCA

June 3-5, Fri–Sun, Chicago, Illinois (North Suburbs)
With David Stewart, PhD, DNM, FCCI & Kathy Spohn, CCI

June 4-5, Sat-Sun, San Andreas, California
With Beverly Claussen, SCCI

June 4-5, Sat-Sun, St. Cloud, Minnesota
With Tanis Wichmann, SCCI

June 6-8, Mon-Wed, Battleford, Sasketchewan, Canada
With Lois Loyek, FCCI, NC, CH, LEC

June 10-11, Fri-Sat, Winter Park, Colorado
With Marie Koepke, RN, SCCI

June 10-12, Fri-Sun, San Antonio, Texas
With Larkin Busby, SCCI, and Ladonna Wells, SCCI

June 24-26, Fri-Sun, Grand Rapids, Michigan
With Kathy Spohn, FCCI

June 25-26, Sat–Sun, Elmira, New York
With Joanna Barrett, RN, CCI

July 1-3, Fri-Sun, Portland, Oregon
With Larkin Busby, SCCI, and Ladonna Wells, SCCI

July 8-10, Fri - Sun, Fargo, North Dakota
With Tanis Wichmann, SCCI, and Tammy Struebing, SCCI

July 17-19, Sun–Tues, Salt Lake City, Utah
With Dr. David Stewart and Lee Stewart, SCCI

July 29-31, Fri-Sun, San Jose, California
With Connie Adams, FCCI, CMT

July 29-31, Fri-Sun, Providence, Rhode Island
With Ladonna Wells, SCCI, and Larkin Busby, SCCI

Aug 5-7, Fri - Sun, Plymouth, MInnesota
With Tanis Wichmann, SCCI, and Tammy Struebing, SCCI

Aug 15-17, Mon-Wed, Pasadena, California
With David Stewart, PhD, DNM, FCCI, and Jacqui Close, SCCI

Aug 26-28, Fri-Sun, Sacramento, California
With Connie Adams, FCCI, CMT, and Jacqui Close, RA, SCCI

Sept 23-25, Fri-Sun, Anchorage, Alaska
With Connie Adams, CMT, FCCI

Sept 30-OCT 2, Fri-Sun, Grand Rapids, Michigan
With Kathy Spohn, FCCI

Oct 13-15, Thu-Sat, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
With David Stewart, PhD, DNM, FCCI and Jacqui Close, RA, SCCI

Nov 14-17, Mon-Thu, Branson, Missouri
With David Stewart, PhD, DNM, FCCI and Lee Stewart, SCCI

Nov 17-19, Thu-Sat, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
With Carol Howden, FCCI, Katrina Harrison, CCI, Sue Ellis, CI

Dec 9-11, Fri-Sun, Grand Rapids, Michigan
With Kathy Spohn, FCCI

The fee for taking a whole 3-4 day CARE seminar (23 hours) is
$460 in us funds. Registration for a full CARE Intensive is
available on the internet at http://www.RaindropTraining.com.

Selected classes of a complete CARE Intensive may be taken
but registration must be directly with the appropriate registrar
and cannot be done on the internet. The same for CARE
seminars offering only a portion of the full 23-hour CARE

Contact the person designated below or see CARE website for
ala carte prices for individual classes. Organizers and Registrars
indicated above for each seminar are given below with contact


Connie Adams, FCCI, 747 Broadway St., Fairfield, CA 94533,
(707) 422-5272 or (707) 372-4256, conniejoym@earthlink.net

Joanna Barrett, RN, CCI, PO Box 86, 20B South Main, Newark Valley,
New York 13811, 607-642-5448, merandjo@onehealthylife.net

Beverly Claussen, SCCI, 2601 Oakdale, Rd., C191, Modesto,
CA 95355, (209) 765-6290, glowingscents@netzero.com

Jacqui Close, SCCI, Box 376, Jackson, MO, 63755 (573) 332-1117.

Marylee Creegan, CCI, 21011 NW 74th Place, Alachua, Florida 32615
(386) 462-2092, mec14@juno.com

Judy Estep, CCI, 1021 Dogwood Lane, Enola, PA 17025
(717) 732-5017, boyestep@aol.com

Carol Howden, FCCI, 248-316 Sunterra Ridge Pl, Cochrane, AB T4C 1W9
Canada, (403) 932-6993, carolhowden@shaw.ca

Mindy Kirby, LMT, FCCI, P.O. Box 448, Rutherfordton, NC 28139
(828) 286-1062, mindy@blueridge.net

Marie Koepke, RN, CCI, P.O. Box 383, Fraser, CO 80442
(970) 726-8688, mtnmarie3920@netzero.net

Lois Loyek, SCCI, Box 1597 Battleford, SK, s0m 0e0, Canada
(306) 937-7862, oyls.r.us@sasktel.net or conscentered@yahoo.com

Kathy Spohn, FCCI, 2697 Waterloo St. SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
(616) 261-0015, oilsofold@sbcglobal.net

Lee Stewart, SCCI, RR. 4, Box 646, Marble Hill, MO 63764.
(573) 238-4846, (238-2010 Fax), care@raindroptraining.com

Tammy Struebing, CCI, 714 So. First St., Albion, NE 68620.
(402) 395-6887, tstruebing@amhne.org

Leslie Vornholt, MSW, SCCI, P.O. Box 17265, Boulder, CO 80308
(303) 652-9998, artemisdancer@earthlink.net

Ladonna Wells, SCCI, 2600 Zion, Jefferson City, MO 65109
(573) 761-4456 ladonna63@earthlink.net

Tanis Wichmann, SCCI, 41921 Sugar Maple Dr., Ottertail, MN 56571
(218) 367-2579, stevtan@lakesplus.com


Official Newsletter of C.A.R.E.
The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education
Rt. 4, Box 646, Marble Hill, Missouri USA 63764
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