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Official Newsletter of C.A.R.E.
The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education

Volume 4, Number 3
May - June 2006


1. Institute for Energy Wellness Studies (IEWS)
2. Be an Integrated Aromatic Science Practitioner (IASP)
3. Spend 2 Days with Dr. Stewart, June 16-17, 2006

The information in this newsletter is not meant do diagnose,
prescribe, or substitute for professional medical assistance.
It is provided as information Only for your better
understanding of holistic health. In case of medical need,
please consult an appropriate licensed professional.


1. Institute for Energy Wellness Studies

As some of you know, I (David Stewart) am on the
faculty of a new school called the Institute for Energy
Wellness Studies (IEWS) with facilities in Brampton,
Ontario, Canada (just northwest of Toronto). It was
founded by Dr. Sabina DeVita, author of three books:
Saving Face, Born to Dance With Ease, and
Electromagnetic Pollution. She has been a YLEO
distributor since 1997 and has training and skills in
many healing modalities which she has practiced in
her clinic for many years.

The IEWS program has been strongly endorsed by
Gary Young. All of its courses are completely in line
with YLEO policies and teachings and only YLEO
oils are used.

IEWS is also recognized and registered with the
Canadian Federal Government and is recognized in
the 17 countries of the British Commonwealth. By
reciprocity, it is hoped by Dr. DeVita that is will
eventually be recognized in the U.S. as well, but
that will take time.


2. Be an Integrated Aromatic Science Practitioner (IASP)

IEWS offers programs leading to certificates and
diplomas as an Integrated Aromatic Science
Practitioner (IASP), which has been accepted by the
Canadian Examining Board for the Healing Arts as a
new profession. Dr. DeVita has chosen to avoid using
the word "aromatherapy" in her certificates, titles, and
diplomas since that term has been trivialized by those
who use oils for recreational purposes or who employ it
only for massage, as in the British system. Instead of
being an aromatherapist, which has connotations that
o not pertain to its practice as a true healing art, her
graduates will be Integrated Aromatic Science
Practitioners and will use the initials, IASP, after
their names.

Since the school only opened its doors to its first
class on May 26, 2006, there are no certified IASP
people as yet. As for me, I have been a Registered
Aromatherapist (RA) for some time, but my registration
is only good for five years and it expires in the Fall of
2006. Being an R.A. has been a good thing for me,
but I did it because there were no other nationally
recognized aromatherapy credentials available before
now. With the opening of the IEWS, that is no longer
true. I could renew, pay the fee, and retake the RA
test, but I have decided that I don't want to be a
registered Aromatherapist any more. R.A. is a NAHA
term, and a title that really favors the British Version
of aromatherapy and is hostile toward the French
healing modalities we practice, Gary Young, Young
Living, and raindrop technique. So even though it is
still a good thing to be an R.A., which has its benefits
as a recognizable and established credential, I don't
want it any more. I am going to become an IASP.

Upon completion of the IEWS program, you receive
a certificate and registration number from the
Canadian Government authorizing you to practice
Integrated Aromatic Science (IASP), which includes
many modalities, among which are vitaflex and
raindrop. This means that persons completing the
IEWS program will be able to practice raindrop and
vitaflex legally in Canada without the need for any
other license to touch or lay on hands.

It is a 600 hour program which will take about two
years to complete and involves considerable expense,
but then what diploma or professional certificate does
not come at considerable expense. The IEWS
website is www.energywellnessstudies.com and
their phone is (905) 451-4475. An IEWS Course
Catalogue is available by request or by download
from their website.

All IEWS classes will be taught in Brampton, Ontario,
Canada. They are offered as a set of eight workshops
(or levels), each 3-5 days long, each given
approximately once a year during a long weekend.
The first one, referred to as IEWS Level I, was
May 26-29, 2006. Level I consisted of the history of
aromatherapy, the chemistry of essential oils, and
several simple techniques for applying them. The
chemistry portion, which I taught, consisted of 16
hours of chemistry that covered the same topics we
teach in a 5-hour CARE Class, only much more
thoroughly and deeply and with additional materials
not mentioned in the CARE chemistry class. The
text is my book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils
Made Simple.

One becomes certified as an IASP after completing
the first four IEWS Levels. After completing the
next four IEWS Levels, one receives also a
diploma, like you would expect after four years of
college. But one can become an Integrated Aromatic
Science Practitioner (IASP) by fulfilling only the first
half of the IEWS curriculum (Levels I-IV). I will be
teaching a good portion of the first four IEWS Levels,
along with Dr. DeVita. I will not be involved with any
of the second four IEWS Levels. IEWS Levels III and
IV will focus on emotional and spiritual aspects of
the oils, including the Healing Oils of the Bible.

IEWS Level II will be Advanced Chemistry (another
16 hours) plus vitaflex and raindrop (Dallas Version).
The Advanced Chemistry will consist of a review of
IEWS Level I Chemistry plus a thorough discussion
of Chapter Ten of my book (Common Compounds in
Oils), Chapter Eleven (on Drugs and Oils), and Parts
Two (Chemical Analyses of Oils) and Three of my
book (Beyond Chemistry). Among other things, we
will spend considerable time learning how to teach
our noses to recognize various compounds, learning
out to become a fragrance professional, and developing
our abilities for olfactory recall and identification. This
part will be totally different than anything offered
through CARE, or by anyone else, at this time.

Discounts to CARE Students
Dr. DeVita is generously offering a 20% discount for
IEWS Level I and Level II to anyone who has taken the
full 23 hours of training offered in a CARE Intensive. The
price for Level I is $950 in Canadian dollars. That
translates into approximately $865 in US dollars. So
that is as additional benefit from having take a 3-4 Day
CARE Intensive. There are no discounts for higher
IEWS Levels. Only Levels I and II.

Normally, one is required to have taken the IEWS
Level I Chemistry before taking the IEWS Level II
Chemistry. However, anyone who has taken the 5-hours
of CARE Chemistry will be able and eligible to take the
Advanced Chemistry of IEWS Level II. The Chemistry
portion of Level II will be the first two days of the four
day seminar, with Vitaflex and Raindrop on the last two
days. The cost for all four days (both chemistry and
raindrop) is $950 Can$ or $865 US$.

However, if you just want the information and don't want
to pursue the program, you can just take the Advanced
Chemistry only for no credit. This will be offered for
$525 Can$ or about $480 US$. As a CARE Student
Graduate, you get 20% off of this pricing. It is a good


3. Spend 2 Days with Dr. Stewart, June 16-17, 2006

This is an opportunity to get some easy-to-understand
advanced chemistry under the tutelage of the author of
the book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple,
in a small class setting. You would get no credit at this
price, but if you want credit and later change your mind
and want to go for a certificate or diploma, from IEWS,
you may do so. There will be additional fees and
assignments, such as exams, case studies, and field
work, but you can take the class now for no credit and
change your mind later if you want to join the program
as a certificate/degree candidate. But if you would just
like to get some more chemistry and a deeper
understanding of how the oils work, this is an opportunity
to do so at a reasonable cost to you as a former CARE

The first IEWS Level II will be offered Fri-Mon,
June 16-19, 2006. The chemistry portion will be the first
two days, Fri-Sat, June 16-18th. I realize that this is
short notice, but I wanted to let you know of the
opportunity. It will be next year before I teach another
IEWS Level I (Probably February 2007) and another
IEWS Level II (Probably March or April 2007).

Visit the IEWS website or call them on the phone for
more information.


Official Newsletter of C.A.R.E.
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