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Official Newsletter of C.A.R.E.
The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education


Official Newsletter of C.A.R.E.
The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education
Rt. 4, Box 646, Marble Hill, Missouri USA 63764
(573) 238-4846

Volume 7, Number 3
May - June 2009

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1. The Ant Philosophy, by Jim Rohn
2. A Rash Statement, by Julie Chertow
3. Death by Miscellaneous, by Steve Goodier
4. CARE Classes with Dr. David Stewart After YL Conventions
5. The 2009 CARE Calendar of Training Seminars (as of 4/09)
6. Subscribe and Unsubscribe Info

1. The Ant Philosophy
~^~By Jim Rohn

"The ants are a people not strong, yet they gather their food in the summer." Proverbs 30:26

Over the years I've been teaching children about a simple but powerful concept - The Ant Philosophy. I think everybody should study ants. They have an amazing four-part philosophy.

The first part is: Ants never quit. That's a good philosophy. If they're headed somewhere and you try to stop them, they will look for another way. They'll climb over. They'll climb under. They'll climb around. They keep looking for another way until they find one. What a neat philosophy, to never quit looking for a way to get where you're supposed to go.

Second, ants think winter all summer. That's an important perspective. You can't be so naive as to think summer will last forever. So ants are gathering in their winter food in the middle of summer. An ancient story says, "Don't build your house on the sand in the summer." Why do we need that advice? Because while it may seem like sand is a good place to build in the summer when it's dry, you've got to think ahead to the storms of the winter when it is wet and where sand may not be so good when it floods. As you enjoy the sand and Summer sun, you've got to think rocks for a more solid foundation to weather the storms of Winter. Think ahead. Ants do.

The third part of the ant philosophy is that ants think summer all winter. That is so important. During the winter, ants remind themselves, "This won't last long; we'll soon be out of here." And the first warm day, the ants are out. If it turns cold again, they'll dive back down, but then they come out the first warm day. During winter, they live in a state of positive expectation and can't wait to get out.

And here's the last part of the ant philosophy. How much will an ant gather during the summer to prepare for the winter? All he possibly can. What an incredible philosophy, the "all-you-possibly-can" philosophy.

Wow, what a great seminar - "The Ant Seminar," taught and lived by tiny six-legged creatures with brains smaller than the head of a pin, yet containing all the wisdom they need to succeed and survive.

1. Never give up.
2. Look ahead.
3. Stay positive.
4. Do all you can.

People write whole books on these topics while the life of an ant expresses these principles in less than a dozen words.


2. A Rash Statement
~^~by Julie Chertow, YL Gold Distributor, Oregon

I feel that it is important and worthy to address the issue of rashes with essential oils since this comes up quite often.

Any time a rash appears after using oils, especially in the beginning, it is from a detox happening.

How many years has someone used petrochemicals in all their personal care products, household cleaning products? What kind of water do they shower and bathe in? Do they soak in a jacuzzi or swim in a pool with chlorine? What is their diet? Do they eat non organic food sprayed with lots and lots of chemicals? what about the air they breathe in their town or city they live in? What about drinking out of plastic water bottles?

What about the over-the-counter drugs and pharmaceutical drugs people have taken for years? What about the years of vaccines people have had? What about herbs people may take that may possibly be sprayed with chemicals.

What about walking barefoot on chemically treated carpet? Those chemicals go right into the body through the bottom of the feet. All these chemicals go in through the skin and into the brain. They release toxic gases and lodge into the brain receptors. They lodge on to the nerve endings. We have millions of receptor sites along the spine (nerve endings). They lodge into the organs, the blood, the lymphatic system, into the tissue.

Then here we come with using our precious oils on our friends, families & clients. Guess what? Our oils digest petrochemicals.(Thank God) Guess what? Our skin is the largest organ. Guess what? We detoxify through our skin. Guess what? People tend to blame the last thing they used...our oils.

And, have any of you ever been around Gary Young and heard the hundreds of times people have come up to him complaining that they started to use the oils and they got a rash. Gary's response across the board every single time I have heard him address this is "CONGRATULATIONS you are detoxing!"

What I share with people is what I mentioned above and I say I would rather see little bumps (the rash) coming out then one big lump (a tumor)

Unfortunately most people do not take responsibility and have the consciousness about the myriad of chemicals they ingest and absorb into their bodies on a daily basis for weeks, months and years. Petrochemicals and other toxins accumulate through all the years of your life. They do not all come out because we go to the bathroom. The body can handle it for a while but then it says NO MORE! and disease begins, all kinds.

So we Young Living distributors have a big purpose, a big job to help humanity to understand and educate them (and ourselves) at the absolute dangers of exposing ourselves to petrochemicals in all the products we use daily. Then to support them in switching their products to Young Living because we have not an ounce of chemicals in our products. To support people in cleansing. And then educating people on integrating the oils into their daily life.

Support your people in getting alkalined, using Alaklime, using Multi Greens, daily drinking Ningxia Red, eating and juicing lots of fresh organic greens, putting lemon oil or lemon juice in their water.

People everywhere are getting sick and their health is failing and they don't know why. It is our mission to help them understand the environmental sources of their problems and to educate them in the solutions, which we have as Young Living distributors.


3. Death by Miscellaneous
~^~by Steve Goodier

In reading a mortality chart recently, I discovered something truly amazing. A great number of people die each year from a disease I had never heard of! Of course, there was the predictable number who died of heart attacks, cancer, stroke, accidents and the like, but at the bottom of the chart was one which surprised me. It was called "miscellaneous." Apparently, a large number of people die of "miscellaneous" every year!

I think I understand why. I suffer from "miscellaneous" when I go in too many directions at once. When I am directionless and scattered, the disease begins to take over. Soon my self-esteem is affected and I feel as if I'm doing nothing important. Flitting here and there, I have no overriding purpose and I feel as if my life is spinning out of control. It must be a terrible way to die!

However, I believe there is a cure for the disease. It's called "focus." A focused person is one who knows what is important and follows the path. She/He may have many interests, but one calling. A focused person hears one voice more clearly than the others...and follows. Some call it pursuing a mission. Some call it knowing your purpose. Others call it being centered. Whatever it is called, a focused life can be meaningful and happy.

Not every path should be followed, and not every goal should become a life's calling. But a truly worthy focus can raise a life from mediocrity and save it from a slow death by miscellaneous.

Are you in focus?

If you truly want to be successful in helping people, both health wise and financially, focus on your Young Living Essential Oils business. You will then be focused on helping a lot of people and not just a few people with health problems. By focusing on the business and developing your business like a CEO of a corporation, which you are, you will be involved with large numbers, rather than just a few who have health problems.

Since the vast majority, like about 99% of us, are not trained medical doctors then we should focus on "selling the product" and on "teaching people how to use the product," not on the "diagnosing and prescribing the product." If you don't put in the time, You will never earn a dime, nor will you be of service to others. Working your business as a Young Living Distributor is unique in that what you promote will greatly improve the quality of life for others while, at the same time, you are creating an income for yourself. This is as it should be: Doing good things and being rewarded for it.


4. CARE Classes with Dr. David Stewart After YL Conventions
~^~in Minneapolis and in Great Britain.

Dr. David Stewart will be speaking at the YL Convention in Minneapolis on September 18 as one of the workshops. His topic will be: Quantum Physics, Essential Oils: The Mind-Body Connection (Or How Essential Oils Really Work). He will be giving the same presentation at the European YL Convention in Vienna, Austria, in October, with a German translator.

Dr. Stewart will also be giving a CARE Intensive in Minneapolis immediately following the YL Convention there. This will start with a program on Healing Oils of the Bible Sunday evening, Sepbtember 20, which is open to the public. There is a $40 charge for this. Children and teens are free.

The Bible Oils program on Sunday evening is the first part of a CARE Intensive in Minneapolis with Dr. & Mrs Stewart that extends throughout the next three days, September 21-23. This Intensive will include Applied Vitaflex, Raindrop Technique, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple, and Emotional Release with Oils and comes with continuing education credit for massage therapists.

Taking a CARE Intensive also leads to becoming a Certified Raindrop Practitioner (CRP) and Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH), which makes it legal for one to practice raindrop throughout the U.S. and Canada. Full details are given at www.RaindropTraining.com, or you may call (800) 758-8629 or send your inquiry to careclasses@raindroptraining.com.

Dr. Stewart will also be teaching another CARE Intensive in Great Britain, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, October 28 - 31. Details of this are available from the Young Living European Office. Send inquiries to tkerr@youngliving.com or to spayton@youngliving.com.

There will be the only classes taught by Dr. Stewart for the remainder of 2009.


Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education
(As of July 1, 2009)

Training Workshops for Continuing Education Credit in

During 2008, there were 125 CARE Programs located coast to coast across North America, in 35 States of the U.S., 5 Provinces of Canada, Austria, and Great Britain (U.K.).

As of July 1. 2009, 92 CARE Programs have been scheduled for 2009. More programs are added every week. Periodically check the website, http://www.RaindropTraining.com for the latest listings in the CARE Calendar.

If you don't find a CARE program in your area at this time, check the Directory of Certified Trainers on the CARE website and contact one or more of them to see if a CARE Seminar or Intensive can be arranged in your neighborhood.


1. CARE INTENSIVES (offering ALL of the 25-hour CARE curriculum over a 3-4 day period.)

2. CARE SEMINARS (offering a portion of the CARE curriculum over a 1-2 day period.)

3. CARE CLASSES OR LECTURES (offering one, or a portion, of the five topics of the CARE curriculum in a day, morning, afternoon, or evening.)

The Full 25-hour CARE Curriculum includes the following:

BO - Bible Oils (2 hrs)
VF - Applied Vitaflex (4 hrs)
RD - Raindrop Technique (8 hrs)
CH - Essential Oil Chemistry (6 hrs)
ER - Emotional Release with Oils (5 hrs)

Listings of scheduled CARE Programs are given below and
are coded as follows:

1. Intensives offering the full five courses (25 hrs) of CARE credit are designated as ALL.

2. Seminars offering only a part of the CARE curriculum are designated according to what is offered by BO, VF, RD, CH, and/or ER as appropriate.

The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Continuing Education Approved Provider.

For specific information on any particular program, see Contact Names with their emails, phone numbers, etc., at the end of this message. Registration for most Intensives can be accomplished on the internet at http://www.RaindropTraining.com.

You may also call CARE toll free at (800) 758-8629 or e-mail your requests to .


CARE Classes are usually taken for the information and skills they provide. Certificates of Participation are issued for each Class. Any CARE Class once taken can be repeated for half-price.

For those who may want to teach for CARE, CARE Classes are the first step toward becoming a Certified CARE Instructor (CCI)

In addition to credit for massage therapists thru NCBTMB, taking CARE Classes can also lead to becoming a Certified Raindrop Practitioner (CRP) or Board Certified Raindrop Specialist (BCRS) through the Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB). The CARE Program also leads to eligibility to become a Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH) through the Alliance of Christian Healers Licensing Board. Becoming both a CRP and a LSH legalizes you in the practice of Raindrop and Vitaflex throughout the U.S. and Canada. Being a CRP or BCRS also makes you eligible to obtain liability insurance good throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Eligibility for becoming a CRP or BCRS is available only through CARE. For more details, visit http://www.RaindropTraining.com For complete details, obtain a current edition of the CCI Handbook ($9.95) available from CARE.

2009 CARE Calendar of Programs (as of 7/1/09)
In the following States, Provinces, or Countries
(Canada) AB, BC, NS, ON
(Japan) (OK, KY, HO)
(Britain) (Cambridgeshire)

Intensive: ALL
June 1 - 4, Mn - Thurs, Johnston, Iowa
With Irene Buckley, LMT, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
June 4 - 6, Thurs - Sat, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
With Bruce Dietler, FCCI, BCRS and Linda Dietler, SCCI, BCRS

Intensive: ALL
June 5 - 7, Fri - Sun, Winter Park, Colorado
Marie Koepke, RN, NCBR, FCCI & Tammy Struebing, FCCI, BCRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
June 9 - 11, Tue - Thu, Herndon, Virginia (Washington, DC)
With Donna Pepperdine, FCCI, MH, LMP

Intensive: ALL
June 11 - 13, Thurs - Sat, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
With Carol Howden, FCCI, BCRS, LSH and Ben Howden CI

Intensive: ALL
June 13 - 15, Sat - Mon, Tyler, Texas
Bruce Dietler, FCCI, BCRS, LSH, & Linda Dietler, SCCI, BCRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
June 15 - 18, Mon - Thurs, Clermont (Orlando), Florida
With Dr. David and Lee Stewart, BCRS, SCCI

Intesnive: ALL
June 26 - 28, Fri - Sun, Temple Hills, Maryland
With Mindy Kirby, FCCI and Teena Johnson, CCI

Intensive: ALL
June 26 - 29, Fri - Sun, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Joanna Barrett, RN, FCCI, BCRS, & Mer Barrett, SCCI, BCRS

Seminar: BO, VF, RD
June 27 - 28, Sat - Sun, Wilsonville, Oregon
With Penny Cosner, LMT, CCI

Seminar: BO, VF, RD, ER
July 17 - 19, Fri - Sun, Modesto, California
With Beverly Claussen, CR, SCCI, BCRS, LSH

Seminar: BO, VF, RD
July 24 - 25, Sat - Sun, Kennewick, Washington
with Penny Cosner, LMT, CCI

Intensive: ALL
July 24 - 27, Fri - Mon, Redmond, Washington
with Gail Hunter, FCCI

Seminar: BO, VF, RD
July 25 - 26, Sat - Sun, Wake Forest, North Carolina
with Christina, Hagan, SCCI, LMBT

Intensive: ALL
July 25 - 26, & Aug 1-2, Sat - Sun, Wentzville, Missouri
With Fran Norton, FCCI, RN

Seminar: BO, VF, RD
July 31 - Aug 1, Fri - Sat, Enola, Pennsylvania
with Judy Estep, SCCI

Seminar: Bo, VF, RD
Aug 1 - 3, Sat - Mon, Chillicothie, Ohio
with Denise Naasz, LMT, SCCI, BCRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Aug 1 - 3, Sat - Mon, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Bruce Dietler, FCCI, BCRS, LSH & Linda Dietler, SCCi, BCRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Aug 6 - 8, Thu - Sat, Apalachin, New York
Joanna Barrett, RN, FCCI, BCRS, & Mer Barrett, SCCI, BCRS

Seminar: BO, VF, RD
Aug 7 - 8, Fri - sat, Basya, Virginia
with Judy Estep, SCCI

Intensive: ALL
Aug 13 - 16, Thu - Sun, Grand Rapids, Michigan
with Kathy Spohn, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Aug 13 - 16, Thu - Sun, Post Falls, Idaho
with Gail Hunter, FCCI

Seminar: VF, RD
Aug 15 - 16, Sat - Sun, Saddlebrook, New Jersey
Marie Turchi, NCMBT, CCI, CRP

Seminar: Bo, VF, RD
Aug 21 - 22, Fti - sat, Rogue River, Oregon
with Penny Cosner, LMT, CCI

Seminar: BO, VF, RD
Aug 27 - 28, Thu - Fri, Basya, Virginia
with Judy Estep, SCCI

Intensive: ALL
Aug 27 - 29, Thu - Sat, Dallas, Texas
With Donna Pepperdine, LMP, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Aug 28 - 31, Fri - Mon, Vancouver, Washington
with Gail Hunter, FCCI

Seminar: BO, VF, RD
Sep 12 - 13, Sat - Sun, Superior, Wisconsin
With Penny Cosner, LMT, CCI

Seminar: BO, VF, RD, ER
Sep 18 -20, Fri - Sun, Modesto, California
With Beverly Claussen, CR, SCCI, BCRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Sep 20 - 23, Sun - Wed, Minneapolis, Minnesota
(Immediately following Young Living Grand Convention)
David Stewart, PhD, Lee Stewart, SCCI, Tanis Wichmann, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Sep 24 - 26, Thu - Sat, Kentville (Halifax Area), NS, Canada
With Carol Howden, FCCI, BCRS, LSH and Ben Howden CI

Intensive: ALL
Sep 26 - 28, Sat - Mon, Chicago, Illinois
With Nancy Gouch, BCRS, FCCI, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Oct 1 - 3, Thu - Sat, Leduc, Alberta, Canada
with Carol Howden, FCCI, BCRS, LSH, and Ben Howden, CI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 3 - 5, Sat - Mon, Omaha, Nebraska
With Tammy Struebing, FCCI, BCRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Oct 15 - 18, Thu - Sun, Grand Rapids, Michigan
with Kathy Spohn, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 17 - 18, 25 - 25, Fri - Sun, Wentzville, Missouri
with Fran Norton, Rn, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 18 - 21, Sun - Wed, Seaside, Oregon
With Gail Hunter, LMP, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 28 - 31, Wed - Sat, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, U.K.
with David Stewart, PhD, and Susan Neary, CCA

Intensive: ALL
Oct 28 - 31, Thu - Sun, Flint Area, Michigan
with Kathy Spohn, FCCI, & Heather Wright, CI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 28 - 31, Thu - Sun, Corvallis, Oregon
with Gail Hunter, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 1 - 3, Sun - Tue, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
with Carol Howden, FCCI, BCRS, LSH, and Ben Howden, CI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 5 - 7, Thu - Sat, Apalachin, New York
Joanna Barrett, RN, FCCI, BCRS and Mer Barrett, SCCI, BCRS

Intensive: ALL
Nov 12 - 15, Thu - Sun, Sacramento, California
with Gail Hunter, FCCI

Seminar: BO, VF, RD, ER
Nov 13 - 15, Fri - Sun, Modesto, California
With Beverly Claussen, CR, SCCI, BCRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Nov 17 - 20, Tue - Fri, Branson, Missouri
Bruce Dietler, FCCI, BCRS, LSH, Linda Dietler, SCCI, BCRS, LSH,
and Kathy Spohn, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Dec 5 - 7, Sat - Mon, Chicago, Illinois
With Nancy Gouch, BCRS, FCCI, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Dec 10 - 13, Thu - Sun, Grand Rapids, Michigan
with Kathy Spohn, FCCI

Registration for some CARE Intensives are available on the internet at www.RaindropTraining.com. You may also register for any of the CARE Seminars by contacting the appropriate registrar from the list below.
Legend of Acronym Titles:
CI - CARE Intern
CRP - Certified Raindrop Practitioner
LSH - Licensed Spiritual Healer
CCI - Certified CARE Instructor
SCCI - Supervising CARE Instructor
FCCI - Fully Certified CARE Instructor
BCRS - Board Certified Raindrop Specialist
Connie Adams, CMT, FCCI
- (707) 372-4256 conniejoym@earthlink.net
Judy Addington, CR, LMT, SCCI
- (423) 542-6159; therbocar@yahoo.com
Joanna Barrett, RN, CNC, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (607) 642-5448 RaindropTraining@onehealthylife.net
- (607) 642-5448 RaindropTraining@onehealthylife.net
Margaret Brock, CCI, BCRS
- (573) 238-5875 margettiann@hotmail.com
Irene Buckley, LMT, FCCI
- (712) 755-3780 naturjoy@fmctc.com
Celeste Buie, CCI
- (586) 722-3593 celeste.buie@wowway.com
Jill Burk, SCCI
- (989) 996-0830 jillycmt@aol.com
Beverly Claussen, SCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (209) 765-6290 glowingscents@netzero.net
Penny Cosner, LMT, CCI
- (541)261-2790 or (541)582-4895 pennyc_lmt@yahoo.com
Bruce Dietler, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (316) 799-2626 deet777@sbcglobal.net
Linda Dietler, SCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (316) 799-2626 deet777@sbcglobal.net
Judy Estep, SCCI
- (717) 732-5017 judyeestep@aol.com
Carol Garvey, FCCI
- (905) 815-9931 carol@journey4health.com
Joy Goble, CI
- (816) 812-4647 banuelosjoy@yahoo.com
Nancy Gouch, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (630) 272-7948; (630) 682-1394
- raindroptraining@energeticessentials.com
Christina Hagan, LMBT, SCCI
- (919) 623-6940 christina@HealthyStepsNC.com
Carol Howden, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (250) 585-8200; (805) 208-6628 carolhowden@yahoo.ca
Gail Hunter, LMP, FCCI
- (425) 359-9358 Gailsmassage@gmail.com
Jamille Hyatt, RN, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (423) 323-8319; (423) 737-4443 jamillee@aol.com
Susan Jacula, CI, CRP, LSH
- (630) 637-1218 suejacula@wowway.com
Melinda Kirby, LMT, FCCI
- (828) 287-0668; (828) 289-6833 theoilmaven@yahoo.com
Marie Koepke, RN, NBCR, FCCI
- (970) 531-3528 mtnmarie@yahoo.com
Shawna Marroccoli, FCCI, CCA, BCRS, LSH
- (905) 875-3952; (905) 466-4882 rs_marroccoli@hotmail.com
Fran Norton, RN, FCCI
- (636) 332-3148 or (314) 961-7605 franorton4@aol.com
Denise Naasz, LMT, SCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (740) 773-5490 or 740-703-2266 denaasz@yahoo.com
Donna Pepperdine, LMP, MH, FCCI
- (940) 391-7456, herbaleducator@yahoo.com
Mary Petriano, CCI
- (919) 271-8495 mpetriano@gmail.com
Barbara Ploe, CCI
- (928) 300-6489, jaba9525@gmail.com
Kathy Spohn, FCCI
- (616) 261-0015 oilsofold@sbcglobal.net
David Stewart, PhD, DNM, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (800) 758-8629
Lee Stewart, SCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (800) 758-8629
Tammy Struebing, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (402) 395-6887 tstruebing@amhne.org
Gaia Tossing, FCCI, LMT, RCR, BCRS, LSH
- (615) 496-3366 or (847) 903-6603 careclasses@yahoo.com
Maria G. Turchi, NCTMB, CCI, CRP
- 201-655-4253, raindroptrainint@bodyworker.us
Tanis Wichmann, FCCI, BCRS
- (218) 367-2579 stevtan@arvig.net
Neka Wilson, CCI(c)
- (276) 275-7899 nekaw@comcast.net


This program may change your life if you are willing to try something new and be open. I love how gentle and graceful my healing was and how wonderful to have hope again.
~ Lisa Marie Belter, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This class was very enlightening. I would recommend it to everyone. It is nice to know that there is an alternative to medicine.
~ Tiffany Slusher, Minford, Ohio

As a Medical Doctor, I would suggest very highly that all medical practitioners, medical students, and residents should be exposed to programs like this.
~ Andrew Sears, M.D., Saginaw, Michigan

I can say from experience that the complete version of Raindrop, as taught in CARE Seminars, is the very best. CARE training allows a person to completely grasp the meaning of every technique and lesson taught so a person can carry out, with true value and with deep spirituality, their own facilitations using CARE methods. I am confident that I have learned the most effective way to assist others on their journey to optimum health."
~ Colleen Coleman, Sherwood, Oregon

Since I can remember I could not seem to hear what others could hear. As a result I was labeled as a slow learner. At the CARE Seminar, the Instructor asked if he could demonstrate the Vitaflex Ear Technique on me using helichrysum oil. So I took out my hearing aid and he gave his demonstration to the class. That night when I turned on my computer I had to decrease the volume by three-quarters of the setting I normally use as it was too loud for me. The next day I did not wear my hearing aid to class and for the first time I did not strain to hear.
~ Vickie Hornbuckle, Piedmont, Kansas
This seminar was beyond my highest expectations! It opened up incredible insights and understandings! In addition we learned one Vitaflex technique that 'cured' my scoliosis with one application.
~ Patricia B. Hayes, Bath, Michigan

My experience in this class was very precious and a blessing! The instructor poured out her love all day long amongst us. She touched my heart. I would love to have more of my dear friends in Europe receive this wonderful experience.
~ Gabriele Hauser, M.D., Vienna, Austria

This program has changed my life. I feel as if I have been waiting all of my life for this door to open so I could walk through into my destiny. Usually I would go to a seminar and in a few days, I would go back to my old habit patterns, but not this time. The next day after the emotional release class I woke up totally free from a fear I had for years. God is such a wonderful Father to prepare these healings for us in such a simple way as offered through CARE's ministry. I will forever be thankful. And one more thing. My block towards chemistry is gone. Really gone!I did not look forwardto the class. I actually dreaded it. Now, I am looking forwardto taking it again and becoming a teacher! Miracles happen all the time! Shalom.
~ Maria DeShields, St. Louis, Missouri

A fabulous reintroduction to the oils, the chemistry, and life in general. The instructor was amazing.
~ Jyll Johnstone, DiReno, Italy

The CARE Intensive exceeded my high expectations. All of the instructors were great. Their tremendous caring and willingness to give of self was always evident. This program provides an opportunity to build on previous knowledge or start new if unfamiliar with essential oils. It also enables you to participate in personal growth and meet wonderful people.
~ Jeannette Vaupel, RN, Genoa, Illinois

Thank you so much for bringing the raindrop training to Australia. I absolutely loved the course. It was a turning point for me. I hope that you can come back to Australia ASAP.
~ Sonya Vassallo, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia

I am so grateful for CARE. This workshop really truly builds confidence and teaches the techniques in a way that could be learned by anyone. Thank you! It has been so fulfilling!
~ Robyn Karima Grant, Nakuop, British Columbia, Canada

This seminar will change your life! I have no suggestions for this seminar. It was fantastic.
~ Diane Koepp, Belle Plaine, Minnesota

This is a program for everyone. It will change their lives for a much better future. Makes you a new person who belongs to God. Thank you.
~ Dermot Bailey, Niestetal, Germany

It was great! I loved it! Until I took this seminar I didn't have a clue that oils could do so much! Thank you!
~ Susan J. Knowles, Caldwell, West Virginia

We traveled a long way for the CARE Seminar (from England to California). The whole workshop was interesting, enlightening, excellent, and very enjoyable. It was well worth every mile traveled!
~ Susan Neary, Clitheroe, Lancashire, England

As a massage therapist I was able to take the work that I do to the next level! The understanding of the chemistry of essential is helping me explain the scientific way they work. Thank you. It was a pleasure being in this class.
~ Melissa Bills, LMT, Caro, Michigan

This training is an absolute must for all those involved in oils. Truly awe inspiring!! We received knowledge and healing from above.
~ James Claps, Grove Village, Illinois

This workshop has been the most rewarding learning experience since my introduction to essential oils. The wealth of material and wonderful personal experiences and knowledge shared was beyond my expectations.
~ Aziyza Shabazz, St. Croix, Virgin Islands

Three days after receiving raindrop in the CARE class I received a healing from a painful shoulder and left arm. I am very excited what the oils do for people.
~ Meg Hueslcamp, Brenham, Texas

Millions of thanks to you. I am already lining up students to come to your next classes. Everything was taught in such a simple manner that even a child could follow and do raindrop technique. May God bless you richly in your work.
~ Kiew Lo, Carlingford Court, New South Wales, Australia

Words are not adequate to express how great this class is. Everyone was inspired and blessed by every section of the class. We didn't want it to end.
~ Connie Allen, Lewiston, Idaho

The CARE Intensive was so great! It was amazing. During the three days we all bonded together and it seemed like we were all a big family. I found the chemistry class to be very interesting, which shocked me as I never really enjoyed science before. You explained everything so well that now I will feel more confident in using my oils and sharing them. Thank you for the experience and the training.
~ Jamie Brown, Lakewood, California

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for such a wonderful program. Not only have I learned a great deal of new skills, I have grown as a spiritual being. All this in just three days! Thank you.
~ Kim McMahon, Bronte Beach, New South Wales, Australia

I have taken the CARE Classes twice now and it continues to get better. The magnitude of information is incredible. I feel like I could repeat and repeat.
~ Carol Garvey, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

I wouldn't change anything about the CARE class. It is perfect. This little group is really special. We were supported by so many angels and the presence of the highest spirit. I love this training!
~ Vijay Churfuerst-Hanzal, Leobendorf, Austria

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