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1. The Transience of Drugs and Permanence of Oils, David Stewart
2. Infertility Resolved by Thieves, David Stewart
3. Bible Restrictions on Holy Oil: Do They Still Apply?, David Stewart
4. Becoming a Legal Certified Raindrop Practitioner, David Stewart
5. The 2007-2008 CARE Calendar of Training Programs
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1. The Transience of Drugs and Permanence of Oils
by David Stewart, PhD, DNM, IASP, BCRS

In the last edition of the Raindrop Messenger (Jul-Aug 2007, Vol 5, No 4) We discussed some differences in allopathic medicine (which is the basis of today's health care) and natural medicine, pointing out some of the remarkable and unique features of essential oils. We discussed how the philosophy of hospitals and medical doctors today primarily focuses on the symptoms of an illness rather than the causes and explained why symptomatic treatments never heal the roots of a malady and are never permanent while essential oils do address the roots, including emotional ones, and can actually heal diseases at their cellular sources.

We also discussed the discretionary intelligence of oils, an intelligence absent from synthetic drugs and pharmaceuticals. We also explained the mind-body connection, how thoughts control our body processes and how thoughts direct the actions of oils as explained by quantum physics. Oils are more than chemistry.

If you missed the last issue, or any other back issue of the Raindrop Messenger, you can go to the archives of www.RaindropTraining.com where you can pull up, read, and download any past articles.

In this issue we want to discuss some other aspects of essential oils that make them effective medicines, not only today, but effective medicines for all future time. Commercial antibiotics and antibacterial agents such as hand soaps, household cleansers, etc, all have a limited useful life on planet earth. This is because bacteria inevitably crack the codes of these synthetic, chemical agents and develop resistance so that they are no longer effective.


When a resistant strain of pathogenic bacteria results, people get infected and allopathic medicine has no remedy. People so afflicted can die, and often do, or suffer permanently from the effects of the infection.

All of these resistant strains of pathogens were created in hospitals and used to be harbored there exclusively. It used to be rare to find one of them elsewhere. Unfortunately, today these resistant strains are finding themseves into public places, such as schools and playgrounds. But hospitals are still the places where the greatest infestations of resistnat bacteria hide and lurk. While hospital patients are particularly vulnerable to incubating a resistant strain of bacteria, even hospital visitors can pick them up and become seriously ill, even to the death.

We have a relative whose wife went to the hospital for a check up while he simply accompanied her as a visitor. He happened to have a small open cut on his leg which became infected with a resistant strain of bacteria. His leg has been swollen, sore, and inflammed ever since. That was more than two years ago. The infection got so bad that twice he was hospitalized, which is an irony since it was in a hospital where he contracted the infection in the first place. As of this writing, he still carries the problem, for which medicine has no cures, only palliative measures.


Drug companies address the problem of every-growing, more resistant bacteria by developing stronger and stronger antibiotics and antimicrobial agents. Unfortunately, these pharmaceuticals are also harmful to people, even potentially deadly. For example, vancomycin was a powerful antibiotic developed to attack resistant strains of bacteria which is strong enough to also kill the patient. When prescribed, doctors could only hope that the bacteria within the patient would die before the patient did. Now there are “vancomycin resistant bacteria,” so even that antibiotic is no longer effective.

Drug companies then developed another powerful antibiotic, methycillin, which is also potentially deadly to the patient. With the adoption of this antibiotic in hospitals throughout the country, there are now MRSAs, or “methycillin resistant staphalococcyx aureus” bacteria which can be deadly and for which there are no allopathic remedies.

Essential oils are different. While they are extremely effective against pathogenic microbes, they are not only harmless to humans, but beneficial to our tissues. Furthermore, their application does not result in the production of resistant strains of bacteria. Here is why.

Antibiotics and antibacterial agents are simple compounds or simple mixtures of a few compounds. Every batch of a particular antibiotic or antibacterial agent is identical to the previous batch. Doctors would want it this way. They would want today’s tetracycline or penicillin to be exactly the same as yesterday’s and tomorrow’s. This consistency of product, along with their simplicity, is why bacteria can figure them out and develop resistance such that their offspring are not only immune to the drug, but are even more virulent and toxic to humans.


Essential oils are not simple. They consists of hundreds of compounds, the numbers and formulas for which are not completely known even for one species of oil. Furthermore, there are never two batches of essential oils the same.

You can grow lavender or peppermint every year in the same plot of land and every year’s production of oil will be slightly different. The same 200 or 300 compounds will be there that make lavender like lavender and peppermint like peppermint, but the proportions will vary. This year's lavender oil may have more or less linyl acetate than last year's or this year's peppermint oil may have more or less menthol, but they will still be lavender and peppermint.

The variations are because the oils of a plant are dynamic during the life of the plant, changing daily, even from hour to hour, to adjust to the heat of the day, the moisture in the air, and other factors uncontrollable to humans. The oils in plants also vary their composition according to soil types, climate, elevation, latitude, planting time, harvesting time, amount of sunshine, amount of rain, amount of wind, and other factors such as the species of insects that may be pests this year. The conditions that affect plant growth (and its oils) are never repeated two years in a row.

Because the oils of a species vary according environmental factors that are never the same, no two batches of an essential oil are ever exactly the same, even from the same species grown in the same field. Oils are like wines. Vintners put dates on each year’s bottles of a wine because every year will produce a slightly different taste and coloration of the wine because nature never repeats itself.

Therefore, because essential oils are far more complex than any laboratory produced drug and because essential oils are never exactly replicated year to year, bacteria can never figure them out and become resistant. Microbes are smarter than synthetic drugs, but essential oils are smarter than microbes.

We have oils from Egyptian tombs that are just as antimicrobial today as they were 5,000 years ago. The effectiveness of essential oils is permanent, which is why they, and other natural remedies, will eventually replace the synthetic pharmaceuticals of today. This means that drug-based allopathy, as practiced today, is eventually doomed to disappear, being based on transient medicines and a flawed paradigm.


Sooner or later, all synthetic drugs and antibiotics become ineffective or lethal and have to be discontinued. Hence, drug companies are continually engaged in finding and developing new drugs to replace the old ones as they become ineffective or too harmful to continue. Since they cannot patent a natural product, such as an herb or an essential oil, pharmaceutical companies have no interest in studying or marketing natural products.

In fact, they would like to remove all natural products from the free market to create, for themselves, a profitable monopoly enforced by law and government regulation.

Patented medicines are all unnatural, composed of molecules never before existing on planet earth. Our bodies were not made to utilize, metabolize, and eliminate such substances. This is why all pharmaceuticals, without exception, have negative side effects.

By contrast, properly administered natural products, such as essential oils, have little or no untoward side effects. They can be taken into the body, utilized, metabolized, and eliminated when they have completed their healing mission. The majority of side effects from oils and natural products, if any, are unexpected good ones.


Allopathic medicine, which is what is practiced by todays doctors, nurses, and hospitals, addresses symptoms, not causes. If your symtoms are life threatening, like uncrolled hemorrhaging, stoppage of breath, unconsciousness, severe internal injuries, broken limbs, etc., then treating the symptoms is appropriate and necessary to save your life and get you through the crisis.

Emergency medicine is the best of medicine as we know it today. But after the crisis has passed and your vital signs are stabilized, the healing is yet to come, which does not come through allopathic medicine, but through receiving God's healing energy. While dealing with symptoms is often desirable and necessary, when the treatment stops with symptomatic removal, the body simply produces another ailment elsewhere as a result of the unresolved roots left behind. Hence, simple ailments whose symptoms are suppressed can eventually become serious sicknesses, sometimes even unto death.

Furthermore, allopathic medicines (antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals and synthetic drugs) all eventually become ineffective and obsolete, requiring that pharmaceutical companies engage in endless research to find the next drug to replace the antiquated ones. Hence, allopathy is based on a flawed paradigm employing medicines of only transient value.

Wholistic natural medicine, including essential oils, addresses root causes from the quantum behavior of electrons to the intelligence of the cells to the human mind and spirit. True and permanent healing can occur when the right environment of balance in body, mind, and soul have been established. Furthermore, the medicines of nature, which include herbs and essential oils, will never become ineffective. Their therapeutic, Divinely created properties are forever. Wholistic medicine, incorporating essential oils, is based on a more incompassing paradigm employing medicine of permanent value.


Therefore, it is inevitable that allopathic medicine, as we know it today, will eventually shrink into a very minor part of the health care system, dealing only with traumas, crises, and acute situations, while true health care, true healing, and true regimens of wellness will come from the concepts of natural medicine using plants and other natural substances as God made them and intended them for our benefit.

There will always be a need for allopathy because sometimes symptoms are serious and need to be dealt with directly before their causes can be diagnosed, resolved, and the healing can begin. But future health care will not primarily be allopathic in its approach. It will be wholistic and natural and essential oils will be a fundamental and principal element of the new system.

The birth and labor of that new and better system is already well underway and progressing well. All of you who are educating yourselves in oils, herbs, nutrition, healthy life styles, and natural health care solutions are the midwives of the new system.


For more information on how and why essential oils work, see the book, "The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple - (God's Love Manifest in Molecules)" by David Stewart, available from many sources, as well as from www.RaindropTraining.com.


by David Stewart, PhD, DNM, IASP, BCRS

Thieves is a Young Living blend of oils containing clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. It has hundreds of healing and preventive applications. There is a 23-page booklet entitled "Antimicrobial Essential Oil Champions," available from Sound Concepts at www.essentialproductinfo.com or (800) 524-4195, that lists more than 100 uses of Thieves and Thieves products along with the history and science of this blend. However, solving infertility problems is not mentioned in the long list of applications given in this booklet.

I recently received (Oct 3, 2007) an email with the following message:

"I just wanted to give you a testimonial to add on Thieves. I was told that I would probably never be able to have children because of severe endometriosis. I did have a son after surgery to be able to become pregnant. He is now six. Since then the doctors have wanted to perform a hysterectomy, which I have refused.

"Back in April I was applying Thieves to the bottom of my feet once a day for a cold, not knowing that it was also good for infertility. I am now 6 1/2 months pregnant with a baby girl.

"I have told a number of people about the miracle that Thieves has given me. My girlfriend who was also trying to get pregnant for two years is now almost four months pregnant after applying Thieves during her first month.

"I hope that this testimonial helps all those woman out there that are trying so desperately to conceive. Thank you."

~^~ Michelle Leenknegt

Cezanna Malter, who was the one who forwarded me the testimony given above, had this to add:

"The Thieves Infertility Protocol is quite a bargain compared to the current cost of going to an infertility clinic which can run into thousands and thousands of dollars and involve potentially dangerous drugs and procedures.

"Who was it that said our oils are expensive?!

"A bottle of Thieves oil costs $29.50...plus tax and shipping. Unless of course you cash in your Essential Rewards Product Credits, in which case the oil is free."

~^~ Cezanna

Of course, what is given above are only two anecdotes, which are not hard science, but then the stimulus that leads to hard science usually begins with anecdotes. Perhaps Michelle has discovered a solution for endometriosis, for which, at present, allopathic medicine has no solution. What they offer are extremely expensive protocols that can go on for years and years with no promise of success.

If you, or anyone else you know, have ended endometriosis or solved their infertility problems by applying Thieves, let me know. Maybe it works for men, too. I will keep a file of such testimonies and let's see where this goes. Thank you.


3. Bible Restrictions on Holy Oil: Do They Still Apply?
By David Stewart, PhD, DNM, IASP, BCRS

In Exodus 30:22-31 God gives a recipe to Moses for a "Holy Anointing Oil." It is a blend of Myrrh, Cassia, Cinnamon, Calamus (Cane), and Olive oils. This Bible passage also describes the appropriate uses for this holy oil, which include the anointing of the alter, all the instruments of the alter,and the priests who serve in the temple.

Immediately following these verses (Exodus 30:32-33), a restriction is placed on applications of the oil: "Upon man's flesh shall it not be poured, neither shall ye make any other like it, after the composition of it; it is holy, and it shall be holy unto you. Whosoever compoundeth any like it, or whosoever putteth any of it upon a stranger, shall even be cut off from his people."

The question then arises as to what this prohibition means, whether it is still in effect, and whether we should be concerned about it today.

The answers to these questions are in the book, Healing Oils of the Bible, pp. 68-69, where it mentions that the covenant between God and the Hebrews (under which the formula and directions for the Holy Anointing Oil were given) was terminated in Jeremiah 3:8.

In discussing this passage with some Messianic Jews, they told me that the King James and other English translations of the Old Testament are misleading here. The taboo against using the oil "upon man's flesh" and "putting it on a stranger," etc. refers to applying the oil to evil and coarse individuals who are unspiritual and unholy. The passage also means that the holy oil is not to be used without proper spiritual acknowledgement. In other words, the oils is not to be used personally (like a perfume) or for other trivial applications, but is to be regarded with respect and used in spiritually appropriate ways.

My copy of The Complete Jewish Bible has a little different wording of that scripture. It says not to use the oil on or by "unauthorized persons." My Jewish friends say that anyone who is a sincere member of the congregation would have been "authorized" to use and receive this oil, even when the Old Covenant was in effect during and after Moses' time. The English/Christian version of this passage makes it sound like the oil is to be used only on priests, and holy objects, etc., which my Jewish friends say is not quite true.

My advice is this. If you are not totally convinced of the interpretation just given, that ordinary members of the congregations were eligible to use the oil even in Moses' day, and are reluctant to receive this blend for fear of the repercussions stated in Scripture, perhaps you can feel at ease in consideration of Jeremiah 3:8 and Jeremiah 31:31-34, which make the debate over the meaning of Exodus 30:32-33 a moot point today and no longer relevant.


One of the Messianic Jews with whom I discussed this issue is an Israelite who actually compounds and sells the exact formula given in Exodus 30:23-24. His name is Moshe Cohen (Moshe is a Hebrew spelling for Moses). His American name is Marty. He and his wife, Carol, have two addresses, one in Texas, the other in Israel. His email address is moshe@FromIsrael.co.il and his website is www.FromIsrael.co.il. His oil is compounded in and sold from the Holy Land.

Marty said that when he was looking for suppliers for the constituents of the oil blend and a company to compound and bottle it for him, some refused to deal with him for fear of the curse given in Exodus. He said he tried to explain to them that the curse was no longer in effect, having been revoked in Jeremiah, but they were still too afraid to do business with him. However, he did find suppliers and has been selling this blend for years. He gave me a bottle. So far, there have been no curses, for neither Moshe nor myself.

So if you want to purchase some genuine Exodus Holy Anointing Oil, now you know where to get it. If you want to mix your own, the formula in modern units is given in Healing Oils of the Bible, but you would have a hard time getting cassia and calamus as individual oils in order to complete the blend.

The Old Testament (Old Covenant) curse was rescinded when the covenant with Moses was cancelled, as reported in Jeremiah 3:8 "And I saw, when for all the causes whereby backsliding Israel committed adultery I had put her away, and given her a bill of divorce . . ." In Jeremiah 31:31-34 a New Covenant is proposed as a personal and internal relationship to God in the heart rather than a congregational and external relationship hinging on compliance with the law. Christians take the New Covenant to be Jesus who said, as he offered the wine during the Last Supper, "This cup that is poured out for you is the New Covenant in my blood." (Luke 22:20)


Many people teach the Bible Oils class outlined in the book, Healing Oils of the Bible, where Exodus 30:22-31 is read. When I teach that class, I watch closely as that Bible passage in Exodus is read, making sure we stop just before verse 32 in order to avoid raising questions and taking class time to explain the warning given in the next two verses. This issue is not central to the intent of the Bible Oils class and can consume valuable time. For people who think of this question later, the answer is in the book.

When the issue does come up in class, my quick answer is simply this: "This prohibition was part of the covenant of God with Moses. That covenant was rescinded in Jeremiah 3:8 and replaced with a new one. So it is okay to use that blend today without any fear. However, the blend we will pass around tonight (Exodus II), while it contains the four oils of the Holy Anointing Oil of Exodus 30:23-24, it contains other oils of Exodus as well. So it is not the same as the Holy Oil. Even so, if you have concerns, then don't apply the oil blend we are using tonight."

This short answer will dispense with the topic 99% of the time so you can move on to the more important material to be included. I do not bring up the details of my long answer about the Holy Anointing oil in class, as discussed above, but if someone persists for a more thorough answer, I simply say "See me afterwards" rather than belabor the point during the program.

Occasionally people want to obtain the Holy Biblical Blend of Exodus, speculating that this blend may have been used by the elders for healing in James 5:14-16. If people want this blend, for whatever reason, I just refer them to Moshe Cohen's website and email address through which thay may obtain the blend, straight from the Holy Land.

For those of you who are giving programs on Healing Oils of the Bible, if this question ever comes up, now you have a way to answer that is short and accurate without spending undue class time.


Dr. Stewart's book, Healing Oils of the Bible, is available from bookstores and many sources, including www.RaindropTraining.com.


4. Becoming a Legal Certified Raindrop Practitioner
by David Stewart, PhD, DNM, IASP, BCRS

As of July 2007 the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE International) has implemented a new program whereby anyone may legally practice raindrop technque anywhere in the United States or Canada. By becoming a Certified Raindrop Practitioner (CRP) and Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH) and/or a Board Certified Raindrop Specialist (BCRS) you can practice raindrop professionally in all 50 states and provinces of Canada without need of any additional health care or massage credential.

This program is available only through CARE and starts by completing the formal CARE curriculum which consists of 25 hours of training in Bible Oils, Vitaflex, Raindrop Technique, Essential Oil Chemistry, and Emotional Releasing with Oils. You can complete all 25 hours in a 3 or 4 day period by taking a CARE Intensive, or you can take portions of the curriculum by participating in a CARE Seminar. For a calendar of CARE Intensives and Seminars, visit http://www.RaindropTraining.com. More than 150 of these CARE training programs are offered each year throughout North America and in other selected countries.

Following completion of the 25 hours of CARE Coursework, there are six more requirements involving at-home practice, study, and teaching concluded by a Return Demonstration and Oral Exam at which you perform a complete raindrop and all of the vitaflex techniques taught by CARE. The CARE classes, practicums, and return demonstration comprise the first 11 requirements (72 hours) of the CARE Certification program that leads to becoming a Certified CARE Instructor (CCI) and a member of the CARE Faculty. The entire CARE Certification program consists of 23 requirements (164 hours). But you can become a Certified Raindrop Practitioner (CRP) and Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH) by completing only the first 11 requirements or 72 hours of the CARE Program. Those who complete all 164 hours and become CCIs may become Board Certified Raindrop Practitioners (BCRS), which has a broader legally defined scope of practice. But if all you want to do is to practice raindrop as a professional, then being a CRP is sufficient.

Details are given on the CARE Website (RaindropTraining.com). Scroll down the right side of the home page and you will see where to click for information on CRP, LSH, and BCRS.

These certifications and licenses are made possible through CARE by an alliance between CARE and the Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB) and the Alliance of Christian Healers Licensing Board (ACHLB). For more on NTCB, visit www.ntcb.org.

The laws with regard to touching another person, applying massage-like techniques, and anointing with oils vary from state to state, province to province, and even city to city in some cases. If you have no government recognized health care license and do not have a certificate and license, such as CRP, LSH, and/or BCRS, you can find yourself in legal trouble by offering raindrop or vitaflex to the public. Even if you have a license, such as for massage, it is usually only valid for the state or province from which it was issued, thus making it legal for you to practice raindrop in that state or province, but no other. So even if you have a health care related license, it can be a valuable asset for you to obtain recognition as a CRP and LSH and/or BCRS, which would make it legal for you to travel and do raindrops throughout the continent.

For more complete details visit www.RaindropTraining.com or www.ntcb.org.


5. 2007- 2008 CARE PROGRAM CALENDAR as of Oct 10, 2007
More Seminars are Added Continually Throughout the Year

Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education

Training Workshops for Continuing Education Credit in

CARE Sponsored 109 seminars and intensives during 2005 and 117 programs during 2006 throughout the USA and Canada, as well as programs in Australia, Mexico and Europe. CARE will sponsor more than 160 programs in 2007.

As of October 10, 2007, 164 CARE seminars and intensives are booked so far for 2007 in Canada, Mexico, 29 States & District of Columbia.

More programs are being added every week. Periodically check the website, http://www.RaindropTraining.com for the latest listings in the CARE Calendar.

If you don't find a CARE program in your area at this time, check the Directory of Certified CARE Instructors on the CARE websiteand contact one or more of them to see if a CARE Seminar or Intensive can be arranged in your neighborhood.


1. CARE INTENSIVES (offering ALL of the 25-hour CAREcurriculum over a 3-4 day period.)

2. CARE SEMINARS (offering a portion of the CARE curriculumover a 1-2 day period.)

The Full 25-hour CARE Curriculum includes the following:

BO - Bible Oils (2 hrs)
VF - Applied Vitaflex (4 hrs)
RD - Raindrop Technique (8 hrs)
CH - Essential Oil Chemistry (6 hrs)
ER - Emotional Release with Oils (5 hrs)

Listings of scheduled CARE Programs are given below andare coded as follows:

1. Intensives offering the full five courses (25 hrs) of CAREcredit are designated as ALL.

2. Seminars offering only a part of the CARE curriculum are designated according to what is offered by BO, VF, RD, CH, and/or ER as appropriate.

The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Continuing Education Approved Provider #408294-00.

Postings below are as of October 10, 2007. Additional ones are being added every week or so. Full details are given on the CARE website http://www.RaindropTraining.com Check the website periodically for the most current dates and locations.

For specific information on any particular program, see Contact Names with their emails, phone numbers, etc., at the end of this message. Registration for most Intensives can be accomplished on the internet at http://www.RaindropTraining.com.

You may also call CARE toll free at 800-758-8629 or e-mail your requests to care@raindroptraining.com.

(Posted as of October 10, 2007)

Seminar: VF, RD
Sep 15-16, Sat-Sun, Bristol, Tennessee
Instructor: Judy Addington, LMT, CR, CI

Intensive: ALL
Sep 20 - 22, Thurs - Sat, White Rock, BC, Canada
With Carol Howden, FCCI and Ben Howden, CI

Intensive: ALL
Sep 20 - 23, Thurs - Sun, Grandville, Michigan
With Kathy Spohn, FCCI

Seminar: VF, RD
Sep 22 - 23, Sat - Sun, Brainerd, Minnesota
With Trude Anderson, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Sep 28 - 30, Fri - Sun, Blaine, Minnesota
With Tanis Wichmann, FCCI

Seminar: BO, RD, VF
Sep 28-29, Fri - Sat, Enola, Pennsylania
With Judy Estep, SCCI

Seminar: BO, VF, RD
Sep 28 - 30, Fri - Sun, Modesto, California
With Beverly Claussen, SCCI, CR

Intensive: ALL
Sep 28 - 30, Fri - Sun, Chicago, Illinois
With Gaia Tossing, FCCI and Nancy Gouch, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Sep 28 - 30, Fri - Sun, Milton, Ontario, Canada
With Shawna Marroccoli, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Sep 28 - 30, Fri - Sun, Omaha, Nebraska
With Tammy Struebing, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 4 - 6, Thurs - Sat, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
With Carol Howden, FCCI and Ben Howden, CI

Intnesive: ALL
Oct 4 - 7, Thu - Sun, Ankeny, Iowa
With Irene Buckley, LMT, SCCI, and Tanis Wichmann, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 6 - 8, Sat - Mon, St. Petersburg, Florida
With Gaia Tossing, FCCI, LMT, RCR

Intensive: All
Oct 12 - 14, Fri - Sun, Fairbanks, Alaska
With Sheila Hay, FCCI, & Gary Hay, CCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 14 - 17, Sun - Wed, Redmond, Oregon
With Gail Hunter, LMP, CCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 18 - 21, Thu - Sun, Winter Park, Colorado
With Marie Koepke, RN, NBCR, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 18 - 21, Thurs - Sun, Grandville, Michigan
With Kathy Spohn, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 18 - 21, Thu - Sun, Gray, Tennessee
With Jamie Hyatt, RN, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 18 - 21, Thu - Sun, Gainesville, Florida
With Marylee Creegan, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 18 - 21 Thu - Sun, Falmounth, Maine
With Carol Garvey, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 18 - 21, Thu - Sun, Gray Tennessee
With Jamie Hyatt, RN, FCCI

Seminar: VF, RD
Oct 19 - 20, Fri - Sat, Anchorage, Alaska
With Gary Hay, RM, CCI, BCRP
Intensive: ALL
Oct 19 - 21, Fri - Sun, Greenville, South Carolina
With Mindy Kirby, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 19 - 21, Fri - Sun, Milton, Ontario, Canada
With Shawna Marroccoli, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 19 - 21, Fri - Sun, Easton, Maryland
With Joanna Barrett, FCCI and Mer Barrett, SCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 20 - 22, Sat - Mon, Nashville, Tennessee
With Gaia Tossing, FCCI, LMT, RCR

Seminar: BO, VF, RD, ER
Oct 21 - 22, Sun - Mon, Bakersfield, California
With Beverly Claussen, SCCI

Seminar: ER
Oct 22, Mon, Anchorage, Alaska
With Sheila Hay, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 21 - 24, Sun - Wed, Walla Walla, Washington
With Gail Hunter, LMP, CCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 26 - 28, Fri - Sun, Madison, Wisconsin
With Tammy Struebing, FCCI

Inensive: ALL
Oct 26 - 29, Fri - Mon, Racine (Milwaukee), Wisconsin
With Nancy Gouch, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 29 - 31, Mon - Wed, Calgary, AB, Canada
With Carol Howden, FCCI and Ben Howden, CI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 1 - 3, Thu - Sat, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
With Carol Howden, FCCI and Ben Howden, CI

Intensive: All
Nov 1 - 4, Thu - Sun, Sioux City, Iowa
With Irene Buckley, LMT, SCCI, and Tanis Wichmann, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 2 - 4, Fri - Sun, Milton, Ontario, Canada
With Shawna Marroccoli, FCCI

Seminar: BO, VF, RD, ER
Nov 2 - 4, Fri - Sun, Modesto, California
With Beverly Claussen, SCCI

Seminar: VF,RD,BO
Nov 3 - 4, Sat - Sun. Saginaw, Michigan.
with Jill Burk, CMT, SCCI

Seminar: BO, VF, RD
Nov 3 - 4, Sat - Sun, Livonia, Michigan
Instructor: Celeste Buie, CCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 9 - 11, Fri - Sun, Durham, North Carolina
With Mindy Kirby, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 9 - 11, Fri - Sun, Chicago, Illinois
With Gaia Tossing, FCCI and Nancy Gouch, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 9 - 11, Fri - Sun, Waterloo, New York
Joanna Barrett, CNHP, RN, FCCI & Mer Barrett, CNHP, PKP, SCCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 13 - 16, Tue - Fri, Branson, Missouri
With David Stewart, PhD, and Lee Stewart, SCCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 11 - 14, Sun - Wed, Gilbert, Arizona
With Gail Hunter, LMP, FCCI

Intensive: All
Nov 13 - 17, Tue - Thu, Seattle, Washington
With Sheila Hay, FCCI, & Gary Hay, CCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 15 - 18, Thu - Sun, Gray, Tennessee
With Jamie Hyatt, RN, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 16 - 18, Fri - Sun, Morris, Minnesota
With Tanis Wichmann, FCCI

Intensive: All
Nov 18 - 20, Sun - Tue, Vancouver, Washington
With Sheila Hay, FCCI, & Gary Hay, CCI

Intensive: All
Nov 25 - 27, Sun - Tue, McMinnville, Oregon
With Sheila Hay, FCCI, & Gary Hay, CCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 29 - Dec 2, Thurs - Sun, Grandville, Michigan
With Kathy Spohn, FCCI

Intensive: All
Nov 30 - Dec 2, Fri - Sun, Tracy, California
With Sheila Hay, FCCI, & Gary Hay, CCI

Seminar: BO, VF, RD, ER
Dec 2 - 3, Sun - Mon, Boston, Massachusetts
With Gaia Tossing, LMT, RCR, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Dec 6 - 8, Thu - Sat, Saddle Brook, New Jersey
Mer Barrett, CNHP, SCCI & Joanna Barrett, RN, CNC, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Dec 7 - 9, Fri - Sun, Saddle Brook, New Jersey
Joanna Barrett, CNHP, RN, FCCI & Mer Barrett, CNHP, PKP, SCCI

Intensive: ALL
Dec 7 - 9, Fri - Sun, Charlotte, North Carolina
With Mindy Kirby, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Dec 7 - 10, Fri - Mon, Bloomington, Illinois
With Nancy Gouch, FCCI

(Posted as of October 10, 2007)

Intensive: ALL
Jan 5 - 7, Sat - Mon, St. Petersburg, Florida
With Gaia Tossing, FCCI, LMT, RCR

Intensive: ALL
Jan 19 - 21, Sat - Mon, Chicago, Illinois
With Gaia Tossing, FCCI and Nancy Gouch, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Jan 25 - 27, Fri - Sun, Ithaca, New York
Joanna Barrett, CNHP, RN, FCCI & Mer Barrett, CNHP, PKP, SCCI

Intensive: ALL
Mar 1 - 3, Sat - Mon, Chicago, Illinois
With Gaia Tossing, FCCI and Nancy Gouch, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Mar 9 - 11, Sun - Tue, Nashville, Tennessee
With Gaia Tossing, FCCI, LMT, RCR

Intensive: ALL
Apr 5 - 7, Sat - Mon, St. Petersburg, Florida
With Gaia Tossing, FCCI, LMT, RCR

Intensive: ALL
Apr 26 - 28, Sat - Mon, Chicago, Illinois
With Gaia Tossing, FCCI and Nancy Gouch, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
June 15-18, Sun - Wed, Salt Lake City, Utah
Immediately Following 2008 YLEO Grand Convention
David Stewart, PhD, DNM, & Lee Stewart, SCCI, BCRS

Intensive: ALL
June 28 - 30, Sat - Mon, Chicago, Illinois
With Gaia Tossing, FCCI and Nancy Gouch, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Aug 10-13, Sun - Wed, Los Angeles (Rosemead), California
David Stewart, PhD, DNM, & Lee Stewart, SCCI, BCRS

Intensive: ALL
Nov 11-14, Tue - Fri, Branson, Missouri
David Stewart, PhD, DNM, & Lee Stewart, SCCI, BCRS

A Discounted Early Registration Fee for taking a whole
3 - 4 day CARE Intensive (25 hours) is available when
payment is made no later than two weeks before the
specific program date. Early Registration for a CARE
Intensive is available on the internet at
http://www.RaindropTraining.com. For late registrations
for Intensives or for registration for CARE Seminars,
Contact the appropriate registrar from the list below:

Connie Adams, CMT, FCCI
- (707) 422-5272 conniejoym@earthlink.net
Judy Addington, LMT, CCI
- (423) 542-6159; therbocar@yahoo.com
Trude Anderson, FCCI
- (218) 829-0717; (218) 831-3302 Trudesoils@yahoo.com
Joanna Barrett, RN, CNC, FCCI
- (607) 642-5448 RaindropTraining@onehealthylife.net
Mer Barrett, CNHP, PKP, SCCI
- (607) 642-5448 RaindropTraining@onehealthylife.net
Julie Blanchard, FCCI(r)
- (218) 825-0064 julie@julieblanchard444.com
Margaret Brock, CCI
- (573) 238-5875 margettiann@hotmail.com
Irene Buckley, LMT, SCCI
- (712) 755-3780 naturjoy@fmctc.com
Celest Buie, CCI
- (586) 722-3593 celeste.buie@wowway.com
Jill Burk, SCCI
- (989) 996-0830 jillycmt@aol.com
Beverly Claussen, SCCI
- (209) 765-6290 glowingscents@netzero.net
Marylee Creegan, FCCI
- (386) 462-2092 mec14@juno.com
Judy Estep, SCCI
- (717) 732-5017 judyeestep@aol.com
Carol Garvey, FCCI
- (905) 815-9931 cgarvey@sympatico.ca
Nancy Gouch, FCCI
- (630) 272-7948; (630) 682-1394.raindroptraining@energeticessentials.com
Christina Hagan, CCI
- (919) 623-6940 hagangiani@juno.com
Sheila Hay, FCCI
- (907) 883-3646 sheilahay@pacifichomesalaska.com
Carol Howden, FCCI
- (250) 816-7110; (805) 208-6628 carolhowden@yahoo.ca
Gail Hunter, LMP, FCCI
- (425) 359-9358 Gailsmassage@gmail.com
Jamille Hyatt, RN, FCCI
- (423) 323-8319; (423) 737-4443 jamillee@aol.com
Melinda Kirby, LMT, FCCI
- (828) 287-0668; (828) 289-6833 theoilmaven@yahoo.com
Marie Koepke, RN, NBCR, FCCI
- (970) 531-3528 mtnmarie@yahoo.com
Shawna Marroccoli, FCCI
- (905) 875-3952; (905) 466-4882 rs_marroccoli@hotmail.com
Denise Naasz, LMT, SCCI
- (740) 773-5490 or 740-703-2266 denaasz@yahoo.com
Donna Pepperdine, LMP, MH, CCI
- (817) 545-9929, misspepperdine@yahoo.com
Sandy Rodie, CCI
- (210) 493-9587 SandyRodie@aol.com
Kathy Spohn, FCCI
- (616) 261-0015 oilsofold@sbcglobal.net
David Stewart, PhD, DNM, IASP, FCCI
- (800) 758-8629 care@raindroptraining.com
Lee Stewart, SCCI
- (800) 758-8629 care@raindroptraining.com
Tammy Struebing, FCCI
- (402) 395-6887 tstruebing@amhne.org
Gaia Tossing, FCCI, LMT, RCR
- (615) 496-3366 or (847) 903-6603 careclasses@yahoo.com
Barbara Vissers, CCI
- (616) 457-0412 fil29@i2k.com
Leslie Vornholt, LCSW, SCCI
- (720) 304-8043 artemisdancer@earthlink.net
Tanis Wichmann, FCCI
- (218) 367-2579 stevtan@arvig.net


This program may change your life if you are willing to try
something new and be open. I love how gentle and
graceful my healing was and how wonderful to have hope
Lisa Marie Belter, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This class was very enlightening. I would recommend it to
everyone. It is nice to know that there is an alternative to
Tiffany Slusher, Minford, Ohio

Since I can remember I could not seem to hear what others
could hear. As a result I was labeled as a slow learner. At the
CARE Seminar, the Instructor asked if he could demonstrate
the Vitaflex Ear Technique on me using helichrysum oil. So I
took out my hearing aid and he gave his demonstration to
the class. That night when I turned on my computer I had to
decrease the volume by three-quarters of the setting I
normally use as it was too loud for me. The next day I did
not wear my hearing aid to class and for the first time I did
not strain to hear.
Vickie Hornbuckle, Piedmont, Kansas

My experience in this class was very precious and a blessing!
The instructor poured out her love all day long amongst us. She
touched my heart. I would love to have more of my dear friends
in Europe receive this wonderful experience.
Dr. Gabriele Hauser, Vienna, Austria

This program has changed my life. I feel as if I have been
waiting all of my life for this door to open so I could walk
through into my destiny. Usually I would go to a seminar
and in a few days, I would go back to my old habit patterns,
but not this time. The next day after the emotional release
class I woke up totally free from a fear I had for years. God
is such a wonderful Father to prepare these healings for us
in such a simple way as offered through CARE's ministry. I
will forever be thankful. And one more thing. My block
towards chemistry is gone. Really gone!I did not look forward
to the class. I actually dreaded it. Now, I am looking forward
to taking it again and becoming a teacher! Miracles happen
all the time! Shalom.
Maria DeShields, St. Louis, Missouri

Enjoyed the classes totally and learned much more than
I thought I would.
Patricia McHugh, Bridgeton, New Jersey

A fabulous reintroduction to the oils, the chemistry, and
life in general. The instructor was amazing.
Jyll Johnstone, DiReno, Italy

The CARE Intensive exceeded my high expectations. All of
the instructors were great. Their tremendous caring and
willingness to give of self was always evident.This program
provides an opportunity to build on previous knowledge or
start new if unfamiliar with essential oils. It also enables you
to participate in personal growth and meet wonderful people.
Jeannette Vaupel, RN, Genoa, Illinois

Thank you so much for bringing the raindrop training to
Australia. I absolutely loved the course. It was a turning point
for me. I hope that you can come back to Australia ASAP.
Sonya Vassallo, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia

I am so grateful for CARE. This workshop really truly builds
confidence and teaches the techniques in a way that could
be learned by anyone. Thank you! It has been so fulfilling!
Robyn Karima Grant, Nakuop, British Columbia, Canada

This seminar will change your life! I have no suggestions for
this seminar. It was fantastic.
Diane Koepp, Belle Plaine, Minnesota

This is a program for everyone. It will cange their lives for a
much better future. Makes you a new person who belongs to
God. Thank you.
Dermot Bailey, Niestetal, Germany

It was great! I loved it! Until I took this seminar I didn't have
a clue that oils could do so much! Thank you!
Susan J. Knowles, Caldwell, West Virginia

We traveled a long way for the CARE Seminar (from
England to California). The whole workshop was interesting,
enlightening, excellent, and very enjoyable. It was well worth
every mile traveled!
Susan Duerden, CMT, Clitheroe, Lancashire, England

As a massage therapist I was able to take the work that I
do to the next level! The understanding of the chemistry of
essential is helping me explain the scientific way they work.
Thank you. It was a pleasure being in this class.
Melissa Bills, LMT, Caro, Michigan

This training is an absolute must for all those involved in oils.
Truly awe inspiring!! We received knowledge and healing
from above.
James Claps, Grove Village, Illinois

This workshop has been the most rewarding learning
experience since my introduction to essential oils. The wealth
of material and wonderful personal experiences and knowledge
shared was beyond my expectations.
Aziyza Shabazz, St. Croix, Virgin Islands

The CARE class was so uplifting and informative. I love you all.
Tammy L. Webb, Anchorage, Alaska

Three days after receiving raindrop in the CARE class I
received a healing from a painful shoulder and left arm. I am
very excited what the oils do for people.
Meg Hueslcamp, Brenham, Texas

Millions of thanks to you. I am already lining up students to
come to your next classes. Everything was taught in such a
simple manner that even a child could follow and do raindrop
technique. May God bless you richly in your work.
Kiew Lo, Carlingford Court, New South Wales, Australia

Words are not adequate to express how great this class is.
Everyone was inspired and blessed by every section of the
class. We didn't want it to end.
Connie Allen, Lewiston, Idaho

The CARE Intensive was so great! It was amazing. During
the three days we all bonded together and it seemed like
we were all a big family. I found the chemistry class to be
very interesting, which shocked me as I never really enjoyed
science before. You explained everything so well that now I
will feel more confident in using my oils and sharing them.
Thank you for the experience and the training.
Jamie Brown, Lakewood, California

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for such a wonderful
program. Not only have I learned a great deal of new skills,
I have grown as a spiritual being. All this in just three days!
Thank you.
Kim McMahon, Bronte Beach, New South Wales, Australia

I have taken the CARE Classes twice now and it continues
to get better. The magnitude of information is incredible. I feel
like I could repeat and repeat.
Carol Garvey, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

I wouldn't change anything about the CARE class. It is
perfect. This little group is really special. We were supported
by so many angels and the presence of the highest spirit.
I love this training!
Vijay Churfuerst-Hanzal, Leobendorf, Austria

6. Subscription/ Unsubscription/ and How to Obtain Therapeutic Grade Oils

In each issue of The Raindrop Messenger you will find articles and essays on a variety of topics related to health and longevity. Our hope is to be informative and, perhaps, inspire to you for the benefit of your physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual life. The Raindrop Messenger is also a friendly way of keeping you abreast of CARE’s ongoing programs, activities and helpful books and videos.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

To subscribe to The Raindrop Messenger, visit CARE online at http://www.RaindropTraining.com and find the sign-up box on the home page.

If you wish at any time to leave this email list, unsubscribe information can be found at the bottom of every newsletter. On the other hand, if you enjoy the newsletter we hope that you will forward it to your friends and family along with an invitation to join the ever-growing list of Raindrop Messenger readers.

Where and How to Obtain Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

If you are a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor or a Young Living Customer, you have chosen to avail yourself of the world’s finest oils of Biblical grade quality. If You are not a YL Member and have a friend or relative who is, you should approach them and ask how you can become affiliated with Young Living and purchase these oils.

You may also contact any Certified CARE Instructor (CCI) who would be happy to enroll you in Young Living. The addresses, phone numbers, and email information for all CARE instructors are given on the CARE website, http://www.RaindropTraining.com. Perhaps there is a CCI living near to you who would serve as your sponsor and assist you in learning about how to use the oils.

If you do not know of anyone in your community or family that sells these oils, you may also choose to enroll with Dr. David and Lee Stewart as your sponsor at http://bibleoils.YoungLivingWorld.com or by contacting Young Living at (800) 371-3515 and enroll over the phone asking that David and Lee Stewart, YLEO Member #261333, be your sponsors. You may also call David or Lee directly at (573) 238-4273.

You cannot practice therapeutic aromatherapy with healing results unless you use properly produced and packaged oils. Most oils easily available from retail outlets are food or perfume grade oils and do not have the healing properties that Young Living oils possess.

Becoming a Certified CARE Instructor

For information on becoming a Certified CARE Instructor (CCI) Visit: http://www.RaindropTraining.com


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