Fees & Dues

There are only three basic Fees or Dues that a CCI should expect to incur. They are:

One-Time CCI Application Fee


Incurred at the time the CCI candidate completes the first 21 requirements of the CARE CCI curriculum. This fee includes the Internship Certificate, permission to join the CARE_Instructors chatgroup, and white copies of the raindrop notes, vitaflex notes, CARE Logo, and other documents to duplicate as handouts for your classes. Later when the Internship Classes have been successfully completed (Requirement 23), this fee also covers the cost of the CCI Certificate and CCI Pin to be awarded at that time.

Annual Renewal Fee


Maintains the CCIs "Active" status. Covers the costs of regular updates on materials, posting of CCI Seminars on the CARE Web Site and other promotions of CCI classes, as well as various administrative expenses related to CCI support and maintaining the CCI Program. Due January of each year. Revenues from Annual Dues are all put back into the CARE Mission, including the purchase of advertising in various magazines and journals.

Registration Fees for Student Certificates

$10 per Certificate

All CIs and CCIs are required to apply for certificates for all CARE Classes for all first-time students and must submit to CARE the graduate's name, address, telephone number, email address, and $10 for each person, seminar and certificate. There are six possible certificates, all of which are awarded in the giving of a CARE Intensive. These are Bible Oils, Vitaflex, Raindrop I, Raindrop II, Chemistry, and Emotional Release. Hence, for a CARE Intensive, $60 is to be remitted for each fully participating student who will receive all six certificates. Certificates are valid for both CARE and NCBTMB credit. Without the issuing of a certificate, the student receives no credit and no record of their attendance is kept at CARE Headquarters.


CCIs are independent agents and are not employees of CARE even though their training seminars count toward CCI certification by CARE when the proper policies and procedures are followed.

CCIs may charge whatever fees they deem appropriate when conducting CARE Seminars. The prices given below are suggestions only. However, the durations given for each type of program are not suggestions but are required by CARE in order for the seminars to qualify for certification credit.

Program Title

Suggested Price


Healing Oils of the Bible


2 Hours



4 Hours

Raindrop Technique 1


4 Hours

Raindrop Technique 2


4 Hours

Emotional Release


5 Hours

Essential Oil Chemistry I


3 Hours

Essential Oil Chemistry II


3 Hours

Certificates of participation are automatically given for all CARE Classes and are included as part of the price of admission, except for Healing Oils of the Bible where certificates are automatically given only when taken in association with a 3-4 day CARE Intensive. Ala carte Bible Oil class participants who wish may request credit and a certificate by paying an additional $10. Children and teens are may attend the CARE Bible Oils classes for free. Certificates are valid for NCBTMB continuing education as well as credit toward becoming a Certified CARE Instructor. Anyone may repeat a CARE Class for half-price but must provide a copy of their certificate of participation for that class as proof to be eligible for the 50% discount. Half-price participants normally receive no certificates or credit for repeat classes, but may do so by paying an additional $10 per class. NOTE: The prices given above may vary with the instructor, but certificates are always given for first-time participants regardless of the price paid.

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