Responsibilities of a CCI

The responsibilities of a professional Certified CARE Instructor are defined by the following:

  • Subscribe to the CARE Statement of Philosophy and Purpose in all activities performed as a CCI and in the name of or on behalf of CARE.
  • Honor and follow the CARE Policies and Procedures as published in the CCI Handbook, and adapt to changes in CARE Policies and Procedures as they may occur from time to time.
  • Represent high standards of professional and individual integrity and ethics as a member of CARE's team of CCIs.
  • Operate within the laws, statutes and regulations of the state, province or other binding government entity in which the CCI resides or functions as a CCI.
  • Do not diagnose, treat or prescribe in your capacity as a CCI. Present yourself as a CARE Instructor whose role is restricted to that of an educator and facilitator unless you are possessed of a valid license to practice a legally defined healing art or therapy.
  • Use only CARE approved outlines and syllabi for CARE Course content taught for CARE credit toward CCI status.
  • Distribute only official CARE literature, outlines, handouts or seminar notes as specified and approved by CARE. This is to include
    • (1) A Vitaflex and Raindrop Skill Outline as published by CARE.
    • (2) A complete set of Raindrop Notes as published by CARE. Quantities of these handouts may be purchased from CARE.
  • If you wish to show, distribute, or demonstrate any items or literature not originating from CARE or YLEO, you must receive permission in advance of that seminar. CCIs must allow adequate time for the approval process to take place. CARE reserves the right to disallow the sharing or distribution of any items or literature in a CARE Seminar determined to be incompatible with CARE ideals as expressed in this Handbook. All literature and items originating from YLEO are approved.
  • Use only YLEO essential oils in all CARE programs and seminars. The only exception is to use another brand as a teaching tool to compare with YLEO oils for educational purposes and demonstrate the difference between YLEO's pure, therapeutic grade, organically grown oils and those that are synthetic, diluted, improperly distilled and/or adulterated.
  • Notify CARE in a timely fashion when organizing a CARE Seminar of the dates, times, places, contact persons, and fees so this information can be included in the CARE calendar.
  • Promptly send the names, addresses, and phone numbers of each student completing the seminar along with a $10 registration fee in order for the student to receive a CARE Certificate of participation and credit for the course toward CCI status. For students taking your course who are not working toward CCI status and who do not desire a certificate, no information or fees for them need be submitted to CARE.
  • Renew and maintain your active status by a $75 professional renewal fee due upon each anniversary of your certification. The renewal fee includes a year's subscription to Caring Communications.
  • Fulfill the continuing education requirements each five year period, as will be specified by CARE in a future edition of the CCI Handbook and on this website, in order to maintain active CCI status.
  • Be familiar with the CCI Handbook and remain current and updated on the policies and procedures of CARE as reported in "Caring Communications" and subsequent editions of the Handbook as they are published and become effective.
  • Change and modify the CARE course content and manner of presentation according to ongoing revisions and improvements that may occur from time to time so that persons participating in a CARE Seminar will receive effectively the same information and training regardless of where offered or by whom taught.
  • Open CARE Seminars to all interested parties whether associated with Young Living or not and whether in your downline or not. Only those intending to apply for CCI status need to be Young Living distributors. However, you may refuse to accept any potential student for your CARE courses whom you deem to be disruptive or whose behavior would interfere with the participation of others. You may call CARE for advice in specific instances.
  • Maintain active status as a Young Living Distributor as defined by Young Living Essential Oils, Inc., in its most recent Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Adapt and adopt all changes in CARE Policies and Procedures, including CCI requirements and details of course content, when noified of the effective dates of such changes. CCIs will be given timely notice of such changes.
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