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Official Newsletter of C.A.R.E.
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Volume 9, Number 5
September - October 2011

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1. Why Doesn't Young Living Sell Birch Oil? by David Stewart, PhD
2. Do Essential Oils Contain Proteins, Enzymes, Vitamins, or Hormones? by David Stewart, PhD
3. 2011 - 2012 CARE Calendar (as of Oct 26, 2011)
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1. Why Doesn't Young Living Sell Birch Oil?
~^~^~^~ by David Stewart, PhD

People ask me why Young Living does not sell Birch Oil when several other companies do. They are wondering if it would be good to purchase and use Birch Oil from a non-Young Living source, since Young Living does not carry it.

Young Living used to carry a good Birch Oil until 7 or 8 years ago when their supplier, which was in Canada, went out of business. Since then YL has not found another reliable and adequate source of pure natural Birch, which is why they don't carry it. If Young Living cannot find a reliable source of therapeutic grade oil of a given species, rather than sell an inferior grade, they won't carry that species at all. Such is the integrity of Young Living.

Most of what is sold as "Birch Oil" in the world is actually pure synthetically produced methyl salicylate. Methyl salicylate smells like Birch and/or Wintergreen oil because both of these essential oils are composed of 88-99% natural methyl salicylate. But natural methyl salicylate is not the same as that produced in a chemical laboratory. Natural methyl salicylate as found in natural Birch or Wintergreen oil is not toxic while that synthesized in a laboratory is. While both the natural and synthetic versions of this compound have the same formula (C8H8O3) meaning an arrangement of 8 carbon atoms, 8 hydrogen atoms, and 3 oxygen atoms--a total of 19 atoms. These 19 atoms can be arranged in more than a dozen different structural arrangements.

Isomers of Methyl Salicylate

Consider the 19 atoms necessary to build a methyl salicylate molecule as Legos(R). How many forms can you create with the same set of Legos? Different arrangements (or molecular shapes) for the same chemical formula are called "isomers." (For more, see "The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple," available at www.RaindropTraining.com.) When nature produces methyl salicylate in the Birch Tree or in a Wintergreen Bush, it only makes one of the isomers, which is the one that fits our cellular receptor sites and facilitates healing. But what is done in nature cannot be duplicated in a laboratory. Chemical laboratories cannot produce only one isomer. They can only produce a mixture of the various isomers. Most of the isomers of methyl salicylate are toxic and/or have no healing properties.

So when doctors say "synthetic and natural compounds both have the same formula," they are only telling a partial truth. To be completely honest they need to add that the same formula can have a variety of isomers (or molecular shapes), some of which may be beneficial while most will be undesirable or harmful. Think of it this way: Your bodily cells have receptor sites on their surface of their membranes which act as locks to portals into the cells. These locks are there to make sure that only the molecules God intended will enter or communicate with the cell.

Molecules are keys that will fit the locks of certain receptor sites on certain cells. Only a slight difference between two keys makes a tremendous difference in what doors they will open. Hence, different isomers of the same compound, even though they may have the same atoms (same formula) their different shapes means they will affect different cells differently. One isomer may fit the receptors in your muscles, while another may fit the cells of an organ like the liver or thyroid, while yet another may fit only the thyroid cells and no others. In this way, different isomers usually have very different effects on our bodies even though the molecules are composed of the same set of atoms.

Isomers in Prescription Drugs

In fact, you might be interested to know that the majority of prescription drug compounds are manufactued and exist as pairs of isomers, only one of which has the beneficial properties that drug is meant to provide. The other member of the pair is usually harmful and accounts for most of the "unwanted side effects." Prescription drugs are like this because it is impossible to manufacture only one isomer and too expensive (or impossible) to separate the two isomers. The extra isomer is never mentioned on the label of the prescrption bottle nor in the description of the drug elsewhere. This deception is legally allowed by the U.S. FDA.

Another thing about labeling a bottle of pure synthetic methyl salicylate as "Birch" or "Wintergreen" is that the natural oils contain other compounds besides. It is well known in aromatherpy that essential oil compounds in a mixture don't behave like the same compounds isolated. Hence, a potentially harmful compound as one of several other compounds in an essential oil do not behave in harmful ways but, instead manifest healing properties. Aromatherapists call this "quenching." That is where the potentially harmful properties of a compound are quenched or suppressed when combined in a mixture with other compounds.

For example, Myrrh oil contains xylene, an extremely toxic compound by itself, but harmless and beneficial in the company of the other compounds of Myrrh. Myrrh is one of the safest of all essential oils. Those who claim that Birch or Wintergreen oils are dangerous are referring to tests made on synthetic methyl salicylate isolated and tested alone, usually on animals. If the research was with pure natural oil applied to people, they would find no danger, only benefits. These are some of the fallacies of those who claim dangers for natural Birch or Wintergreen.

Since doctors are not familiar with real Birch Oil, which is harmless and non-toxic, they have published strong warnings about using Birch or Wintergreen oil. This includes a warning in the "Merck Manual" that using either of these oils can be lethal, even if only used in a humidifier or steam diffuser with children. (The "Merck Manual" is the most widely used reference in medicine for clinical practice.) Their strong cautions and warnings regarding Birch (or Wintergreen) oils are actually about synthetic methyl salycilate, not real Birch or Wintergreen. If you are using Birch or Wintergreen from a company other than Young Living, the medical precautions against these oils are justified. But for the oils from Young Living, none of the warnings apply.

I have personally ingested capsules orally containing 20 drops of these oils (Young Living brand) with nothing but benefits and no untoward effects. They have an analgesic effect, like aspirin. Medical authorities in general do not recognize the difference between a synthetic oil and a natural therapeutic grade oil such as those from Young Living.

Can You Buy Real Birch Oil from Another Source?

If you buy another brand of Birch, you can be 99% sure that is it not the real thing, even though the label on the bottle may say that it is "natural and pure." In the U.S. a bottle may say "natural" if the compounds it contains can also be found in nature, even though it may have been totally produced in a chemical laboratory. The bottle can also say "pure" when there may be no more than 5% of the actual product. These misrepresentations seen on many labels are legal and allowed by the U.S. government.

When a reliable and adequate source of true Birch becomes available, Young Living will, no doubt, carry it again. There is a Birch Farm in Alaska that was established a few years ago which, at some future time, may become a supplier for Young Living. There may be other such farms as well, still in the maturing early-growth stage.

In order to carry Birch oil Young Living needs not only a source that is reliable in quality, but also reliable in quantity, capable of supplying the needs of 200,000 distributors. Even if good Birch Oil would become available from one or more small growers/distillers, it would still not be possible for YL to carry it and meet the needs of so many distributors.

Birch or Wintergreen are fundamental in the performance of Raindrop Technique. When Birch oil was available from Young Living, most Raindrop Facilitators prefered Birch to Wintegreen.

Flavor Grade Birch Oil

Real Birch oil, distilled from the wood, bark, and twigs of the Birch tree (Betula alleghaniensis), is used for flavorings in root beer and pancake syrup, which is more profitable than distilling the tree for therapeutic grade essential oil. For use as a flavoring, the standards are not so high in the gathering, distilling, and producing of the oil. While a therapeutic grade Birch oil may contain 100 or more compounds, a flavor grade may contain less than 5 compounds. So long as the oil contains the compounds that contribute to the flavor it fulfills the taste test even though it may be missing most of the compounds that contribute to healing.

While trace amounts of synthetic Wintergreen or Birch used for flavoring in candies or other foods and products appear to be harmless, there is at least one reported death when synthetic versions of these oils are ingested, absorbed, or applied repeatedly over a period time. See the article entitled "Death by Bengay(R)" in the November-December 2008 issue of "The Raindrop Messenger." All back issues of "The Raindrop Messenger," including this one, are archived on the website, www.RaindropTraining.com.

So there is your story on Birch. Personally, I will not be using Birch Oil until Young Living carries it. High quality Wintergreen oil, which young Living has, is equivalent to Birch in its therapeutic properties. Young Living has a good source for pure Wintergreen. Almost all the other companies out there are selling synthetic methyl salycilate as "Birch" or "Wintegreen." Since the "Merck Manual," the basic reference for medical practice, warns that these oils (i.e. synthetic methyl salycilate) can be lethal even when used in something as innocuous as a humidifier, I would caution you, or anyone, to avoid anything labeled as "Birch" or "Wintergreen" that is not from Young Living.


2. Do Essential Oils Contain Proteins, Enzymes, Vitamins, or Hormones?
~^~^~^~^ by David Stewart, PhD

You may have heard that Essential Oils contain proteins and/or that they contain hormones, vitamins, or enzymes. You may have even heard such statements at functions sponsored by Young Living, including Young Living Conventions. The short answer to the question in the title of this article is: "No. Essential Oils do not contain any of these molecules." Having said that, let me explain.

Proteins and Enzymes

First of all, Proteins and Enzymes are very large molecules that cannot pass through the distillation process required to produce an essential oil. The range of molecular weights that can pass through distillation ranges up to 500 amu ("amu" stands for "atomic mass unit."). Proteins and Enzymes have molecular weights that range well above 10,000 amu. Amylase, an enzyme necessary to digest sugar, has a molecular weight of around 45,000 amu. Most proteins weigh considerably more than that. Besides, the heat of distillation breaks down proteins and enzymes so that they could not survive to be found in an essential oil.

So you won't find any protein or enzyme molecules in an essential oil, with the exception of oils cold expressed and not distilled. The only expressed oils Young Living sells are the citrus oils, pressed from the rinds of the fruit. These can contain traces of proteins, but the proteins do not participate in healing since they cannot penetrate skin, administer to cellular levels, nor circulate in the tissues of the body as do the smaller molecules of a distilled oil.


As for vitamins, they could theoretically be found in essential oils since the molecular weights of some vitamins (like Vitamin A, C, and E) are less than 500 amu. Other vitamins, like B and D, have larger molecular weights. Vitamin B12, for example, has a molecular weight of 1355 amu while a molecule of Vitamin D weighs 793 amu. In case you were interested, the elements contained in Vitamin B12 are Carbon, Hydrogen, Cobalt, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Phosphorus and have the formula, C63H88CoN14O14P. So now you know why you need a trace of Cobalt in your diet.

However, even though some vitamins could pass through the distillation process because their weights are less than 500 amu, they are generally not found in essential oils. I have never seen an analysis of any essential oil indicating the presence of a vitamin. So while there could be traces of Vitamin A, C, or E in an essential oil, their presence would not be significant enough to consider that oil to be a source for these vitamins.

Because the citrus oils are cold expressed, they can contain larger molecules, like beta-carotene, whose molecular weight is 544 amu. Our bodies can break a beta-carotene molecule into two equal halves and attach an oxygen atom to form two molecules of Vitamin A with a molecular weight of 288 amu. Beta-carotene is found in carrots, which mothers have traditionally advised their children to eat "because they are good for your eyes." Since carrots contain beta-carotene, which leads to Vitamin A, which is necessary for eyes to see, mothers are scientifically correct in this assertion. But when it comes to essential oils, the traces of beta-carotene in some citrus oils cannot be considered a significant source as a precursor for Vitamin A.


Regarding hormones, their molecular weights all range under 500 amu. Hormone molecules have to be small enough to traverse through the tissues to reach their destinations between organs at cellular levels. For example, Estradiol, Testosterone, and Progesterone are natural hormones we all manufacture in our bodies. Their molecular weights are 272 amu, 288 amu, and 314 amu, respectively. So theoretically you could find compounds that would be classified as hormones in essential oils, but like vitamins, such ocurrences are so rare you never see hormones mentioned in the chemical analyses of essential oils.

The above discussion establishes the non-existence, or virtual non-existence, of Proteins, Enzymes, Vitamins, and Hormones in essential oils. But wait! There is more.

Blueprints and Templates

First of all, the electromagnetic imprint of a protein can be passed into and carried by an essential oil. Chemistry deals only with physical attributes of atoms and molecules, not their electromagnetic fields or frequencies. Hence, a chemical analysis is not a complete description of an essential oil, nor is a chemical formula a complete description of a compound.

When you were conceived, two different cells comprised of proteins (a sperm from the father and an egg from the mother), united to form a single cell which then divides to become an embryo and eventually a complete human being comprised of trillions of cells. Once a person has grown into an infant or an adult, there is no trace of the original proteins of the original cells from mother and father to be found in the body, yet the body faithfully reflects the characteristics of the original cells. While the original proteins have long disappeared, the blueprints they contained are still manifest in the human being that grew from them. The features we inherit from our parents remain with us for life even though the original proteins carrying their genetic codes have long disappeared.

The same is true with essential oils. During their formation in the plant, certain proteins and enzymes of the plant participate in the formation of the oil molecules and their electromagnetic imprints and frequencies are carried into the oil. So in a sense, essential oils do contain proteins and enzymes vibrationally even though, they are not present chemically.

Frequencies and Electromagnetic Fields

We know that essential oils contain a spectrum of frequencies emitted by the vibrations of the various electromagnetic bonds between the atoms of their molecules. These frequencies have been measured and described. According to quantum physics and modern string theory, all creation and all matter consists of vibrations that, on a gross level, appear as the solids, liquids, and gases of our universe tangible to our five senses. Beneath tangible matter and our visible human bodies lies a subtle electromagnetic template or blueprint invisible to the five senses, yet exists as an essential foundation for the physical reality we experience.

So it is true, in this sense, that essential oils contain "proteins and enzymes." We do know that essential oils enhance enzymatic activity in the body which is why they are added to the enzyme supplements that Young Living sells. We also think that essential oils stimulate the body to produce enzymes. Essential oils stimulate the growth of proteins in our bodies during the repair and regeneration of wounded tissues. In fact, the healing processes stimulated in our bodies through the vehicles of essential oils all involve the creation of proteins and enzymes.

How Oils Enhance Vitamin Activities

Similarly, essential oils enhance vitamin utilization in our bodies, increasing their absorptivity and utility. That is why Young Living has added essential oils to its vitamin supplements. We also think that essential oils can stimulate our bodies to make its own vitamins, which are facilitated by the living flora in our bodies. Most people don't realize that the living colonies of friendly bacteria that dwell in our bodies, not only help us with the metabolism and digestion of nutrients, but they also participate in the creation of necessary vitamins for our health and wellness. Essential oils nurture these colonies and, thus, enhance our levels of necessary vitamins.

While you won't find high levels of actual vitamins in essential oils, as mentioned above, taking oils into our bodies helps to create and maintain a healthy vitamin balance.

How Oils Act in a Hormonal way

Regarding hormones, oils do not contain any hormones manufactured or needed by human bodies, but the molecules of essential oils can act like hormones in that they can occupy hormonal receptor sites and, thus, trigger beneficial hormonal actions in support of our endocrine system. Also, as in the case of proteins, enzymes, and vitamins, essential oils can stimulate and support our bodies in producing the actual hormones we need. Since hormones are small molecules that can come through the distillation process, it is possible that essential oils do contain traces of plant hormones which can be beneficial to our well being.

Since the presence of hormones in essential oils would only be in very tiny amounts, not detected by a chemical analysis from a laboratory, the "hormonal" properties of oils would be more in the way of support and enhancement of our endocrine systems, assisting in the manufacture and balance of the hormones our body naturally makes.

So there you have it. Do essential oils contain proteins, enzymes, vitamins or proteins? A full answer would be both, "Yes and No." And now you know how this can be so.

NOTE: For additional information on how essential oils work see "The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple," by David Stewart, available at www.RaindropTraining.com and other sources.


3. CARE SEMINARS & INTENSIVES for 2011 - 2012
. . . . . . . (as of Oct 26, 2011)
Sponsored by:
Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education
(CARE International)

Training Workshops for Continuing Education Credit in

During 2010, 156 CARE Programs were given in 32 States of the U.S. and in 6 Provinces of Canada, as well as in 7 other countries (Romania, Iceland, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Bahrain).
To date, 175 CARE Intensives or Seminars have been scheduled for 2011 in 35 States of the U.S., 5 Provinces of Canada, as well as in Romania, and Malaysia.
Check to see if any are near where you live.More programs are added every week. Periodically check the website, www.RaindropTraining.com for the latest listings in the CARE Calendar. CARE Classes are also posted on the Events page of the Young Living website (www.YoungLiving.com). Some CARE Classes are bilingual, or are in languages other than English, and are indicated as such.

If you don't find a CARE program in your area at this time, check the Directory of Certified CARE Instructors on the CARE website, www.RaindropTraining.com, and contact one or more of them to see if a CARE Seminar or Intensive can be arranged in your neighborhood.

If you are seeking a qualified Raindrop Practitioner in your area visit www.RaindropTraining.com and click on "NEW! Directory of CARE Approved Raindrop Facilitators (CARF)." Order a copy of the "CCI Handbook" at www.RaindropTraining.com to find out how you can be included in the CARF Directory.

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1. CARE INTENSIVES (offering ALL of the 25-hour CARE curriculum over a 3-4 day period.)

2. CARE SEMINARS (offering a portion of the CARE curriculum over a 1-2 day period.)

3. CARE CLASSES OR LECTURES (offering one, or a portion, of the five topics of the CARE curriculum in a day, morning, afternoon, or evening.)
4. ADVANCED WORKSHOPS in Chemistry, Emotional Release, and Bible Oils. Chem and ER are taught over a 4-day period. BO is a one-day workshop. (These are intended to train CARE Instructors to teach these courses for CARE, but anyone who has taken the regular CARE Class for credit in these topics is eligible to attend the Advanced Workshop. See the CARE Website or call CARE at (800) 758-8629 for details.)

The Full 25-hour CARE Curriculum includes the following:

BO - Bible Oils (2 hrs)
VF - Applied Vitaflex (4 hrs)
RD - Raindrop Technique (8 hrs)
CH - Essential Oil Chemistry (6 hrs)
ER - Emotional Release with Oils (5 hrs)

CARE Also offers one-day (8 hrs) Seminars in Vibrational Raindrop Technique (VRT) using Tuning Forks along with the Regular Raindrop. VRT Seminars also carry continuing education credits: 8.0 CEhrs for NCBTMB. The code for VRT Seminars is: VRT

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For those who may want to teach for CARE, CARE Classes are the first step toward becoming a Certified CARE Instructor (CCI)

Taking CARE Classes can also lead to becoming a Certified Raindrop Practitioner (CRP) or Board Certified Raindrop Specialist (BCRS) through the Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB). The CARE Program also leads to eligibility to become a Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH) through the Spiritual Healers Licensing Board (SHLB). Becoming both a CRP and a LSH legalizes you in the practice of Raindrop and Vitaflex throughout the U.S. and Canada. Being a CRP or BCRS also makes you eligible to obtain liability insurance good throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Eligibility for becoming a CRP or BCRS is available only through CARE. For more details, visit http://www.RaindropTraining.com For complete details, obtain a current edition of the CCI Handbook ($9.95 + shipping) available from CARE.

CARE PROGRAMS (as of Oct 26, 2011)
2011 CARE Programs are currently scheduled in the following States or Provinces and Countries:

Seminar: BO, VF, RD, ER
Oct 21 - 22, Fri - Sun, Englewood, Colorado
Terry Robinette, CCI, BCRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Oct 21 - 23, Fri - Sun, Elizabethton, Tennessee
Jamie Hyatt, RN, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
& Judy Addington, LMT, CR, FCCI, BCRS

Seminar: VRT
Oct 22, Sat, Coeur D'Alene, Idaho
Penny Cosner, CCI, CVRS, LMT

Seminar: VRT
Oct 22, Sat, Elizabeth, New Jersey
Mer Barrett, SCCI(c) & Joanna Barrett, FCCI

Seminar : VRT
Oct 23, Sun, Winter Park, Colorado
Marie T. Koepke, RN, FCCI, NBCR

Intensive: ALL
Oct 24 - 27, Mon - Thu, Corvallis, Oregon
Gail Hunter, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 27 - 30, Thu - Sun, Sterling, Virginia
Donna Evans, FCCI

Seminar: BO, VF, RD
Oct 28 - 29, Fri - Sat, Flint, Michigan
Heather Wright CCI, BCRS,LSH

Seminar: VRT
Oct 29, Sat, Englewood, Colorado
Terry Robinette, CCI, BCRS, LSH

Seminar: VRT
Oct 29, Sat, Dover, New Hampshire
Mer Barrett, SCCI(c) & Joanna Barrett, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 29-30 & Nov 5-6, Sat-Sun (2 wkends), Wentzville, Missouri
Fran Norton, RN, CCM, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Oct 29 - 31, Sat - Mon, Madison, Wisconsin
Tammy Struebing, FCCI, BCRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Nov 1 - 4, Tue - Fri, South Jordan (Salt Lake City), Utah
Marilee Tuifua, CI & Gail Hunter, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 3 - 6, Thu - Sun, Kansas City, Kansas
Marie T. Koepke, RN, FCCI, NBCR

Seminar: VRT
Nov 7, Mon, Nashville, Tennessee
Gaia Tossing, FCCI, CVRS, LMT

Intensive: ALL
Nov 3 - 5, Thu - Sat, Apalachin, New York
Joanna Barrett, FCCI, BCRS, RN
& Mer Barrett, SCCI(c), CNC, CNHP

Intensive: ALL
Nov 3 - 6, Thu - Sun, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Karen Hopkins, CCI & Carrie Shepard, CCI

Intensive: All
Nov 4 - 6, Fri - Sun, Johnston, Iowa
Irene Buckley, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 4 - 7, Fri - Mon, Indianapolis, Indiana
Nancy Gouch, BCRS, FCCI, LSH

Seminar: VRT
Nov 6, Sun, Englewood, Colorado
Terry Robinette, CCI, BCRS, LSH

Seminar: VRT
Nov 7, Mon, Nashville, Tennessee
Gaia Tossing, FCCI, CVRS, LMT

Intensive: ALL
Nov 9 - 12, Wed - Sat, Sacramento, California
Gail Hunter, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 10 - 13, Thu - Sun, Sandpoint, Idaho
Penny Cosner, CCI, LMT

Intensive: ALL
Nov 11 - 13, Fri - Sun, Dayville, Connecticut
Sherry Durkin, CI, Mer Barrett, SCCI & Joanna Barrett, FCCI

Seminar: VRT
Nov 12, Sat, Englewood, Colorado
Terry Robinette, CCI, BCRS, LSH

Seminar: VF, RD
Nov 12, Sat, Cookeville/Celina, Tennessee
Gaia Tossing, FCCI, CVRS, LMT

Seminar: VRT
Nov 12, Sat, Tenafly, New Jersey
Maria G. Turchi, NCMBT, CCI

Seminar: VRT
Nov 13, Sun, Cookeville/Celina, Tennessee
Gaia Tossing, FCCI, CVRS, LMT

Seminar: VRT
Nov 13, Sun, Wentzville, Missouri

Intensive: ALL
Nov 15 - 18, Tue - Fri, Branson, Missouri
David Stewart, PhD. & Lee Stewart, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 16 - 19, Wed - Sat, Seattle, Washington
Bernadette Williams, CCI(c), CRP, CVRS, LSH

Seminar: VRT
Nov 17, Sun, Meridian/Collinsville, Mississippi
Gaia Tossing, FCCI, CVRS, LMT

Intensive: ALL
Nov 17 - 19, Thu-Sun, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Carol Howden FCCI, BCRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Nov 17 - 20, Thu - Sun, San Jose, California
Gail Hunter, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 17 - 20, Thu - Sun, Chillicothe, Ohio
Mindy Kirby, LMT, FCCI & Denise Naasz, LMT, SCCI

Intensive: ALL
Nov 18 - 20, Fri - Sun, Milton, Ontario, Canada
Shawna Marroccoli, FCCI, CCA, BCRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Nov 18 - 20, Fri - Sun, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Fran Norton, RN, CCM, FCCI, SCCI, CVRS

Seminar: VRT
Nov 19, Sat, Kennewick, Washington
Penny Cosner, CCI, CVRS, LMT

Seminar: VRT
Nov 19, Sat, Apalachin, New York
Mer Barrett, SCCI(c) & Joanna Barrett, FCCI

Seminar: VRT
Nov 20, Sun, Seattle, Washington
Bernadette Williams, CCI(c), CRP, CVRS, LSH

Seminar: VRT
Nov 20, Sun, Chicago North Shore/Skokie, Illinois
Gaia Tossing, FCCI, CVRS, LMT

Seminar: BO, VF, RD
Nov 15- 16, Tues - Wed, Harrison Township, Michigan
Heather Wright CCI, BCRS,LSH

Intensive: ALL
Dec 1 - 3, Thu - Sun, Chicago West/Downers Grove, Illinois
Nancy Gouch, BCRS, FCCI, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Dec 1 - 4, Wed - Sat, Santa Barbara, California
Gail Hunter, FCCI

Seminar: BO, VF, RD, ER
Dec 2 - 4, Fri - Sun, Englewood (Denver Metro), Colorado
Terry Robinette, CCI, BCRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Dec 2 - 4, Fri - Sun, Raleigh, North Carolina
Christina Hagan, FCCI, LMBT

Seminar: VRT
Dec 4, Sun, Wilsonville, Oregon
Bernadette Williams, CCI(c), CRP, CVRS, LSH

Seminar: VRT
Dec 5, Mon, Nashville, Tennessee
Gaia Tossing, FCCI, CVRS, LMT

Intensive: All
Dec 7 - 10, Wed - Sat, Long Beach, California
Gail Hunter, FCCI

Intensive: All
Dec 7 - 10, Wed - Sat, Grand Rapids SW, Michigan
Kathy Spohn, FCCI

Seminar: VRT
Dec 9, Fri, Chillicothe, Ohio
Denise Naasz, LMT, SCCI

Seminar: VRT
Dec 10, Sat, Lakeland, Florida
Christina Hagan, FCCI, LMBT

Intensive: ALL
Dec 12 - 15, Mon - Thu, San Diego, California
Gail Hunter, FCCI

Intensive: ALL
Dec 2 - 4, Fri - Sun, Nashville, Tennessee
Gaia Tossing, FCCI, CVRS, LMT

Intensive: ALL
Dec 2 - 4, Fri - Sun, Nashville, Tennessee
Gaia Tossing, FCCI, CVRS, LMT

2012 - 2012 - 2012 - 2012

Intensive: ALL
Jan 12 - 15, Thu - Sun, Nashville, Tennessee
Gaia Tossing, FCCI, CVRS, LMT

Seminar: VRT
Jan 14, Sat, Nashville, Tennessee
Gaia Tossing, FCCI, CVRS, LMT

Seminar: VRT
Jan 14, Sat Tenafly, New Jersey
Maria G. Turchi, NCMBT, CCI, CVRS

Seminar: VRT
Jan 21, Sat, Raleigh, North Carolina
Christina Hagan, FCCI, LMBT

Seminar: VRT
Jan 31, Tue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bernadette Williams, CCI(c), CRP, CVRS, LSH

Seminar: VRT
Feb 1, Wed, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bernadette Williams, CCI(c), CRP, CVRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
Feb 2 - 4, Thu - Sat, Bend, Oregon
Carol Howden, FCCI, & Cindy Maricle, CI

Seminar: VRT
Feb 19, Sun, Portland, Oregon
Bernadette Williams, CCI(c), CRP, CVRS, LSH

Intensive ALL
Feb 24 - 26, Fri - Sun, Jacksonville, Florida
Christina Hagan, FCCI, LMBT

Seminar: VRT
Feb 25, Sat, Sacramento, California
Penny Cosner, CCI, CVRS, LMT

Seminar: VRT
Mar 25, Sun, Seattle, Washington
Bernadette Williams, CCI(c), CRP, CVRS, LSH

Intensive: ALL
June 20 - 23, Wed - Sat, Salt Lake City, Utah
Just before the Young Living Convention
Dr. David & Lee Stewart, SCCI, CVRS

Seminar: VRT
July 1, Sun, Salt Lake City, Utah
Immediately after the Young Living Convention
Mer Barrett, SCCI(c) & Joanna Barrett, FCCI

Registration for some CARE Intensives are available on the internet at www.RaindropTraining.com. You may also register for any of the CARE Seminars by contacting the appropriate registrar from the list below.

Legend for Acronym Titles:
BCRS - Board Certified Raindrop Specialist
CCA - CARE Class Assistant
CCI - Certified CARE Instructor
CI - CARE Intern
CR - Certified Reflexologist
CRP - Certified Raindrop Practitioner
CVRS - Certified Vibrational Raindrop Specialist
FCCI - Fully Certified CARE Instructor
LMT - Licensed Massage Therapist
LSH - Licensed Spiritual Healer
MH - Master Herbalist
QCCA - Qualified CARE Class Assistant
SCCI - Supervising CARE Instructor

Judy Addington, CR, LMT, FCCI
- (423) 542-6159; therbocar@yahoo.com
Maria Audin, CI
- (845) 725-7694 Rua41@gmail.com
Joanna Barrett, RN, CNC, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (607) 642-5448
- RaindropTraining@onehealthylife.net
- or MyrrhandJo@onehealthylife.net
- (607) 642-5448
- RaindropTraining@onehealthylife.net
- or MyrrhandJo@onehealthylife.net
Fee Boey, CCI
- (601) 759-83073 Transform@FeeBoey.com
Christi Bonds-Garrett, MD, SCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (270) 201-6086 cbondsmd@msn.com
Margaret Brock, CCI, BCRS
- (573) 238-5875 margettiann@hotmail.com
Irene Buckley, LMT, FCCI
- (712) 755-3780 naturjoy@fmctc.com
Celeste Buie, CCI
- (586) 722-3593 celeste.buie@wowway.com
Jill Burk, SCCI
- (989) 996-0830 jillycmt@aol.com
Jane Clair, CCI
- (618) 967-2602, r.janeclair@yahoo.com
Penny Cosner, LMT, CCI
- (208) 946-3692 pennyc_lmt@yahoo.com
Bruce Dietler, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (316) 799-2626 deet777@sbcglobal.net
Linda Dietler, SCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (316) 799-2626 deet777@sbcglobal.net
Yvonne Dixon, LMT, CI
- (509) 750-0900 augustmoonmassage@gmail.com
Sherry Durkin, CI
- (814) 237-7377 seven2heaven@comcast.net
Judy Estep, SCCI
- (717) 732-5017 judyeestep@aol.com
Donna S. Evans, LMP, MH, FCCI
-(571) 313-1650 herbaleducator@gmail.com
Beatriz Gambaro-Collazo, LMT, SCCI, CVRS
- (770) 653-7174 bgcareinstructor@gmail.com
Carol Garvey, FCCI
- (905) 815-9931 carol@journey4health.com
Nancy Gouch, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (630) 272-7948; (630) 682-1394
- raindroptraining@energeticessentials.com
Christina Hagan, LMBT, FCCI
- (919) 623-6940 christina@HealthyStepsNC.com
Daniel Hohn, CI
- (417) 848-9044 Dan@bransoncomputer.com
Julia LeBlanc Hohn, CI
- (417) 848-9044 julia.leblanc@mchsi.com
Candace Hoke, CCI, CRP, LSH, CVRS
- (979) 826-8636 candacehoke@earthlink.net
Karen Hopkins, CCI, CVRS
- (918) 841-2934 choosethebestCARE@gmail.com
Max Hopkins, CCI
- (918) 841-2934 hopkibm@hotmail.com
Amanda Howden, CCI
- (403) 207-1836 oilkidz@gmail.com
Carol Howden, FCCI, BCRS, LSH, CVRS
- (250) 933-6628; (805) 208-6628
- carolhowden.oils@gmail.com
Gail Hunter, LMP, FCCI
- (425) 359-9358 Gailsmassage@gmail.com
Jamille Hyatt, RN, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (423) 323-8319; (423) 737-4443
- jamillee@aol.com
Melinda Kirby, LMT, FCCI
- (828) 287-0668; (828) 289-6833
- theoilmaven@yahoo.com
Marie Koepke, RN, NBCR, FCCI
- (970) 531-3528 mtnmarie@yahoo.com
Cynthia Maricle, CI
- (541) 382-7942 scmaricle@msn.com
Shawna Marroccoli, FCCI, CCA, BCRS, LSH
- (905) 875-3952; (905) 466-4882
- rs_marroccoli@hotmail.com
Denise Naasz, LMT, SCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (740) 773-5490 or 740-703-2266
- denaasz@yahoo.com
Susan Neary, SCCI
- (012) 004-43333
- enquiries@ancient-therapies.co.uk
Jeannie Nichols, CCI, CRP, LSH
- (575) 937-1420 jeanniesvoice@yahoo.com
Fran Norton, RN, FCCI
- (636) 332-3148 or (314) 961-7605
- franorton4@aol.com
Mary Petriano, CCI
- (919) 271-8495 mpetriano@gmail.com
Terry Robinette, CCI, CRP, LSH
- (303) 809-7999 tlrobinette@comcast.net
Carrie Shepard, CCI
- (918) 343-2604 2xspirit@att.net
Sally Shultis, CCI, CRP, LSH
-(713) 412-8726 desertsrose@consolidated.net
Kathy Spohn, FCCI
- (616) 261-0015 oilsofold@sbcglobal.net
David Stewart, PhD, DNM, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (800) 758-8629 Use CARE email address at the top
Lee Stewart, SCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (800) 758-8629 Use CARE email address at the top
Tammy Struebing, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (402) 395-6887 tstruebing@gmail.com
Gaia Tossing, LMT, RCR, FCCI, BCRS, LSH
- (615) 496-3366 or (847) 903-6603 careseminar@gmail.com
Michelle Truman, EdD, CCI, BCRS, LSH
- (702) 468-4162 michelleinLV@gmail.com
Maria G. Turchi, NCTMB, CCI, CRP
- 201-655-4253, raindroptraining@bodyworker.us
Bernadette Williams, CCI, CVRS
- (509) 493-3801, butterflyessentials@gmail.com
Neka Wilson, FCCI
- (276) 275-7899 nekaw@comcast.net
Heather Wright, CMT, CCI
- (801) 742-2586, heathershaven15@yahoo.com


This program may change your life if you are willing to try something new and be open. I love how gentle and graceful my healing was and how wonderful to have hope again.
~ Lisa Marie Belter, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This class was very enlightening. I would recommend it to everyone. It is nice to know that there is an alternative to medicine.
~ Tiffany Slusher, Minford, Ohio

As a Medical Doctor, I would suggest very highly that all medical practitioners, medical students, and residents should be exposed to programs like this.
~ Andrew Sears, M.D., Saginaw, Michigan

I can say from experience that the complete version of Raindrop, as taught in CARE Seminars, is the very best. CARE training allows a person to completely grasp the meaning of every technique and lesson taught so a person can carry out, with true value and with deep spirituality, their own facilitations using CARE methods. I am confident that I have learned the most effective way to assist others on their journey to optimum health."
~ Colleen Coleman, Sherwood, Oregon

Since I can remember I could not seem to hear what others could hear. As a result I was labeled as a slow learner. At the CARE Seminar, the Instructor asked if he could demonstrate the Vitaflex Ear Technique on me using helichrysum oil. So I took out my hearing aid and he gave his demonstration to the class. That night when I turned on my computer I had to decrease the volume by three-quarters of the setting I normally use as it was too loud for me. The next day I did not wear my hearing aid to class and for the first time I did not strain to hear.
~ Vickie Hornbuckle, Piedmont, Kansas
This seminar was beyond my highest expectations! It opened up incredible insights and understandings! In addition we learned one Vitaflex technique that 'cured' my scoliosis with one application.
~ Patricia B. Hayes, Bath, Michigan

My experience in this class was very precious and a blessing! The instructor poured out her love all day long amongst us. She touched my heart. I would love to have more of my dear friends in Europe receive this wonderful experience.
~ Gabriele Hauser, M.D., Vienna, Austria

This program has changed my life. I feel as if I have been waiting all of my life for this door to open so I could walk through into my destiny. Usually I would go to a seminar and in a few days, I would go back to my old habit patterns, but not this time. The next day after the emotional release class I woke up totally free from a fear I had for years. God is such a wonderful Father to prepare these healings for us in such a simple way as offered through CARE's ministry. I will forever be thankful. And one more thing. My block towards chemistry is gone. Really gone!I did not look forwardto the class. I actually dreaded it. Now, I am looking forwardto taking it again and becoming a teacher! Miracles happen all the time! Shalom.
~ Maria DeShields, St. Louis, Missouri

A fabulous reintroduction to the oils, the chemistry, and life in general. The instructor was amazing.
~ Jyll Johnstone, DiReno, Italy

The CARE Intensive exceeded my high expectations. All of the instructors were great. Their tremendous caring and willingness to give of self was always evident. This program provides an opportunity to build on previous knowledge or start new if unfamiliar with essential oils. It also enables you to participate in personal growth and meet wonderful people.
~ Jeannette Vaupel, RN, Genoa, Illinois

Thank you so much for bringing the raindrop training to Australia. I absolutely loved the course. It was a turning point for me. I hope that you can come back to Australia ASAP.
~ Sonya Vassallo, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia

I am so grateful for CARE. This workshop really truly builds confidence and teaches the techniques in a way that could be learned by anyone. Thank you! It has been so fulfilling!
~ Robyn Karima Grant, Nakuop, British Columbia, Canada

This seminar will change your life! I have no suggestions for this seminar. It was fantastic.
~ Diane Koepp, Belle Plaine, Minnesota

This is a program for everyone. It will change their lives for a much better future. Makes you a new person who belongs to God. Thank you.
~ Dermot Bailey, Niestetal, Germany

It was great! I loved it! Until I took this seminar I didn't have a clue that oils could do so much! Thank you!
~ Susan J. Knowles, Caldwell, West Virginia

We traveled a long way for the CARE Seminar (from England to California). The whole workshop was interesting, enlightening, excellent, and very enjoyable. It was well worth every mile traveled!
~ Susan Neary, Clitheroe, Lancashire, England

As a massage therapist I was able to take the work that I do to the next level! The understanding of the chemistry of essential is helping me explain the scientific way they work. Thank you. It was a pleasure being in this class.
~ Melissa Bills, LMT, Caro, Michigan

This training is an absolute must for all those involved in oils. Truly awe inspiring!! We received knowledge and healing from above.
~ James Claps, Grove Village, Illinois

This workshop has been the most rewarding learning experience since my introduction to essential oils. The wealth of material and wonderful personal experiences and knowledge shared was beyond my expectations.
~ Aziyza Shabazz, St. Croix, Virgin Islands

Three days after receiving raindrop in the CARE class I received a healing from a painful shoulder and left arm. I am very excited what the oils do for people.
~ Meg Hueslcamp, Brenham, Texas

Millions of thanks to you. I am already lining up students to come to your next classes. Everything was taught in such a simple manner that even a child could follow and do raindrop technique. May God bless you richly in your work.
~ Kiew Lo, Carlingford Court, New South Wales, Australia

Words are not adequate to express how great this class is. Everyone was inspired and blessed by every section of the class. We didn't want it to end.
~ Connie Allen, Lewiston, Idaho

The CARE Intensive was so great! It was amazing. During the three days we all bonded together and it seemed like we were all a big family. I found the chemistry class to be very interesting, which shocked me as I never really enjoyed science before. You explained everything so well that now I will feel more confident in using my oils and sharing them. Thank you for the experience and the training.
~ Jamie Brown, Lakewood, California

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for such a wonderful program. Not only have I learned a great deal of new skills, I have grown as a spiritual being. All this in just three days! Thank you.
~ Kim McMahon, Bronte Beach, New South Wales, Australia

I have taken the CARE Classes twice now and it continues to get better. The magnitude of information is incredible. I feel like I could repeat and repeat.
~ Carol Garvey, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

I wouldn't change anything about the CARE class. It is perfect. This little group is really special. We were supported by so many angels and the presence of the highest spirit. I love this training!
~ Vijay Churfuerst-Hanzal, Leobendorf, Austria


Subscription/ Unsubscription/ and How to Obtain Therapeutic Grade Oils

In each issue of The Raindrop Messenger you will find articles and essays on a variety of topics related to health and longevity. Our hope is to be informative and, perhaps, inspire to you for the benefit of your physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual life. The Raindrop Messenger is also a friendly way of keeping you abreast of CARE’s ongoing programs, activities and helpful books and videos.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

To subscribe to The Raindrop Messenger, visit CARE online at http://www.RaindropTraining.com and find the sign-up box on the home page.

If you wish at any time to leave this email list, unsubscribe information can be found at the bottom of every newsletter. On the other hand, if you enjoy the newsletter we hope that you will forward it to your friends and family along with an invitation to join the ever-growing list of Raindrop Messenger readers.

Where and How to Obtain Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

If you are a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor or a Young Living Customer, you have chosen to avail yourself of the world’s finest oils of Biblical grade quality. If You are not a YL Member and have a friend or relative who is, you should approach them and ask how you can become affiliated with Young Living and purchase these oils.

You may also contact any Certified CARE Instructor (CCI) who would be happy to enroll you in Young Living. The addresses, phone numbers, and email information for all CARE instructors are given on the CARE website, http://www.RaindropTraining.com. Perhaps there is a CCI living near to you who would serve as your sponsor and assist you in learning about how to use the oils.

If you do not know of anyone in your community or family that sells these oils, you may also choose to enroll with Dr. David and Lee Stewart as your sponsor at http://bibleoils.YoungLivingWorld.com or by contacting Young Living at (800) 371-3515 and enroll over the phone asking that David and Lee Stewart, YLEO Member #261333, be your sponsors. You may also call David or Lee directly at (573) 238-4273.

You cannot practice therapeutic aromatherapy with healing results unless you use properly produced and packaged oils. Most oils easily available from retail outlets are food or perfume grade oils and do not have the healing properties that Young Living oils possess.

Becoming a Certified CARE Instructor and Practicing Raindrop Legally in Your State or Province

For information on becoming a Certified CARE Instructor (CCI), a Certified Raindrop Practitioner (CRP), a Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH) and/or a Board Certified Raindrop Specialist (BCRS) and how you can legally practice raindrop with liability insurance coverage in any state of the U.S. or province of Canada without a health-related license, Visit: http://www.RaindropTraining.com.

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